Life Swap: If you could trade places with any person in the world for one year, who would you pick? Explain why.
Year in Review: Jot down a quick summary of this past calendar year… its highs and lows.
Mother Knows Best: How would life change if Mom had her way with your New Year’s resolutions.
A Child’s Scheme: If you had the opportunity to write, and enforce, your parents’ New Year’s resolutions, how would your life change… and why?
Kid President: Share a State of the Union message to the country… from your perspective. Be positive and constructive.
Fortune Teller: Peer into your crystal ball and predict the future of (y)our world for the coming year and beyond.
Biggest Loser: People pay millions for weight loss programs. Why are these efforts rarely successful? What, in your opinion, does work?
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Some holiday presents have a very short life span. Tell about a gift that didn’t last very long and the story behind it’s demise.
Holiday Top Ten: Compose your own list of things to remember (or forget) from this past Christmas vacation.
Expatriate: Given the opportunity to live anywhere else in the world, which foreign country would you likely choose, and why?
Bowl Buster: Share your opinion on solving the annual debate as to who is really the best college football team.
Clairvoyant Thoughts: Would you like the gift of accurately predicting the future for yourself and others? Why, or why not?
Final Script: Would you like to know exactly how your life will play out and ultimately end… or not? Explain your reasoning.
Healthy Lifestyle: How do you measure up? What life changes would improve your physical, mental and social health?
Your Choice?: Who would get your vote for 2012 Man or Woman of the year? Explain your selection.
Global Forecast: Using the vocabulary of a TV weatherman, describe the current conditions of the country and world we live in. What does the 12 month forecast look like?
World Peace: Given ten minutes to plead your case to all leaders involved in global conflict, what would you say?
Love Fail: What behavior from those of the opposite sex do you find least endearing.
Love Defined: If someone asked you for a description of “how love feels”, what would you say?
Brains vs. Beauty: Would you be more likely to strike up a relationship with someone who is super smart… or very good looking?
Love Story: Write about a movie or book that is full of romance and the softer side of human relationships.
PDA Alert: Share your thoughts on when (and where) public displays of affection are appropriate.
True Love: What kind of behavior, in your opinion, best defines the ultimate expression of this human emotion?
Party Time: What would be your idea of a fun (age appropriate) Valentines party for you and a group of friends.
Boogie Down: Love, hate, or simply endure it, what are your thoughts on dancing?
Love is Blind: What do you think is meant by this wise old saying?
In the Beginning…: Share what you know, or would like to know, about your parents’ courtship and marriage.
Shades of Red: Tell about an embarrassing moment involving those of the opposite sex.
Love Potion: What are the ingredients for turning your basic “friendship” into something special?
Matchmaker: How would you like the selection of your future wife or husband to be determined by someone else… like your father?
One on One: What are your thoughts on the wisdom of steady dating at an early age?
Romeo and Juliet: Share what you know about this Shakespearean love story. What are the lessons to be learned?
Doctor Love: Who would you most likely turn to for serious advice on “love and relationships”… a friend, or family member?
A Broken Heart: What is meant by this figurative expression? How can one recover from a shattered relationship?
Love Poetry: Why do you think this form of writing is so often used in writing expressions of love?