1. Describe yourself from your pet’s point of view.
2. Share the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen in the most boring tone possible.
3. Provide your stream of consciousness during the the worst nightmare you’ve ever had.
4. Write about leaving home.
5. Pick ten sayings for a fortune cookie that you would never want to see come true.
6. You wake up with a key gripped tightly in your hand. How did you get this key? What do you do with this it?
7. Write a compelling argument pushing the worst advice you’ve ever been given.
8. Describe heartbreak.
9. Give 14 pieces of advice to a teen who is graduating high school.
10. Write the autobiography of the life you weren’t brave enough to lead.
11. Write a love story from end to beginning.
12. Pick a person you can’t stand and write a letter describing every wonderful thing about them.
13. Write a love scene from the point of view of your character’s hands.
14. Turn the thing that makes you the angriest into a poem.
15. Write about the way things should have been.
16. Write your own obituary honestly.
17. The person you loved who didn’t love you back.
18. A coffee date with the person you were a year ago.
19. The horrible secret the grocery clerk was hiding.
20. Write a love story starring your algebra teacher.
21. Write a letter to your future self.
22. Write about writing.
23. You approach a stranger on the street and ask them to tell you one thing they have never told anybody. What do they tell you?
24. You only have room for 5 things on your bucket list – what are they?
25. Describe the exact day you just had, but from the point of view of a psychopath.
26. Personify regret.
27. Write the back cover of the fiction novel that is based on your life in high school.
28. Detail the adventures of a day where you say “Yes” to everything.
29. How do you feel about love these days?
30. Write ten facebook status updates written by yourself in 2025.
Free Creative Writing Prompts from the Heart:
1. Pick the person you most want to see in the world right now. Write a monologue or a letter to that person and then continue the story.
2. Write a scene between your parents (living or deceased, it doesn’t matter) talking about you and your life.
3. Write down three names of important people from your past. Start writing a story or scene between three characters with those names.
4. Recount the story of your most romantic experience ever. You can change the names if you need to. Be very detailed about the entire encounter.
5. Write a story from the perspective of your favorite childhood pet. Make sure to include details about how the pet sees you and your family.
6. Write a scene about your best friends from high school talking about you while you aren’t there set during the present day.
7. Go back in your mind to the moment you chose your current religious stance. Describe the feelings that occurred during your transition from a different religion or any blind following you were previously doing.
8. Go back in your mind to the moment you chose your current political stance. Describe the feelings that occurred during your transition from a different party or any blind following you were previously doing.
9. Pick a person who has betrayed you. Write a story about the moment that this occurred.
10. Try to remember the moment where you felt you lost your innocence. Write a conversation between your present self and the past version of you from that moment.
11. Write a scene about your best friends from high school talking about you while you aren’t there set during your senior year of high school.
12. Write a scene or a story with the characters of your heart, your brain and your soul.
13. Pick the person you least want to see in the world right now. Write a monologue or a letter to that person and then continue the story.
14. Write about an experience that occurred outside of your current state or country that changed you in some way.
15. Dictate the most important phone call you’ve ever had in your life.
16. Write a scene between you and a person you betrayed, set around the time that the betrayal occurred.
17. In a sci-fi kind of style, you have magically gained the ability to change into the person you most want to be in the world, describe a day in your life.
18. Describe the last time you cried that didn’t relate to a movie, television show, play or book.
19. Sit in total silence for five minutes and observe the things around you. Write a story about the sense of awareness this brings you.
20. Write a scene that reunites you with the one that got away. If it does happen to turn into a romance novel, that’s perfectly fine :).
Creative Writing Prompts #2:Love:
1. Start a story or script by repeating the name of the love of your life twice before anything else.
2. You wake up suddenly to find the “one that got away” sleeping quietly beside you. First thoughts that come to your mind.
3. You walk into your apartment or house to find your greatest love and your best friend are undressing each other on the kitchen floor. How do you react?
4. Re-enact your first date with the love of your life.
5. You have just recognized the girl or guy in the elevator with you. She/he is the person you loved from afar in high school but never asked out. The elevator stops between floors. You two are alone and stuck for at least an hour. What do you do?
6. The person who completely broke your heart is meeting you for coffee in an hour. Describe the next three hours.
7. Your most awkward, embarrassing school dance. Go! :)
8. Your best first kiss, the lead up, and the aftermath.
9. You and your secret crush debate the topic, “better to have loved and lose then to have never loved at all.”
10. Losing your virginity, the lead up, and the aftermath.
11. Use the words of a song that make you think of the one who got away as a frame for a story that shows you going through a box of old things.
12. You sit down for lunch with the Devil. Yes, the Devil! He gives you a choice: to spend the rest of your life with the man or woman who got away but you lose your soul, or you keep your soul but you will never have another chance with that person. Weigh both options in your head, decide, deal with your choice.
13. Your best friend within your sexual preference has just declared his or her long-standing feelings for you. Describe the conversation that follows.
14. After casual sex with your office or classroom crush, your crush says the words, “I love you.” What happens then?
15. You are waiting for the love of your life to walk down the aisle. Your love’s mother comes in with a note. He or she has gotten cold feet. Describe dealing with the two families afterwards and the resulting emotions.
16. Describe a trip outside of your home country that you took with a romantic partner.
17. Describe a memorable drug or alcohol experience that you had with a romantic partner.
18. Imagine that the person who broke your heart the most came crawling back. How would you react?
19. The most passionate intimate or sexual experience of your life! Have fun with this one.
20. The first time you told a non-family member that wonderful and scary phrase, “I love you.” The lead up, and the aftermath.
21. Remember to really give yourself the gift with these free creative writing prompts. Don’t distance yourself and make the prompts about some disconnected character. To truly write with some of these emotions, let yourself deal with the situations.
22. Think of yourself like a painter with a very limited palette, just three slots for the primary colors. It takes a lot of work to mix all of the colors just so. Now, think about having a huge palette with many colors. It is increasingly easier to get exactly the right shade you want to put down on the page. If only you had had that bigger palette the entire time.
23. your past memories at the source is like having the bigger palette. You have a wider range of understanding and you have more capacity to explain an emotion that you are currently experiencing. You also have a bird’s eye view of the situation at this point, allowing you to observe your emotions in a whole new way.
Creative Writing Prompts #3: Death:
1. You have just walked up to the open casket of your favorite grandparent. How does it make you feel?
2. Your best friend has just been in a horrible accident and is on life support, possibly for the rest of his or her life. Your friend has appointed you to be the person who pulls the plug for his or her Do Not Resuscitate order. Describe your feelings.
3. Your grandmother just passed away and she personally left you $100,000. Do you do something in her memory or spend it on yourself? Start the story from the reading of the will.
4. While waiting for a train, a large man in a hooded sweatshirt asks you for change. You give him a dollar and you walk to the far side of the platform. He follows and then pulls a gun on you. Start from there.
5. Your partner has died in a sudden accident and you have to deliver the main eulogy. Detail your process of creating this eulogy while grieving.
6. You are watching your own viewing from the back of the room. Who eulogizes you and what do they say? (Thanks to Stephen Covey for the inspiration for this!)
7. Your favorite pet is ailing incredibly. The vet says that he could survive up to one more year but in increasingly worse pain. He suggests putting the pet down. Describe what you do.
8. The plane you are flying in begins to lose cabin pressure rapidly. You are told to prepare for emergency landing procedure. What do you do?
9. You have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Describe your first week after finding this out.
10. Your friend or spouse is in the third trimester of pregnancy. Due to complications, she must choose between the baby and herself. She is leaning towards choosing the baby. How do you advise her?
11. You see a little boy wander into the middle of a busy intersection. What do you do?
12. Your father has told you that he is in incredible pain and that he wants you to help him kill himself. What do you say or do?
13. You see a homeless man lying by the side of a building. You are not sure if he is dead or sleeping. Go from there.
14. You are the witness of a group beating that is in progress. What do you see? What do you do?
15. You wake up to find yourself bleeding profusely and you aren’t sure from where. You will definitely need medical attention. Describe your next few hours.
16. You are in an extremely heated argument with your partner. He or she goes tumbling down the stairs. Your partner is not moving or responding. Describe the next few hours.
17. You have just been informed that the discomfort you felt earlier in the day was a mild heart attack. What will you do to change your lifestyle?
18. Your father has just passed away. Describe dealing with your mother.
19. Your elderly grandmother has been trying to complete an extensive family scrapbook for years, but she has become too frail. You decide to help her out. Describe the process of creating this work with your grandmother. (Thanks Amy!)
20. You are on your deathbed, surrounded by your loved ones. They are attentively waiting what may be your final words. Describe the scene, what you say, and the last precious moments of life.
Creative Writing Prompts #4: Family:
1. Recall and write a detailed account of your most embarrassing moment with your mother, step-mother, or other mother like figure.
2. Describe the time around the moment you realized that your mother and father were in fact not perfect or normal.
3. Write a story of your older brother or sister beating you up or you beating up a younger brother or sister. If it never happened, make it up.
4. Describe this event: finding out the true nature of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny and your first confrontation with your parents afterward.
5. In a detailed manner, write about the day of and the day after your little brother or sister was born.
6. You just realized (at whatever age this happened) that your parents do indeed have sex. Write about how you found out, your reaction, and the ensuing time you speak with your parents.
7. Evaluate your place with your entire family. The starving artist? The slacker? The underachieving genius? Label your role and start labeling the other members of your family as well. Explain the labels.
8. Describe your most memorable family holiday/vacation.
9. Describe the first time you introduced a boyfriend or girlfriend to your immediate family.
10. Describe the first time you introduced a boyfriend or girlfriend to your extended family.
11. Use research or imagination to write a day in the life story of your mother, father or siblings when they were your current age.
12. In a “Freaky Friday”-esque situation, you have switched bodies with your mother or father. Describe your next 24 hours.
13. Write a story of one of your ancestors in connection to a famous event in history.
14. Think back to an event with your family from your childhood. Write a scene between you and a parent or sibling and try to piece together the whole event.
15. Either remember back to or imagine if your parents were to tell you that they were getting a divorce, describe your next 24 hours.
16. How did your sibling’s reputation affect how teachers treated you in school (or vice versa)? Describe specific situations.
17. You have to spend a week with one cousin, who do you choose and why? Describe the week.
18. You have to spend a week with one grandparent or one pairing of grandparents. Who do you choose and why? Describe the week.
19. Describe your family’s greatest catastrophe to date.
20. Imagine or describe your own wedding and the involvement of your family in the planning and execution.
Creative Writing Prompts #5: Friendship:
1. Your best friend in the world calls you and tells you a secret that changes your friendship forever. Describe the conversation and the aftermath.
2. Detail the scene of the first time you told your friends you had a crush on somebody. Did they react negatively or poorly? Did their reaction affect how you handled yourself around this person?
3. The friend you are most disappointed that you had a falling out with knocks on your door. He or she comes in and you two sit down and talk about the old times and the new times. Write the conversation.
4. A woman or man you have been dating for the past few months says that she or he does not want to ever hang out with your friends ever again. How do you handle the situation?
5. The craziest experience you’ve ever shared with your friends. Go!
6. Look back in your life for a time when you had a bad breakup and you went to your friends for help. What happened?
7. You are asked to testify against a good friend of yours in a court case. Your friend is being tried for murder. You know full well that he committed it. What do you do?
8. What was it like the first time you introduced one of your high school friends to your college friends and versa?
9. Remember a time where two of your friends began to date. If this didn’t happen, make up a story in which it did. How does it play out?
10. Your first major fight with a friend. The lead-up and the aftermath.
11. Your last major fight with your best friend. The lead-up and the aftermath.
12. Your friend is dating a horrible, horrible person. How do you deal with it? If this situation has happened in your life, feel free to draw from that.
13. You are lab partners with your friend in a science class. She is doing absolutely no work and she’s bringing your grade down. How do you approach her about it?
14. During a drunken party, you and a friend made-out, fooled around or had sexual intercourse. Describe the encounter and the following day. Once again, if this has actually happened, use it.
15. A friend has borrowed a large sum of money from you and has yet to repay it. How do you approach the situation?
16. You come over to the house of some friends and realize you have walked straight into an intervention! What is the intervention about and how would you honestly react? Don’t make this your ideal nice person reaction, be truthful.
17. A body has been found and the dental records show it is your best friend. The parents have asked you to go and identify the body. Describe the experience.
18. Look in your life for a time that you and a good friend were roommates. How did this situation turn out? Beginning, middle and end.
19. Your best friend calls you while crying up a storm. How do you comfort your friend and what is it probably about?
20. Describe meeting your best friend in the world.