A Winter’s Tale: Long nights… short days. Share your thoughts on nature’s time change?
Action Thriller: Review a book, or movie, that kept you hanging… on the edge.
Ad Writer: Your task: possible text ads (10-15 words) for a new online business.
After the Rain: Use your best descriptive writing to describe this sensory delight.
All-Star Tools: Describe the form and function of your home’s most commonly used tools.
Ambrosia Day: The holidays bring “food for the gods”. Describe your favorite dishes.
An American Carol: O Microwave… ‘O Microwave… What would we do without you?
An American Tradition: Millions are drawn to this game we call football. Are you? Write about it.
Anger Management: Share a related experience and your thoughts on controlling this emotion.
Animal House: Let’s talk animals, specifically their homes. Share a few of your favorites.
Animator: Create (using your imagination) a new type of animal-like vehicle.
April Fools: … a day for laughs. Share a few of your favorite pranks.
Arachnophobia: Give me “Ten” on your feelings about spiders and bugs… like ’em, or not?
Are You Crazy?: Why do people participate in Extreme Sports activities?
Aromatic Memories: Describe a favorite smell. Write about the pleasant memories it triggers.
Back to School: What, would you say, is a teacher’s greatest challenge?
Bah Humbug: What are the lessons to be learned from the story of Scrooge?
Be Nice Day: Tell about a kind act you have recently observed, performed, or received.
Bigger than Life: Are celebrities worthy of all the attention and money they are paid?
Be Prepared: Share an experience that supports the wisdom of this Boy Scout motto.
Body Language: One’s tone, posture and facial expression says a lot. What’s your take?
Book Review: Share the plot of a favorite book that you’ve read recently.
Born to Succeed: Tell about a time when life was hard, but you overcame the challenge.
Brain Freeze: Memory lapses can be very embarrassing, any personal experience?
Brains vs. Beauty: Would you rather be known as super smart, or very good looking?
Breakfast of Champions: What would be on your menu of choice? Include a sensory description.
Cardio-Fitness: Explain why proper diet and regular exercise are important for your heart.
Care to Compliment: Discuss the importance of expressing sincere praise and appreciation.
Celebrate Pie Day: Write about preparing and enjoying this delicious dessert.
Celebrating Life: Describe a perfect way for you and a group of friends to celebrate life.
Cell Phone Etiquette: What are some do’s and don’ts of proper cell phone use? Any pet peeves?
Changing a Tire: Changing a tire is something everyone should know about. Tell us how.
Character Sketch: Compose a descriptive paragraph on your favorite relative.
Civil Disobedience: When is it justified? Support your opinion with examples from history.
Clean It Up!: Write about a mess (you didn’t make) that was yours to clean up.
Close Call: Divine intervention, or dumb luck? Share a “too close for comfort” story.
Control Your Thoughts: How do you deal with negative feelings about school?
Comic Relief: Is laughter really, “the best medicine”. Explain your thoughts.
Confuscious Say: “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”. Your thoughts?
Creative Gifting: Brainstorm creative ideas for gifts that give a lot, yet cost very little.
Cultural Contrasts: Describe a foreign custom, or way of life, that would be challenging for you.
Customer Service: Write a formal letter regarding poor (or excellent) service received.
Cyber Bully: What’s the best way to deal with (or get rid of) online bullies?
David vs. Goliath: Small businesses swallowed up by retail giants… good or bad? Explain.
Dear Santa: Not a time for unbelievers. What would you like… and are you deserving?
Decimal Point Fun: Reset your body size by a factor of ten, then write your own adventure.
Deficit Reduction: Should congress cut spending, raise taxes, or both? What’s your opinion?
Divorce: Share your thoughts and feelings on this sensitive social issue.
Doctor Tales: “Give Me Ten” on a memorable visit to the doctor or dentist’s office.
Double Dog Dare: Write about a time when peer pressure overcame common sense, and…
Dunce Day: Tell about a time when you, or someone you know, did something stupid.
Easter Traditions: How does your family celebrate this annual spring holiday?
Eater’s Remorse: Ever wished that you had more self-control with your eating? Explain.
Emotional Indigestion: Tension at the dinner table can ruin a perfectly good meal. Your thoughts?
Epic Destruction: Which of Mother Nature’s calamities do you fear most? Explain.
Essential Services: Which govt. programs should be saved (or not) from future budget cuts?
Extra, Extra… Newsprint is out, cyber text is in. Is this a good change, or not? Explain.
Extra-Terrestrial: What’s your opinion regarding space aliens and UFO’s… real or imagined?
Fall Memories: Cooling temperatures and autumn leaves bring memories of _____?
Falling Down: Share a personal experience, funny or not, related to the Law of Gravity.
Fame or Fortune: Global recognition or a private life worth millions… your choice? Explain.
Family History: Tell what you know (or would like to know) about your parents’ early years.
Family Game Night: December is a time for table games. Write about a few of your favorites.
Family Traditions: What is it that makes the holiday season so special at your house.
Family Tree: Write what you know (or would like to know) about your ancestors.
Fashion Sense: Popular styles are always changing. Discuss a few of the latest trends.
Favorites: Write about something (anything) that you really, really like.
Fears and Phobias: Write about a few things in life that scare or even terrify you.
Feeling Good: Describe a material that you love to touch and tell how it makes you feel.
Fill it Up?: Today’s topic: high gas prices. Share their effect on your family’s life.
Fire Safety: Write for ten minutes on this life saving topic.
Fountain of Youth: People pay millions to hide/delay the aging process. Your thoughts?
Free for All: Share some fun activities that everyone can participate in… at no cost.
Free to Choose: How has the internet influenced the freedom of expression for good (or bad)?
Friends Forever: Discuss the defining characteristics of a strong and lasting relationship.
Frightened by Degrees: Share a time you were anxious, then scared, then terrified, then relieved.
Game Master: Give clear and complete directions to a group game that you enjoy playing.
Get Organized: How do you measure up with this Daily Ten topic?
Get Your Game On: How do you prepare for a public performance, or sports competition?
Gifts of the Heart: Share a favorite Christmas song. Tell how it affects your holiday spirit.
Give and Take: Is compromising a good, or bad idea? Share your thoughts.
Give Me Ten: on the topic of classroom cheating.
Green With Envy: Has jealousy ever affected your relationship with a friend or family member?
Giving Thanks: Take time to share a little of what you appreciate most in life.
Gold Medal Mom: Write about a parent’s gold medal performance in the Olympics of life.
Good Vibrations: Music has great power over the human soul. Agree, or not? Explain.
Gun Control: How do you feel about this “Hot Button” issue? Right or Wrong?
Halloween Night: Describe a memorable costume or “Trick or Treat” experience.
Healthy Lifestyle: How do you measure up? What life changes would improve your health?
Haunted Houses: What is scary… and what is not? Share your personal opinion.
Heart to Heart: Compose an expository paragraph detailing the human circulatory system.
Hidden Beauty: Tell about a time your first impression proved to be totally wrong.
Holiday Decor: Describe a memorable Christmas tree (or other seasonal decoration).
Holiday Helpers: Write about bringing “good cheer” to all… through serving others.
Holiday Shopping: Love it… like it… or hate it? Share your thoughts and experiences.
Hollywood Stars: Review a movie that you would highly recommend this holiday season.
Home Makers: Give me “Ten” on everything you know about building a house.
Honestly Speaking: Explain why integrity is so important in making and keeping friends.
Ho! Ho! Ho!: Tell about your first encounter with the Jolly Old Elf himself.
House Rules: Explain the need for home traffic control. Use examples, good and bad.
Hug a Tree: Explain what to do, if, when hiking with friends, you become lost.
Humpty Dumpty: Share something from your life that couldn’t be put back together again.
I Quit: Write about a time when you gave up and didn’t finish a job or task.
In Your Dreams: Fill in the details of a golden ticket to your “fantasy land” of choice.
Instant Millionaire: How would winning $1,000,000 change your life?
Instant Replay: Describe the setting and narrative of a memorable moment in time.
It’s December: Besides the obvious, are there other reasons to love this season of the year?
Jiminy Cricket: Always let your conscience be your guide. Sound advice? Explain.
Jobs Counseling: Is advice from Steven Jobs worth listening to? Explain.
Journaling: Discuss the benefits of expressing thoughts and feelings through writing.
Science: Pick a topic from this year’s field of study and write about it.
Joy Ride: Remember/imagine a day on your favorite “wheels”. Share the experience.
Jump: What life experiences come to mind when you think of this action verb.
Just a Hunch: Share your thoughts on the effect of today’s media on creative thinking.
Just Goofing Around: Ever used this common excuse for your stupid behavior? Please share.
Just Google It: If problems were this easily solved, what would your “search” entry be?
Lame Excuses: Feel free to stretch the truth just a bit on this tale of homework not done.
Lasting Impressions: How important is personal appearance in making (and keeping) friends?
Laundry Crises: Mom is sick and dirty clothes are piling up. What’s your plan?
Law of the Harvest: “You reap what you sow!” How does this saying relate to school and life?
Lazy Litterbugs: Tell how you feel about people who won’t pick up their own trash.
Leap Year Wizard: Feb. 29 is only marked on the calendar every four years. Explain why.
Let it Snow!: Give me ten on this seasonal gift from Mother Nature?
Live and Let Live: Some say that killing animals (for any reason) is wrong. Your thoughts?
Make A Wish: Given six months to live, what life-long dream would you like fulfilled.
Make Believe World: Write about your childhood playtime, when creative imaginations ran wild.
Making a Difference: Which field of science has the most potential for helping mankind? Explain.
Margin of Victory: The difference between winning and losing can be razor thin. Your thoughts?
Marketing Magic: The power of persuasion… what great advertising is all about.
Maybe Later: Write about a time when procrastination got you in a heap of trouble.
May Flowers: Compose a descriptive word painting of your favorite springtime blooms.
Memory Eraser: Write about an experience that you would “delete”… if only you could.
Mirror, Mirror…: What would you like to change about your physical appearance?
Misjudged: Ever been blamed for something you didn’t do? Share your feelings.
Modern Day Explorer: Where would you choose to go for modern day adventure and exploration?
Mr. Fix-It: What kind of repair tech. would you like to be? Explain your choice.
Mummy Talk: What comes to mind when you read, or hear, the word “Egyptian”.
My Day Off: Given 24 hours and wheels to drive, plan the perfect escape from reality.
My Plate, My Choice.: Describe a tasty menu that puts a healthy meal on your plate.
My TV: Share an episode that helped make this show one of your favorites.
Nature Hike: Describe the flora and fauna in the place you call home.
Nature’s Playground: Tell about a memorable outdoor experience: hiking, biking, camping, etc.
No Place Like Home: Share your thoughts on this memorable line from the Wizard of Oz.
Number Sense: Share some positive or negative experiences that you’ve had with math.
No Regrets: What corrections are needed for your “no regrets” life.
Not My Problem: Should you have to clean up a mess made by someone else? Explain?
Number Sense: Share some positive or negative experiences that you’ve had with math.
Nut Day: What does this three letter word bring to mind? How might you celebrate?
Old MacDonald: … had a farm. Which animal would you most like to be? Explain.
One Sweet Day: Resolve those regrets of words left unspoken to that special someone.
Only One You: What personal traits make you special and unique… one of a kind.
Oops!: Everyone makes mistakes. Share a lesson learned… the hard way!
Outside the Box: Share a creative solution (personal or observed) to a challenging problem.
Over the River: Share special memories from your grandmother’s house.
Panoramic 360: Describe the view (in all directions) from directly above your school.
People Watching: From an animal’s point of view, write a journal entry, “A day at the zoo”.
Dinosaur / T.REX: How to take of pet dinosaur.
Personal Failure: Tell about a time you fell short of the expectations set by yourself or others.
Pets: Tell about an animal that has found a home with your family.
Pets Gone Wild: Usually nice, write about a pet encounter that wasn’t.
Pity Party: Life is not fair, or so it seems. Why not just feel sorry for yourself?
Pick Your Scope: Would you rather be given a microscope, or a telescope? Explain.
Point of View: Compare & contrast a parent and teenager’s perspective on “having fun”.
Prankster: Write about mischief that you have planned, committed, or observed.
Psychology of Fright: Why do people enjoy being scared? Share your thoughts on this topic.
Pumpkin Carving: Share any personal experience you have had with this American tradition.
Puppies for Sale: Write about a business involving pets that you might be interested in.
Puppy Love: Having a pet is fun, but also a big responsibility. Discuss the work involved.
Read ’em and Weep: Tell about a story that makes you cry every time that you read it.
Real vs. Artificial: Which kind of Christmas tree do you like? Explain your preference.
Recipe for Success: Discuss the key ingredients for a healthy, happy, and productive lifestyle.
Remembering 9-11: How has this event changed our world? Share your thoughts and feelings.
Rip Van Winkle: How would you like to miss the next decade with a ten year nap?
Rubber Ducky: Write about a favorite childhood toy (in or out of the water).
Eating: You are standing in a trial for eating to mutch…..of what? and why?
Running Water: Explain (to the best of your ability) the magic behind indoor plumbing.
Safety Fences: Write about protective barriers & rules, designed for your personal safety?
Scared to Death: Funny now, but not then? Share a frightening personal experience.
Science vs. Humanities: Two contrasting fields of study. Discuss their importance in every day life.
Sci Fi’ Day: You’re the star of an “out of this world” short story. Write it!
Setting the Mood: How do authors and film makers prepare their audience to be frightened?
Shake a Leg: Love, hate, or simply endure it? What are your thoughts on dancing?
Shipwrecked: Imagine and describe your feelings, as a lone survivor on a deserted island.
Siblings Day: Pay tribute to the highs and lows of sibling relationships.
Sideline Sports Rage: Share your thoughts on this shameful behavior in the world of sports.
Smile Makers: Write about a few simple pleasures that are sure to light up your day.
Snakes Alive: Love, hate, or leave ‘em be? How do you really feel about snakes/reptiles?
Snickers?: Which candy bar best fits your life and personality? Explain.
Space Case: Explain why (or why not) tax dollars are well spent exploring outer space.
Space shuttle: you are onboard, what is your mission and work?
Spring Cleaning: The challenge: give your bedroom a complete makeover. Write about it.
Stress Busters: What is it that helps you reduce the anxiety level when life gets crazy?
Spring Fever: What are the symptoms & remedy for this seasonal disorder.
Spring Picnic: Plan the perfect outing with friends or family. Include a location and menu.
Spring Scenery: Pen a postcard description (real or imagined) of this seasonal picture.
Stereotype Defined: An exaggerated belief concerning a category of people… your thoughts?
Stop the Hurt: Write your own prescription for natural pain and stress relief.
Story Time: Share a favorite childhood bedtime story, and the memories it holds.
Student Teacher: Share an experience you’ve had helping another person learn.
Summer Dreams: Write about the perfect summer vacation. Will it ever happen? Explain.
Sunrise… Sunset: paint a word picture that describes your favorite celestial setting.
Super Bowl Sunday: In your opinion, what is the best part of this All-American tradition?
Super Nanny: Earning parents’ trust while keeping kids happy. Let’s talk babysitting.
Sweet Justice: Review a favorite book (or movie) where “good” prevails over “evil”.
Sweetheart Advice: What behavior from those of the opposite sex do you find least endearing.
Table Games: A holiday tradition for many families, write about a few of your favorites.
Table Manners: Don’t hold back. Share your thoughts on this most important social topic.
Talkin’ Cars: From fuel to wheels, explain how a car works. Not sure? Just give it a try!
Take Me Home: Family vacations are supposed to be fun. Tell about one that wasn’t!
Talkin’ Rocks: Give me Ten: Composition, formation, weathering, classification… and more.
Talkin’ Round: Give Me Ten on anything related to the subject of circles.
Talkin’ Teeth: Share a memorable experience you’ve had with your pearly whites.
Talking Trash: Discuss what you know about the evolution and history of household garbage.
Technology at Work: How is today’s work place different from that of your great-grandparents?
Teen Book Review: Read a great book lately? Pass it on!
Thanksgiving Prayer: It’s time to give thanks for all that life has to offer. What do you appreciate?
The Big Picture: When all is said and done, what is your philosophy on the meaning of life?
The Circle of Life: Share what you think is the underlying message of this award winning song.
The Golden Ratio: Perfect patterns are everywhere in nature. Write about your favorites.
The Perfect Job: Describe a profession that would fit your interests and abilities perfectly.
The Power of One: Share your thoughts on this motivational topic, use examples.
The Whipping Boy: Which role best fits your life experience, Prince Brat, or the Whipping Boy?
This is 9-1-1: Describe an emergency (real or imagined) and your response.
Time Traveler: Which direction would interest you most, forward or back in time? Explain.
Trail Blazers: Tell what you know about someone who changed the course of history.
Trick or Treat:”Give me Ten” on this American tradition at Halloween.
Turn it Off: Write about a noise/sound that really annoys or bothers you.
Turned Off: Imagine not having any technology. What would your life be like without it?
Under the Sea: Which ocean creature’s existence would you most like to experience?
Unsung 9-11 Heroes: Your thoughts on the emotional story of those who helped in the aftermath.
Use Less Stuff Day: How would your family feel about “downsizing” their lifestyle.
Visual Learning: Share your favorite educational T.V. show. What has it taught you?
Wake Up: Ever been so tired that you embarrassed yourself in public? Write about it.
What to Wear? School uniforms can be a “hot button issue”. What’s your opinion?
What’s Cooking: More than meals are made in the family kitchen. Share a few fun memories.
Wild Game Hunting: How do you feel about this Daily Ten topic?
Wishful Thinking: What would mom & dad like to see on your New Year’s resolutions list?
Word Painting: Use descriptive words to illustrate a vivid picture in your reader’s mind.
Would You Rather?: …. skydive from a plane or rappel off a cliff? Explain.
X-Mas Conflict: Does holiday shopping encourage, or hinder, the true spirit of Christmas?
Year in Review: Jot down a quick summary of 3404… its highs and lows.
Your M.V.S. Award: Which of your five senses is most valuable / important? Explain.
Your Majesty: Given a kingdom full of loyal subjects, describe your palace and rule.
Even neatly constrained to it’s microchips, the toll of my digi-hoard is beginning to weigh me down…
If you could study a subject that you have never had the opportunity to study, what would you choose? Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.
People learn in different ways. Some people learn by doing things; other people learn by reading about things; others learn by listening to people talk about things. Which of these methods of learning is best for you?
Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer?
Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?
In the future, do you think people will eat more frequently, or less frequently, food that they have prepared themselves?
The expression “Never, never give up” means to keep trying and neverstop working for your goals. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.