[] A soldier on the front dies in the middle of writing a letter home. It is finished and sent by the man who killed him.
[] After a battle with massive casualties the fallen soldiers of the hostile nations march together towards the underworld
[] A single man declares war on the entire world. One year later, the leaders of each nation gather to discuss their surrender.
[] The courier meets the vault dweller.
[] Marines don’t die. They just go to hell and regroup.
[] Thor is sitting at a diner finishing a meal. A waitress comes by and casually picks up Mjolnir to wipe off the table.
[] Every time you die, you shift to an alternate universe where you continue to live, having survived the thing that killed you in the previous one. You start realizing what’s happening.
[] You have a dead-end IT job where all your coworkers are computer-illiterate and constantly bother you over every small problem. When supernatural things start to happen around the office they nonchalantly continue to ask you to solve these new problems.
[] As you reach certain milestones in your life, you are allowed to get certain “upgrades” for your body. These can range anywhere from an increase of 10 IQ points to angel wings to hardened bones.
[] Upon ascending to the throne a young prince learns the highest state secret in the kingdom is that the treasury, and the very economy itself, has been managed for hundreds of years by a 4lb dragon too runty and crippled to amass or protect its own fortune.
[] A Romeo and Juliet style story, where a fedora-wearing neckbeard and an easily triggered tumblrinia fall in love, but the corresponding websites forbid their relationship.
[] You woke up in a bedroom and found a modern silenced pistol and an envelope. Inside the envelope there’s three photos and a letter. The letter writes “You are in Vienna, 1913. The pictures attached are Leon Trotsky, Josef Stalin, and Adolf Hitler. Kill them or we will kill your ancestors.”
[] You start blacking out constantly when drinking, every time you come to, you find a paper written by yourself 100% disproving fundamental theories.
[] Scientists have just discovered that water is actually an addictive fluid, once you start drinking it, your body cannot function without it. It is also the reason we die as it slowly kills us over the years.
[] You are a nonbender, from the Avatar Universe. Tell us of the daily discrimination of benders toward you.
[] Write about a totally normal day in 2014, written as a 1950’s sci-fi story about living in the 21st century.
[] Among all alien species, humans are famous for being the most… er… we don’t know. They’ve TRIED to explain it, but the concept doesn’t make any sense to us. But we’re apparently REALLY good at it. Or bad at it? Hard to tell.
[] You have the super power to repair anything to a perfect state by touching it an concentrating, you’ve fixed cars, houses, etc but you’ve never done it to living tissue. You find out you have a life threatening disease years later and decide to try it on yourself…
[] You tell Death that you will never tire of living no matter how long you live. It makes you a bet that you will and thus grants you true immortality. You’ve just lived through the second death of the universe and show no sign of stopping. Death is baffled.
[] “And today, class I want to show you how to break the Fifth Wall. Anyone want a demonstration?”
[] Lucifer, the devil himself; is your best friend. Been through a lot together. And you realize. He may just be the single most misunderstood individual in the universe…
[] You are a video game character, and the player is speed-running it.
[] Lucifer is trying to seal the deal with someone who keeps calling him out on potential “exact words” loopholes, forcing Lucifer to keep editing the contract.
[] Link your favourite submission on WritingPrompts (i.e. one that you wrote) and write a sequel to it.
[] A girl disguises herself as a man to enter a prestigious male-only school. So did everyone else.
[] On his death bed, Christopher Robin tries to explain to pooh the concept of death. Pooh and his animal friends have not, and do not age, so they have never had any experience with it.
[] A shapeshifter befriends a lonely human multiple times throughout his or her life, but the human thinks it’s a different person every time. One day the human realizes that all of his/her friends are really the same person.
[] A man trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world slowly realises that he has already become a zombie.
[] All people born have a number engraved on their skin, and for the past few centuries, the number has been gradually going down. You are number one
[] The stars never came out last night.
[] You are a time traveller, everyone knows you’re a time traveller from old pictures/videos/newspapers where you openly admit the fact and when/where you’re born… However, you aren’t a time traveller yet and don’t know how you go back in time.
[] Hydraulic Press guy goes insane
[] Tell a love story, including a plant, in 5 sentences.
[] Since birth, you have always had a bad sense of direction that would defy the laws of logic and space. Instead of arriving at your destination, you would end up in places or areas impossible for normal people to get to.
[] A criminal robs a bank, but as he draws his weapon, he realizes that he has misplaced his gun with a banana.