Write about the “journey” of your life. What is happening in your work, family and in the world around you and how does it make you feel?
Writing Techniques:
Dialog Writing: Hearing your own voice
Organic Notes: Organize your thoughts and ideas
Timed Writing: The mighty ten minutes
Unsent Letters: Letting go of what binds you
Life Issues:
Get Organized: Making it easier to write
I Believe: Writing your belief system
Legend of You: Exploring your personal myth
Prosperity: Writing abundance into your life
Tune-up Your Journal: Why keep a journal?
Tips & Tricks:
Add Pizzazz: Little things that make a difference
Happy List: Find out what makes you happy
Thank You Entries: Practice gratitude
Win List: Praising yourself for a job well done

Describe The People in Your Life:
Who is the…
Most Social
Best Cook
The Most into Politics
The Funniest
The Most Creative
The Wildest!
The Most Reclusive
The Most Generous
The Best Storyteller
The Most Traveled
The Best Organized

Keep going. As you think of more “Awards” keep assigning them to members of your family…or friends if you wish. Always remember, that it is the story behind that actual answer that is the goal here.
Why do you say that Aunt Joan is the “Most Generous”
If you’d like more award ideas and hundreds of other great journaling writing and lifestory writing ideas, consider the downloadable life story workbook, Memorygrabber
Presidential and Election Memories
Whether you like Barrack Obama or not, you are living in historic times. Your descendants may want to know your thoughts and what you were doing during this historic time in history!
Below are journal writing prompts dealing with your memories of elections and politics:
List the presidential elections that have happened during your lifetime?
Of those elections that you remember, what do you remember most about each?
Which election was the first that you participated in (actually voted)?
On January 20th 2009, president Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of The United States. What are your thoughts?
Have you ever participated/volunteered (or wanted to) in a political campaign of any kind? Give details!

A House You Hated
The Fraternity or Sorority House
The View From A Specific Window
The Church or Building Your Were Married In
A Place That Had Shrunk in Your Imagination
The Street in Front of Your Childhood Home
Your Teenage Hangout
Special Places While Your Were Dating
The Place You Call Home
Your Childhood Home
The Dinner Table
The Classroom
super long list of college
more college
even more college
super long list divided into different themes
it’s really cold outside
art school
they know each other but don’t know that they know each other
awkward first meeting
airport related
fake married/dating trope
really long, sectioned au list (some random some themed)
opposites attract
lots more under the cut, the post was getting unwieldy
party meet-funny
rivalry to romance
really competitive otp
“we’re bad at dating” s
hot mess
art major
height difference
ridiculous sentence
single parent
established relationship
mythological creatures
reverse fairy tales
angsty otp
pretend to be NOT dating/married
“oh god i’m so sorry”
road trip
bed sharing
not-so-fluffy roadtrip
for when your otp are both assholes
friendship to romance
“things are going terribly” christmas
hidden relationship
arranged marriage au starter sentences
music major
shippy roommate
modern art
more holiday
theater v.s party
we’re the only sober ones at this party
performing arts
starter sentences
magic in the modern world
post breakup
combining stock
boarding school