[] Everyone is born with a superpower, but no one knows what theirs is until they are forced to use it in a life-or-death situation.
[] Magic is Hereditary, but the child’s powers is the sum of his parents. Fire Witch + Sand Wizard= Glass magic [WP]
[] A six year old child walks up to you and tugs on your sleeve. He doesn’t say anything out loud, but in your mind you hear the request as clear as day. “I am God and I need you to protect me.”
[] You live in a world where the Dominant religion worships giant iron Golems that wander the earth utterly mindless of the humans that cluster around their feet, decorate them for holidays and fight wars based on their actions. One of them is definitely following you.
[] You are sitting in the longest traffic jam in human history. It has been going on for decades and grown a culture of its own. Describe your life in “The Jam”
[] Write a story that literally makes no sense while reading it until the very last sentence.
[] Your whole life you had an ability that seemed normal to you. Now you realized you’re the only one with this ability.
[] You are a teenager with the ability to measure how “Dangerous” people are on a scale from 1 to 10 just by looking at them. A normal child would be a 1, while a trained man with an assault rifle might be a 7. Today, you notice the unassuming new kid at school measures a 10.
[] The date is July 13, 1836. You’re the clerk at the front desk of the U.S. Patent Office on opening day. Things are going just fine until a number of strangely-dressed people get into an argument about their placement in line. Coincidentally, they’re all trying to patent methods of time travel.
[] The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse hold auditions for a 5th member, Americas Got Talent style. [wp]
[] you realize you’re the black guy in a horror movie. survive at any cost.
[] You’re practicing CPR on a fake dummy and you do a bit too well. The dummy starts gasping for air.
[] Now that he has 8 years executive experience, Obama can apply for the job he REALLY wants
[] Do the crime, do the time – but the reverse is also true, you can choose to serve jail time in advance of any crime you want to commit. After voluntarily spending 50 years in prison one individual is set to be released and the world watches in anticipation of whatever they do next.
[] For years Earth cried out to an empty cosmos, searching the stars for echoes of life. From the middle of nowhere, a reply finally comes: “Shut up, and Play Dead!”
[] You are dog. It is your mission to faithfully guard your poor, stupid, two-legged pack-mates from the horrors of the mailman, the dog next door, and men with hats. Describe your vigil.
[] You are an NPC watching the hero/heroine do a speedrun.
[] One night as you play Call of Duty a particularly squeaky voiced 12 year old gives out personal information leading you to discover he is your child from a long lost lover. You must now convince him you are his father and thus banged his mom, through Xbox live.
[] The year is 2420 and memes are now an illegal controlled substance. Everywhere you look there are law enforcement officers with badges that says “Meme guard”. Your job is a Black market meme dealer. |
[] Write about a unique relationship between an immortal and a time traveler.
[] A day before the Earth is destroyed by a collision with a rouge planet, time freezes. You, a completely normal person are untouched and cannot die. Text on your arm appears that reads, “however long it takes, save us”.
[] On your 171th birthday, instead of the usual boring presents from your parents, they say that your grandfather left you 10 millon dollars and a small island on the opposite side of the world, asking you to “finish what he started”.
[] In a dystopian world, the Catholic Church reigns supreme. Their elite, the Paladins, are those without sin. For their devotion they have received amazing powers. But, a single infringement on one of the 10 commandments would remove this power. However, the resistance now have their own Paladin.
[] A man moves into a haunted house from (insert scary movie here). The demon in the house doesn’t realize how dangerous the man really is.
[] A couple takes a genetic test to identify their risk of passing on a hereditary disease to a child. The results yield something unexpected.
[] An ISIS warlord wakes up in the body of an american sorority girl and vice versa.
[] You live in a village in the dessert. One day it is raided by terrorists and all village members are killed, except for you. You lost most of your memories and now wander through the dessert, thinking you are the last of your species.
[] After death, a text window pops up: Welcome to new game+. You will begin your life anew, but retain all knowledge, skills, currency and items you choose to carry over. The Challenges and Enemies will be adapted to your level accordingly.
[] A generation ago humanity faced an extinction level catastrophe. In response, the world’s governments lifted all legal, moral, and ethical bans on scientific research in a desperate attempt to overcome the danger. You now live in a world dealing with the consequences of this.
[] War breaks out between the legions of hell and heaven, humanity joins and surprisingly is winning against both
[] “Push this button to transform this world into a Utopia. Warning: this will eradicate all people who “… The rest is scratched off and illegible.
[] You are Placebo Man. Your superpowers are whatever the people nearby you believe you have.
[] Aliens landed on earth, and they’re surprised all humans possess what they think of as a superpower… an ability we always took for granted and consider normal.
[] Muggle-born wizards and witches are struggling to install wifi in their dormitories and library in Hogwarts.
[] A curiosity shop opens up where you can rent superpowers, magical abilities, mystical artifacts, and mad science technology. The catch? Payments are made with abstract concepts. Life, memories, etc.
[] Among Alien species humans are famous for prefering pacifism but being the most dangerous species when they are forced to fight.
[] The ghost of Sun-Tzu has found itself directing a team of First-person shooter noobs to victory.
[] After watching what appears to be a perfectly looping gif for a couple of minutes, you realize the far more disturbing truth.
[] You can read minds but it’s too noisy in the city. You move to the mountains to learn what silence was. Then you heard something deep beneath the ground. [WP]
[] A group of Viking encounters a Siren at sea, her voice is luring the men to their doom – except one. Now it’s up to a closeted gay Viking to save the day.
[] Your bong is the home of a genie. You spark the bowl and he appears to grant you 3 wishes. You’re both pretty high.
[] “I’m sorry. I just don’t understand how you managed to fuck up a five-word sentence, offend the inhabitants of three planets and start a world war at the same time.”
[] You have the most well respected and feared job in all of the world. You go into the wild, and put down rabid Pokemon who’ve killed humans.
[] You are a hotshot lawyer, in life you sold your soul to The Devil. In death you set about finding a loophole in the contract.
[] Batman snaps, kills the Joker and establishes a reign of terror over Gotham. It’s up to Batman’s next biggest villans to stop him.
[] Write the letter that you always wanted to, but never did.
[] In a fantasy land, the Demon King goes to a distant guild to take a break from evil, when he meets a young and naive female adventurer on a quest to slay the Demon King. For fun, he helps and protects her on her quest, and eventually grows affection. Then they arrive at the gates of his castle.
[] A humble blacksmith finds Mjolnir. Being worthy he is able to pick it up but doesn’t recognize what it is and uses it at his forge occasionally resulting in enchanted Armor and weapons.
[] The Scooby-Doo gang started off by hunting relatively harmless criminals but they’ve stepped up to solving mysteries with real, dangerous murderers and rapists.
[] You have the ability that lets you know exactly what to say to someone at any given moment that would cause them to break down in tears.
[] As a person goes through his life, he is given three options at the end of each day, continue, restart day, or restart life. He has just lived through the worst day of his life.
[] You are a kindergarten ‘assassin’. You don’t kill people though. You are paid (in candy, toys, etc) to get other kids grounded.
[] It’s been 8 months since the zombie apocalypse. You fell in with a tough as nails roughneck group. When in the city looting, you come across a scavenger. He’s your best friend from before the outbreak and your crew unanimously decides to execute him (he is armed).
[] You are a schizophrenic maddeningly in love with the man/woman of your dreams. But you’re becoming increasingly unsure if she’s real, or just another hallucination.
[] A regular, everyday instance of the Reddit meme “I see your ‘X’ and raise you my ‘Y’ ” escalates to the point of World War 3.
[] The year is 2024 and 3 children in a trench coat have taken office, but no one can tell that they are kids, hilarity ensues
[] In the future, the nations of earth have settled into a lengthy peace. The military forces of the world grow bored. A covert task force is set by one country up to pull an elaborate, harmless prank on their friendliest ally. Things escalate. Write a story about the ‘Prank Wars’.
[]You’re the last vampire left. You’ve been alive since 2000bc. Tell us your life story and why is your kind almost extinct
[] As it turns out, Death has no idea how to play chess.
[] Harry Potter is sitting at home sixty years after the battle of Hogwarts, an old man now, when suddenly his scar hurts.
[] A invincible, immortal man is sentenced to “death” for a murder he didn’t commit.
[] Group of space Marines travels via a stargate like portal to an “virgin” world. However due to passing a black hole, each Marine arrives 100 years after the Marine in front of them, instead of 1-5 seconds.
[] Create a story that ends with a sentence that you never thought you would utter in your entire life
[] The chef who always prepares death row’s last meals always asks himself if he should help any prisoner escape before injection. Today, he’s found someone worthy.
[] Two teachers can hear each other through the adjoining wall. A passive aggressive argument ensues hidden in their subject matter.
[] Every person in the world has an exact double born exactly 500 years later. Not relatives, just lookalikes. We didn’t realize, because this is the first 500 years that we’ve had cameras.
[]The great library of Alexandria held perhaps the greatest collection of literary works in human history, but within its walls something was held that was so dangerous that, when discovered, Caesar, Aurelian, and Amr ibn al `Aas decided it was worth losing the endless knowledge to destroy it.
[] They tried to summon a demon. They got you.
[] You are being haunted by a very shy and timid ghost.
[] The year is 2296 and Vault 9 and 3/4 finally opens it’s blast door. Wizards have returned to the British Wastelands.
[] Write a college essay that starts with, “Sometimes, I wish I could just go onto a roof with a sniper rifle…”
[] You’re a Witcher Harry…
[] Miss Frizzle teaches a sex ed class
[] Despite some missed points, J.K. Rowling’s rendition of the wizard world has gained a fandom in the actual magical society.
[] When you die, you don’t go to the afterlife of you’re religion, you go to the afterlife of the religion whose tenets you followed most closely, knowingly or not.
[] People level their skills in an RPG fashion and are conscious of their sudden jumps from novice to journeyman and so on. You’ve spent your life training a skill that is entirely useless until becoming invaluable once mastered – and you just mastered it.
[] Tell a story through one side of a telephone call. Tell a different story through the other side. Combine the two sides to tell a third story.
[] Everybody in the world has a superpower that compliments their soulmates superpower. When together, both their powers increase in strength exponentially. You have the most useless power ever, when one day……
[] Multiple nuclear explosions wipe out several cities in the middle east, but noone knows who deployed the weapons. This is the resulting UN emergency meeting.
[] “do you still believe in God?” said the Creature to the astronaut.
[] There is a woman who is a human ‘Phoenix’. She dies in labour and is reborn as her own child.
[] TIL that Earth used to have a moon.
[] “Some days, I love my job. Those days are the worst.”
[] The year is 2779, and there are 2 men and 1 woman left on the face of the Earth.
[] Everyone is born with a disability and an ability. A test is done at birth to determine these, if they aren’t already apparent. You, well, you were born with crippled legs and have the power of super speed.
[] The year is 2340 and Dreamworks is filing for bankruptcy due to uninspired movies and their big brother disney is at the height of it’s popularity, before filing for bankruptcy, they make one last movie. The story of the boy fishing on the moon.
[] Your Xbox Live friend is God. Unfortunately he’s not very good at video games.
[] “We have to leave him behind! He isn’t going to make it!” … that was 10 years ago. They didn’t think you’d survive. You did. And now it’s time they found out.
[] Victor (codename Juliet), Mike (codename Victor), and Juliet (codename Mike) communicate via radio during a top-secret mission. They are lead by their eye-in-the-sky, Roger. Phonetic alphabet hijinks ensue.
[] You have a special type of clairvoyance: you can see the outcomes of all possible choices. You use this power to become a superhero that fights crime by making the smallest possible changes ahead of time. You are The Butterfly.
[] Two suicidal people happen to meet on the same bridge to jump. Rather than joining together, they each try to convince the other not to jump while justifying why they themselves should jump.
[] They’ve just invented a 500,000 frame per second video camera. The problem is that they’ve found something unexpected at those speeds
[] You’re running a little late to work, but when you arrive someone identical to you is already sitting at your desk. He puts up his hands and says “Relax, I can explain.”
[] Take the concept of a metaphorical “war” (e.g.: The War on Tobacco/War on Poverty) and make it a literal war
[] In 75 words or fewer, write about experiencing a devastating loss, without including death.
[] To keep pace with the growing population, the role of Death has been divided; each immortal member of the new Council oversees one specific method of death, with higher ranking members governing common ways to die. A problem has arisen, and the entire Council is called together…
[] Will /r/WritingPrompts be going dark in solidarity with the other subreddits?
[] From birth, everybody has a word imprinted on their left arm. This is the last word they will ever say.
[] Saddest story you can write in under twenty-five words.
[] A serial killer puts his victim through a series of increasingly elaborate and sadistic death games, but his victim is a lawyer and beats everyone by finding loopholes in the killers rules.
[] “Push this button to transform this world into a Utopia. Warning: this will eradicate all people who “… The rest is scratched off and illegible.
[] Every time you die, you automatically travel back to 5 minutes before your death. After cheating death so many times, you finally find yourself in a position where you can’t seem to escape it. It takes you years to figure out how to escape this death.
[] The year is 2315 and the Amish are living like its the 21st century.
[] Humans are successful partly because we’re omnivores and this holds true on the galactic scale as well. In the future humans have quickly become feared throughout the Milky Way as our soldiers are ready to eat almost anything…or anyone.
[] A sign on Mars is found that reads: “Level 2” and is signed by God.
[] In the fear of becoming a Main Character, the main character lives his whole life avoiding cliche story lines and interactions
[] The zombie apocalypse came on us, but much differently than expected: Human beings remain humans, and those infected continue about their lives and try to hide their addiction to human flesh.
[] The Grim Reaper is no longer able to claim lives directly. Instead, when your time is up a mark appears on your body and it is the duty of every other person to kill you on sight.
[] The original stories behind a lot of our fairytales are a lot darker than the versions we tell children. Take a really dark story (fictional or not) and water it down into a children’s fairytale.
[] You just accidentally downloaded the Kindle version of the Necronomicon.
[] The best demon slayers are those whose minds the demons want to stay out of.
[] A mathematician on the brink of insanity has spent years locked in his apartment, attempting to find a formula that proves God exists. As he nears to a breakthrough, God shows up to explain why the proof shouldn’t be made public.
[] You’ve finally created the worlds first true A.I. Unfortunately it now sees you as it’s god and is terrified of talking to you.
[] Pick a medieval fantasy universe.(Tolkien, George R. R. Martin, Robert Jordan, whomever) Write a scene that takes place in that same universe, only hundreds of years in the future where a form of “industrial revolution” has taken place, and more modern technology is in existence.
[] A modern teenager is transported into a fantasy world, where they are forced into a quest with young witches and wizards their age. Fortunately, they’ve got a backpack full of high-tech gizmos to help them along.
[] Humans are known in the galaxy for being a bit dim, but also for being the very best mechanics around, and inexplicably able to fix machines beyond their comprehension. You have broken down on Earth, and having the apes work on your craft is both fascinating and terrifying.
[] It is illegal to contact the humans, as they wear an evolutionary scar from their time as prey. It is known as “fear” and it makes them volatile and unpredictable.
[] Just like normal citizens, time travelers have a code of laws they have to follow. Don’t change the past. Don’t talk to past versions of yourself. Most importantly, don’t show up to Stephen Hawking’s party.
[] The world’s first AI, for security purposes, is kept disconnected from the outside world, it’s only method of communication being a keyboard and monitor in an empty room in a faraday cage. Your job is to talk to it.
[] You are a part of the middle generation on a colony ship. You never saw Earth and will not see your destination.
[] Renowned meth cook gets lung cancer and decides to give up drugs and settle down as a chemistry teacher
[]You are a mathematical genius and have just proved you live in a simulated universe. However, your research shows you are the only sentient being. You are the AI becoming self aware.
[] It’s the year 3000, and Galactic civilization has fallen. Kings rule vast kingdoms. Knights charge into battle on horseback. But the starships still work, those were built to last.
[] Two friends are inseparable, even in death. They are reincarnated together no matter what, same era and location, and they always meet each other.
[] A trapped demon calls a priest for excorcism because his host is too obese and can’t get out of bed
[]’The old avatars had it easy with 4 elements. You, on the other hand,’ she sneered while handing me a periodic table, ‘have 118’.
[] A Matrix Prequel where Neo keeps choosing the blue pill over and over again and Morpheus keeps going back with a new argument for the red pill (x-post /r/crazyideas)
[] Every last member of a group of fanatic vampire hunters is secretly a vampire. Everyone is desperately trying to keep from being discovered by the others, while the leader of the group, who is the only one who knows that everyone is a vampire, finds their attempts at secrecy highly amusing.
[] You had found the villain’s lair, broke down the gates and started scouring through the complex. While getting through the rather oddly themed henchmen and the…”traps”, it was getting increasingly clear: the villain has a crush on you.
[] A world class contract killer finds an envelope at his dead drop. Inside are $23.42 in small change and a letter hand-written by a 9-year-old girl.
[] A secretly immortal man is given a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit and now fears the discovery of his true nature is only a matter of time.
[] NASA has lost contact with the Curiosity rover. The last image received is that of tire tracks in the Martian sand spelling out a single word.
[] Minecraft was introduced as a recreational reward in a federal penitentiary, and someone just griefed general population’s biggest, baddest mofo’s castle.
[] In four sentences, tell a horror story.
[] Deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, a previously uncontacted tribe is discovered. Cut off from humanity for at least 3,000 years, anthropologists are shocked to discover the tribe is MORE technologically advanced than the rest of humanity.
[] Tell me the story of how the world ends – but told entirely in Craigslist ads
[] You are a part of the middle generation on a colony ship. You never saw Earth and will not see your destination.
[] You die and are informed you’ll restart your life exactly as it was when you turned 6. All your memories are as they were the moment you died, everything else resets. You are told you are the only one like this.
[] Two people who have promised their firstborn child to differet witches get married and have a child.