Argument Topics:
Should smoking be allowed in public places?
Is our election process fair to everyone?
Research on animals, should it be encouraged?
The taxation system: fair or unfair?
Is euthanasia fair or unfair?
Should marijuana be used in medicine?
Do the cameras enforced by law invade privacy?
Handgun ownership: threat or right?
Should the legal age for drinking be lowered or raised?
What is the right age to vote? Should it be raised or lowered?
Is Internet censorship required?
Same-sex marriages should be legal/illegal
The two-child policy: Right or wrong?
Technology: Are we too dependent on it?
The discrimination in hierarchy of jobs: good or bad?
Are the famous people paid more than needed?
Are scores in school enough to evaluate a child’s progress?
Marketing to children: right or wrong?
Fighting video games influence children: right or wrong?
Are single-sex schools better than co-ed?
Does religion cause war?
Is cheating becoming common?
Is torture acceptable?
Is unemployment related to crimes?
Is our educational system affordable?
How I manage my time and structure my day
If I knew I could not fail, I would …
This is the book that changed my life!
Here are 10 products I’m wishing for right now
How I spent my day off
My 10 favorite people to follow on Pinterest (and why)
My favorite free apps
The worst advice I’ve ever heard
My 5 favorite blogs (and why I love to read them)
My 10 favorite Etsy shops (and what I love about them)
Share your quarterly review (New Year resolutions update!)
How I come up with new blog post ideas (shout-outs appreciated!)
What I spend my business profits on (or “what I plan to spend profits on when they start rolling in!”)
Money is no object when it comes to … (I personally love this topic because everybody values different things. For example, money is no object when it comes to the house I live in. I have to love it!)
I’m frugal with money when it comes to … (This plays off the last topic. I’m frugal with the cars I drive, I’ll take mine used and paid in full rather than new with car payments.)
My favorite positive affirmation or mantra – it gets me through every time!
How I handled a hater
A behind-the-scenes look at how I run my business
How I fuel my day (because pictures of groceries are fun!)
Here’s a tour of my workspace (“Don’t judge!” – or – “Eat your heart out!”)
Here’s a list of goals I’m working on
Here’s a peek at my Amazon (or Etsy) wish list
The number 1 question customers ask me … + the answer!
Where I blog
Why I’m no longer satisfied with good enough, and what I’m doing about it
My thoughts on money, prosperity and abundance
That next big thing you want to accomplish?