. something you didn’t know you would be capable of doing, but you did.
. someone who used to be close to you but drifted away.
. one of the worst things you ever did. What made you do it? What were the consequences?
. something you’d imagined or anticipated, which didn’t turn out the way you’d expected.

* an aspect of yourself which has significantly changed. Can you pinpoint a particular event or a series of events which propelled this change?
* someone you’ve always wanted to understand. Explore the questions you would like to answer about this person.
. Make up a holiday (National scented candle day?) and justify it. (Did you know there is a National Something Day?
. How to ______. Use a skill you have to teach everyone else. For instance, I know how to cut hair. Be sure to include pictures and step by step instructions.
. The Inspired Room I came across

. Analyze a painting. I happen to adore this one by Eugene Burnand.
. If you market a product/service: Share your cautionary tales of what didn’t work. Here’s one of my cautionary tales about marketing.
. Describe the online friends you’ve never met in person. I love Alece so much, but we haven’t had the opportunity to hug yet.
. Write ten things folks don’t know about you. Hmm, maybe you don’t know that I’m bow legged?
. Ask your spouse to write a post for you. Give him/her free reign. (This could be scary!) Not sure if I’m brave enough for that yet! But you can check out my hubby’s words here if you’re interested.

. Write a letter to someone famous. Um, Dear Bono, could you please endorse my next book?
. Do an opposite post. (Instead of 10 ways to slim down, write 10 ways to gain excess weight.) (I could write that: Eat more chocolate…)
. Do something risky, something outrageous you’ve never attempted before. Then recount your tale. Exhibit A: What the Triathlon Taught me.
. Contrast your best and worst day in elementary school (or junior high or high school or college or grad school).
. List your 5 favorite smells. (Too bad we can’t have scratch and sniff on the Internet). One of mine? Evergreen trees.

. Embarrass yourself. Post a fashion faux pas from the days of yore. Then explain why you wore it, why you thought it was cool. Here’s a picture of my senior prom dress. Yikes.
. Create your own video using Animoto. They make it easy.Here’s one of mine about Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference (made before Animoto).
. Count your blessings and invite others to do the same.
. Review several books that changed your life. Here’s my review of Scared by Tom Davis.
. Have a contest for the worst first line of a story, poem, or whatnot.

. Become a travel writer. Describe one of your vacations in a way that helps your readers want to go there. Give details about side trips, hotel possibilities, etc. Here’s a travel piece I wrote about Antibes, France. (I can’t believe how young my kids are in the picture!)
. Be crafty (in a non-evil way). Show one of your projects with step by step instructions. Here’s my adventure in creating a book page wreath.
. Create a playlist (running, dancing, working, relaxing, rejoicing) and explain why you chose those songs. (Hint: It’s fun to add a few YouTube videos to prove how cool your songs are.)
. Share a recent time you failed at something. (Oddly, these are usually my most popular posts. Like this confessional one.)
. Disagree with a popular finding. Do you think a different picture should have won the Oscar? Why?

. Share something you learned that you hadn’t known before. We didn’t know firsthand about wolves in sheep’s clothing until we were in ministry full time and got bit.
. Write about an issue that niggles you. One of my posts deals with the question, “Why do Christian movies tend to be cheesy?”
. Answer a question an emailer asks. Andrea asked me how to get started in writing. I realized my answer to her question was a blog post, so I asked her permission to use her question. This became a blog post about 12 ways to get started.
. Tell your journey. I’ve written about my path to publication. Part one is here.
. Lament how technology has messed with face-to-face relationships. Or take the opposite tack: How has technology deepened your friendships?
. Take a free poll (up to 100 respondents) with survey monkey, then report on the results.
. Mine your blog comments for post ideas. On my Family Secrets blog, one comment prompted a post about grace extending to victims and perpetrators.
. we all sacrifice for our first love so this might be a question better suited for sub relationships…