A non-religious woman sprouts wings like an angel.
A small child develops the ability to fly and his parents struggle to deal with it.
A man starts a cult, promises his followers will be able to fly, and it actually works.
A man jumps from the top of a skyscraper, attempting to kill himself. On the way down, he changes his mind, and discovers the ability to fly.
A non-religious woman sprouts wings like an angel.
A small child develops the ability to fly and his parents struggle to deal with it.
A man starts a cult, promises his followers will be able to fly, and it actually works.
A man jumps from the top of a skyscraper, attempting to kill himself. On the way down, he changes his mind, and discovers the ability to fly.
A genetic mutation on the Y chromosome causes all male humans to be born with wings.
A toy company markets a new product: a superhero cape that lets children actually fly.
A sailor becomes stranded on a desert island where the only animals big enough to eat are birds. Without any projectile weapons, he is unable to kill any of them. The sailor begins to wish that he could fly, and simply pluck one of the birds out of the air…
A troubled, young man dreams of flying and wakes up miles from his home. The next night, it happens again…
Superhuman Speed?
A car thief develops the ability to run faster than any car on the road. He begins stealing cars from their owners while the cars are in motion.
A man working at a factory becomes exposed to toxic chemicals, giving him superhuman speed. He completes a full day’s work in minutes. Everyone else at the factory is fired, and he does every job himself. With no job to take up their time, the unemployed workers have nothing to do but plan their revenge.
The world’s fastest criminal is emptying a town of its valuables. The townsfolk call upon the one man who can stop him: a superhero named Oil Slick.
The greatest poker player in the world is a man who can move fast enough to stack a deck of cards right under your nose.
A town suffers an outbreak of a strange disease that renders its victims slower than molasses. A reporter investigating the story discovers that the disease is caused by a superhero called Mr. Zoom. He gets his superhuman swiftness by stealing speed from other people.
Hoping to invent the perfect weight loss pill, a scientist struggles to find a way to accelerate the metabolic system. He tests the pill on himself and it works. It works too well. His metabolism gets faster and faster, requiring him to devour tremendous amounts of food just to avoid starvation. He uses his newfound superhuman speed to steal food and search for a cure before he wastes away to nothing.
A police detective searches for a way to stop a cat burglar who can walk through walls
A surgeon discovers that he can reach into his patients’ bodies and remove tumors without an incision
A man becomes the greatest escape artist in the world when he develops the ability to control his density and pass through solid objects
A convicted killer, working in the prison library, discovers a book that promises to teach the reader how to walk through walls.
A man is abducted by aliens who perform a bizarre experiment on him. When the man is returned to his apartment, he discovers that he is slowly becoming intangible. His feet sink into the floor, and then his ankles, his knees…
On a distant planet, the deadliest animal is the worg, a six-legged beast with the ability to pass through walls and force fields.
A man becomes the world’s most dangerous serial killer when he learns the art of intangibility. He can walk through walls and pluck people’s hearts from their chests.
Working for the military, a man develops a belt that can make soldiers intangible, but only for a limited time. The Pentagon takes control of the invention and orders that the inventor be killed. When the inventor finds himself under attack by ghostly soldiers, he uses his prototype belt to hide inside the walls of his home. But, if he stays intangible too long, he risks not being able to return to his solid form.
Variation – But, if the inventor stays intangible too long, he will instantly return to his solid form, becoming a permanent part of the wall.
An earthquake in England causes the wall of a castle to collapse. The government sends in workmen to clear away the rubble, and they discover a skeleton imbedded in the stone. Apparently, hundreds of years earlier, a member of the royal family had discovered the secret to walking through walls, but he was unable to master it. One of the workmen vows to return to the castle and discover the secret for himself.
After being exposed to cosmic radiation, a woman gives birth to an invisible infant. As the unseen child grows, he struggles with being different.
A group of invisible spies are sent on a dangerous mission, and two of the spies fall deeply in love. Once they return home, they become visible for the first time, and each discovers that the other is a little less than beautiful.
A scientist builds an invisibility ray, but it only works on cloth.
A developer purchases a row of houses, planning to turn the neighborhood into a shopping mall. One family, however, refuses to sell. The developer hires an invisible woman to convince them that their house is haunted.
An inventor searching for a way to make soldiers invisible experiments on himself. Unfortunately, only his skin is fades away. His muscles and internal organs are still very noticeable.
A man is terrified to discover that he is being stalked by his invisible ex-girlfriend.
While on a fieldtrip to a nuclear power plant, an accident turns three teenagers invisible. When a group of politicians discovers what has occurred, they realize that they could be the perfect assassins… If only they can find them.
A mythology professor discovers that dragons are not extinct; we just can’t see them.
A nuclear power plant is constructed in the center of a large desert. Unfortunately, the radiation has a strange effect on the surrounding wildlife. A nearby town is soon overrun with invisible coyotes.
A woman is involved in a car accident with a truck carrying a shipment of toxic waste. As she staggers out of her car, she is shocked to discover that she is completely invisible. Stunned, she wonders if she will be fired from her job. How can an invisible woman make a living as a stripper?
An industrial accident gives a newlywed couple strange powers and unhealthy paranoia. The telepathic husband and the invisible wife both begin to wonder if their partner is spying on them.
A woman with the gift of shape shifting is kidnapped by a lonely man. He forces her to become all of the women he has ever desired.
A shape-changing serial killer takes on the appearance of his victims.
A young woman struggles to discover why she wakes up every morning as a different person.
A man has the ability to change other people’s bodies into whatever form he desires. He uses the ability to attack his enemies, play practical jokes on his friends, and to dramatically change his girlfriend.
A shape shifting man suffers a head injury and loses his memory. Not only has he forgotten his former life, he can’t even remember his real, original face.
A man is visited by a door-to-door salesman who sells him a strange animal that takes on the shape of its owner.
A billionaire gets married to his highschool sweetheart, and signs a prenuptial agreement stating that, if he cheats on his new wife, she can divorce him and take everything he has. His wife hires a shape shifter to do everything she can to get her husband into bed, like impersonating his ex-girlfriends, and famous actresses and supermodels.
A college student discovers that his girlfriend can change shapes. When he greedily demands that she become every woman he’s ever desired, she begins to wonder if he’ll ever let her be herself again…
The day after the election, dozens of shape-shifting spies all claim to be the new President of the United States.