Nature. Writing about nature opens a wide range of topics and possible turns that children love. A good idea is to choose the weather characters (such as Wind, Rain, Snow, etc.), the seasons characters (such as Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring), or nature elements (such as Leaf, Ground, Flower, Moon, Sun, etc.).
Veggies. Vegetables could actually be a great source for fun stories. The beautiful and boastful Cherry or old and wise Pumpkin can make up a great book.

Animals. The stories about different animals are extremely popular among children, especially those who have pets at home. The thing is that kids like such heroes as bears, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, etc.
Space. Writing about stars, planets or space ships will make children think beyond their “mind box”. Who didn’t like the books about fantastic space travels and different planets? Exploring new things has always been a great entertainment for everybody.

Children. You can choose to develop a story based on the life or adventures of other children. Such stories are great for teaching some lessons and kids love to read about their peers.
Miracles. Children don’t look for any proofs to believe in miracles. They just believe them because they are told by adults. Besides, miracles allow creating fascinating and easy-to-follow plots.
Bible. This book is a great inspiration for developing interesting stories with a teaching element. Different books of the Bible (Old Testament in particular) are rich for engaging events and great characters.
Toys. Because children play with toys every day, it can be exciting for them to read a story about one of the toys. So why not try and make the toys alive for a while in the minds of children.
Furniture is not a typical area of children’s interest, but if you can give lives to such things, as furniutures, it can turn out quite a story.

Imagined characters. You can create characters from scratch and that is absolutely fine. Just make sure the characters are understandable for children. It requires more skills and understanding of children’s thinking though.
Electronic devices. Kids today can hardly live a day without modern technologies. Therefore, writing a story about a smart phone or tablet can be very entertaining for kids of different ages.

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