Fitness Prompts:

1. The germs in health clubs (what people can do to protect themselves)
2. Fitness equipment (or focus on one particular machine or piece of equipment and list all its benefits)
3. Personal trainers (shouldn’t have any problem finding one who wants to talk about their business – e.g.: biggest challenges they face with clients, their training method, etc.)
4. Nutritional topics (the worst ways to lose weight, what new super foods can you get in a capsule, how to shop for nutritious foods)
5. Body part exercises (focus on chest, abs, arms, or legs)
6. How to shop for a set of weights for your home (what to look for, what to avoid)
7. How to build a home fitness center on $100. or less (using resistance bands, jump ropes, hoola hoops, and stability balls)
8. How to work in 30 minutes of cardio during your busy work day. (break it up into smaller time slots, jumping jacks, etc.)
9. Fitness professional marketing (how to increase client base, how to use social media to connect locally)
10. Sports supplements (10 best lists, ineffective supplements, how to take)


10 pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe
Top Trends of the season (you can also create a wishlist with Reward Style or tracdelight and link similar pieces)
#OOTD – in an “outfit of the day” post you can share your daily looks, you can also link similar items with the tools mentioned above
Must-haves for Winter/Summer holidays
Must-haves for the gym
My closet
A look that is inspired by a movie character, style icon, etc.
The most comfortable shoe options for special occasions
My favourite classic bags / wishlist
Accessories I could not live without
Perfect look for wedding guest/ for prom
Designer pieces in my wardrobe
Budget looks: all under £60
Best look for uni/school /work
Pieces I bought but never wore
Pieces you got from your mom/grandma
The pieces you should get rid of this year
Shopping tips for the sales season
Tips on how to find your signature style
Shopping guide for your city/any city
Vintage shopping guide
Best blog designs for fashion blogs
Tips for a great outfit photo shoot
Swimwear trends
How to choose the right location for a photo shoot
est traffic sources for your fashion blog
Upcoming/important fashion (blogger) events
Weekly fashion/outfit picks
How to style the latest trend in accessories
Top 3 favourite designers/wishlist


Food Prompts:

Feature a new product/menu item.
Recipes, recipes, recipes
Serving suggestions
Pictures of your product in fun places
Calendar of upcoming events
Profile an employee.
Profile another product or business you like or work with (especially your retailers)
Recently returned from a trade show? What were your top 10 takeaways?
See a food trend coming up? Give us your take.
Partner with a charity. Write a post about them every quarter.
What are the laws that govern the food industry and affect your business or the way your customers shop? Talk about it.
Drinks that pair well with one of your products or dishes (or vice versa).
Interview a chef you admire.
Review a relevant book or movie or tv show.
Jokes, quotes, cartoons, YouTube videos — not all blog posts need to be long.
Have a social media post that got a lot of action? Embed it into a blog post and continue the conversation on your site.
Ask your fans to send in their questions. Reply in a blog post.
Write a blog post from the heart about how much you love your business and your customers.
People gobble up top 10 lists. Write a few of your own, like…”Top 10 Ways to Eat a Cracker” or “Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Hot Sauce Addict.”
Gift ideas for people who love your food.
The history of a food item — go waaaaaaaay back.
Get a mention in a blog or magazine? Write about it.
Make videos. Create a time-lapse video of one of your processes. Give a behind-the-scenes walking tour.
Think about the things your target customer enjoys. Are they outdoorsy types? Big drinkers? Artisan product enthusiasts? There’s no reason you can’t occasionally write about topics off-topic from your brand, but on-topic for your reader.
The Internet is obsessed with cute animals. How can you tie cute cats and dogs into a blog post?
What changes about your menu or product with the seasons?
Get an extraordinarily good Yelp review? Re-post it on the blog!
Tell your readers how your business cares for the environment and/or its community.
A day in the life of your business’ owner.
If the ingredients in your product could talk, what would they say?