What you’ve learned from writing in your time period (or new work/career you’ve researched for a character)
Characters vs plot: What inspires you first?
What you like to read and how that influences what you write…
Your writing habits are…
What would you tell a brand new writer?
What would you tell a child who wants to be a writer?
If you could do it all over again, would you?
Your favorite place to write is…
Something you really want to write about is…
Favorite character ever written
Character you would love to create and write about
Your bucket list as a writer
Biggest surprise in learning to write what I write
What you love about writing
The book that inspired you most…
How you put myself into the head of your character
Write what you know – what does that mean?
The rules of writing: Break them or keep them?
Characters that are like you and why
What do you look for when choosing a setting for a scene?
Have you ever created a character based on someone you know?
Reality vs fiction – is art really crazier than life?
What TV show is your go-to reward for finishing word count?
If you could spend a month writing anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Interview your main character and what makes them tick.
Have a Pinterest board for your book? Explain it and share it.
Favorite FB pages to follow
Who is your favorite author and how have they inspired you?
Things that inspire you in your day to day life?
A day in your life: Walk us through your daily grind and take pictures!
How do you stay organized?
The first book you wrote, published or unpublished, what was is about? Where is it now?
Why do you write?
What do you think your readers will take from your writing?
Been to a conference or want to go to one? Share it and why.
Weekend plans: take pics!
Your favorite television show
How has being a writer made you watch TV and movies differently? Or has it?
Values post: What cause do you believe in? Share it and invite others into why it matters
Your favorite book on writing
Your favorite book as a child
What are you researching now?
What is the last scene you wrote and how did you like it?
Share the most unexpected scene you’ve written — did it stay in the book?
If you have it, share a deleted scene and why it was deleted?
What’s the next book percolating in your head?
What technology do you use?
Dear Diary: Write a blog entry from one of your characters
What kind of music do you listen to while you write? Do you have a song list for your book?
Which of your characters is most like you and how?
Describe what you had in your lunchbox as a kid. What was your favorite, what did you hate?
What was school lunch like in high school?
Have you ever had tuna casserole?
Did you eat jello at school? Did you bring it from home or was it served in cubes in a dish?
Did you pack your own lunches or did your parents pack them for you?
Did you have any food obsessions as a kid, and eat the same thing continually?
Did you or do you know somebody who was or does homeschooling?
Do you remember going to the store with your mom or dad to shop for groceries when you were a kid?
What did you have for breakfast before school?
What was your favorite after school snack as a kid?
Did kids ever tease you about your lunch or snack?
Do you remember your lunchbox from when you were in school? How about your book bag?
Do you pack your kids lunches? What makes them unique or special?
Do you have any strong visual memories of eating lunch at school? Describe what you see.
Do you have any rules for your kids about what goes in their lunches?
Do your kids help you shop for groceries?
Did you ride the bus to school? What was it like?
Do your kids ride the bus to school? How does that feel?
Do you volunteer at your kids school? How does that effect your routine?
Do your kids play fall sports? Did you?