Do stay in touch…
Please don’t…
I’d like to invite you to enjoy Eloquent.
Brave new girl.
I don’t like your template though, it kind of makes your words hard to read!
Does this mean that you are done with diaryland?
Hope to see ya there!
I always read you… and miss hearing from you.
Thanks for the….
I miss you as well.
Hello… you have so many favorites..
I’ll second that.
December is the cruelest month…
Good luck with the boy.
I’ll get back to you on that.
I hope the new year begins well for you, lovely one.
Sorry about the mix-up darling.
And, by the way, Hard Love is by Ellen Wittlinger.
Yippee let’s go slummin!
I like the semi-colon and the ellipsis of three dots…
Has a guy done you wrong?
Just wanted to say that you amaze me.
Am I totally insane or did you leave a Fiona Apple quote on ‘Syndirella’s’ notes page?
More info is provided, so check it out, link us, and promote!
Can I have the password if it is, please?
You can post your own personally written poetry/prose/anything here, and we also have section for artwork and photography, and muc more.
I miss that feeling.
We want to read about the slimeballs!
I would miss your words wayyyy too much… you’re amazing!
Hi, i’m new to this online diary thing, and i just wanted to say you’re writing is wonderful.
I’ve always liked that.
Leave many things, but not your site.
Please don’t misunderstand me.
You make me think of Leonard Cohen.
I’d take/ne like Elvis any day.
I do hope you accept this invitation, and join your fellow artists at MindFlowers dot coe dot yookay!!
Leonard Cohen.
Autumn is always the season for being wrapped in a lover’s breath.
The book, I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan is well written & witty.
How are you, honestly?
Thank you for showing me that there is still something amazing and original out there.
Innocences is really good and takes more then one read, makes me think different things everytime.
Lord of the Barnyard…
Hey, since you like Damien Rice, you should check out The Frames if you haven’t already.
Paint your nails a deep blue…
Also have you ever read anything by Alice Munro – i think you may like her.
For serious, darling.
Hard Love….. damn, not sure who it’s by.
Maybe I’m just seeing lyrics everywhere, but either way you have kick arse musical taste… and eventually I will attempt to read your entire diary, but over 500 entries is a tad daunting at the moment…
I miss hearing from you.
Want to share about it?
Hello, you were undoubtably sent this email because the admin of this site, myself, has discovered your email address online, and was led to believe you had a sudden or eternal interest in poetry or writing or more specifically the likes of ee cummings, and I can’t forget to mention Pablo Picasso.
Anyway, I think your diary reads like water.
I think we should talk soon.
Fearless is a good serious but take it out of the library cause bying them all will cost a pretty penny.
House of Leaves is my favorite book of all time..
The perks of being a wallfloer.
Let his voice open you to new things to write about.
I’m glad you’re still here and writing.
Your an absoluetely wonderful writer..
Tell me about morphine and silence and music and bees…
I’d love to talk soon, but I don’t use AIM anymore – is there some other way?
Making excuses about what we say and do
My step father’s profession (dentistry)
Our family dog
Brushing my teeth
Prolonging phone conversations
The birth of my son
Becoming a counselor (My academic advisor challenged me to write a song about why I wanted to become a counselor. I wrote and sang the song as part of the interview process to get into grad school.)
The experience of being in a pageant
Obsession with famous people
High school crushes
Salem Witch Trials (a high school project)
Deciding on whether or not to take a job
Driving to school
Eating lunch
Cleaning the house
Take a walk outside
Put yourself in a different environment
About Your Eyes
This Is Why You Keep Making The Same Mistakes In Relationships
10 Items That Make Healthy Living Simpler
he Night In Room 217 Of The Hotel ‘The Shining’ Is Based On
Keep it simple
Explain how music evokes feelings and emotion.
Understand relationships between music and culture.
Analyze song lyrics to critically examine themes and messages.
Consider the effectiveness of music to communicate ideas.
Use music to express a personal viewpoint or message about a tolerance-related issue that’s important to them.
What can we learn from music?
What is the role of music in society?
Are young people influenced by the music they listen to?
What responsibilities do songwriters have to use their platforms for positive change?
Why is the viewpoint of songwriters relevant?
How many of you like listening to music?
What are the reasons you listen?
How does music make you feel?
Do you think you can learn anything from music? If so, what?