Slang you don’t understand
People misunderstanding you
People who thinks they are always right
Extreme overachievers
Cartoon Network ruining the old shows
Disney Channel only playing old shows at midnight
People who talk too much
When printers don’t print to sided
Expensive shoes
Peperoni Pizza that has less than 7 peperoni’s
How hard it is to stay vegetarian
Notebooks that fall apart quickly
Cultural appropriation
Movies that aren’t good
People who like to spoil
Websites that give false information
People who pretend to be a fan but really have no clue
The fact that Pepe will never grow old
Inappropriate people
Obsessive girlfriends/boyfriends
People who follow you but don’t like anything on instagram
When your favorite You Tuber misses their posting days
Not finding a cure for boredom
When people where two different type of blue jean colors
Lead pencils with no lead
People who think they are better, because they have expensive clothes
Wind that messes up your hair
Rain that messes up your hair
People that take all the food at the buffet
People who talk to you while you are wearing headphones
People who make fun of you
Judgmental people
People who don’t give clear direction
Messing up clear directions
That one eyebrow that you can’t perfect
Missing a spot while shaving
Cutting yourself while shaving
People who don’t like hair
People who make fun of some of your traits
Untied shoes
Pictures falling off your wall
Not good supplies for art
People who twist up stories
Tall people calling short people short
Short people calling tall people tall
People who continuously rant….