Photography Blog Post:
1. a day in the life post
2. your photography story
3. what inspires you to photograph
4. a photography struggle
5. your favorite lens to use
6. what’s in your photography bag
7. a photography “ah-ha” moment
8. how you edit your photos
9. your best photography purchase
10. your worst photography purchase
11. share a variety of before / after edits
12. a list of your photography gear
13. tell the story about when you first called yourself a photographer
14. how to photograph in low light
15. how you travel with your gear
16. tips for photographing food
17. tips for photographing a vacation
18. how you learned manual mode
19. why you chose the camera you photograph with
20. tips for using shutter speed
21. photograph the seasons
22. interpret song lyrics through your photographs
23. the story of your first photography session
24. why you decided to become a photographer
25. tips for using aperture
26. the biggest thing you learned about photography
27. photography classes or workshops you’ve attended
28. tips for photographing a special event
29. a photography project you have done
30. color vs. black + white photography
31. tips for macro photography
32. how you create self-portraits
33. tips for photographing with your phone
34. share a photography secret that helps you
35. your photography workspace
36. tips for purchasing photography gear
37. share an embarrassing photography moment
38. share your favorite photographs you’ve taken and why you love them
39. share photographs from when you first started photographing and what you’ve learned since
40. what type of photographer you are and why you chose that direction {weddings, families, food, etc}
41. what photographers inspire you and why
42. how you plan a photography session
43. your biggest challenge and how you overcame it
44. talk about your photography style and how you developed it
45. tips for photographing kids
46. tips for setting your ISO
47. what type of photography intimidates you and why
48. your photography goal
49. share why you started your photography business
50. tips for photographing newborns
51. how you stay inspired with your photography
52. tips for incorporating movement into your photography
53. how you use social media to share your photography
54. what photography forums you belong to
55. tips for street photography
56. artificial vs. natural light photography
57. if you could only have one lens, what would it be
58. how you communicate with your photography clients
59. tips for portrait photography
60. your go-to aperture and why you use it
61. tips for achieving white balance
62. tips for photographing pets or animals
63. things to avoid when photographing people
64. what editing program you use and why
65. photograph one subject from a variety of angles
66. tips for photographing newborns
67. why you choose to convert a photo to black + white
68. tips for incorporating color into your photographs
69. what you wear to photography sessions to keep you comfortable yet professional
70. the best things you’ve ever done for your photography
71. how you balance your photography life vs. personal life
72. tips for photographing expecting mothers
73. how you look for light
74. zoom vs. prime lenses
75. your favorite photography books
76. how you practice your photography skill
77. tips for photographing during golden hour
78. studio vs. on location photography
79. your favorite photography resources and/or websites
80. the best and worst photography decisions you’ve made
81. photograph a step-by-step process like a craft or a recipe
82. tips for photographing your own children
83. free-lensing and how to do it
84. tips for using off camera flash
85. the biggest photography risk you’ve taken
86. share a story about when you’ve been the most proud of yourself as a photographer
87. your favorite photography magazines
88. your favorite phone photography accessories
89. what photography bag you use to carry your gear on the go
90. dslr vs. phone photography during travel
91. your dream photography destination
92. how to create depth of field in your photographs
93. tips for framing your subject
94. photograph a 365 photography project
95. tips for creating texture in your photographs
96. your favorite time of day to photograph
97. tips for photographing indoors
98. where you want your photography to be in 5 years
99. how you mastered your most difficult lens
100. your favorite button on your camera and why it’s helpful