coaching how-to ideas:
How to create a self-care routine
How to be more efficient with time
How to create a balanced life
How to write a vision for your successful business
How to create a life plan
How to hire a coach

2. Answer typical coaching questions
Your clients and prospects have questions about achieving their goals. What are those questions? Can you write a blog post series out of those questions? Within your coaching area of expertise, answer the most frequently asked questions on your blog:
Is work-life balance achievable?
How does one work with difficult people?
Is it possible to be truly happy?
I received a job offer. How do I decide if the company is in-line with my values?
How do I plan for a financially successful business?
What’s the best way to increase one’s personal standards?
What limiting beliefs are holding you back in life?

3. Storytelling
Share information about you and your coaching journey. What is your point of view? What was your epiphany? Share with your audience:
What values help you to be a balanced person?
Share a case study (after receiving client approval and changing personal details).
How did you become a coach?
What lessons have you learned along the way?
4. Issues you are helping your clients with
What problems or issues have your clients run into lately? Without giving away client details, how can you turn the problem into a blog post to help other prospective clients find a solution?
How to effectively delegate so that you can focus on your business
What to do when you find out you’ve been passed over for a promotion
How to plan ahead so that you’re proactive rather than reactive

5. Create lists
9 life goals to build your best future
5 things to do on your “staycation”
7 reasons why I love being organized
My favorite life planning tools
6 popular self-improvement websites
The best career tools for women
6. Reviews
When you review products or services.
Book reviews –
top 3 books on personal development
Website reviews – career tools, leadership styles, brain tools
Lifestyle reviews –
top 5 happiest cities
7. Interviews
Interviewing guests on topics related to your coaching area of expertise can be fun and rewarding:
Professional organizers
Image consultants

Clients with challenges
Other coaches who don’t share your target client
1. Yes / No Questions – Brilliant for engagement! i.e., I love FB’s new timeline – Yes or No
4. Create How to Guides – Either on video, audio or as an article – keep it short & punchy
5. Screencast Videos – Use something like Jing or Snagit and create simple videos / screenshots of interesting info on your computer / websites etc
6. Create Diary style videos – Maybe you’re in the weight loss niche or launching a new product or service. Keep a video diary of your progress – people love reality TV!
7. News Videos – Create short news bulletins of updates in your industry
8. Case Studies – Create reviews / reports on how other people in your industry are doing things really well or very badly!
9. 10 Steps to… – Always well received, the old 3 / 5 / 7 steps to…
10. Share someone else’s article and add your own opinion while also looking for others opinions!
11. Record your own thoughts on someone else’s content
12. Post funny stories from your life – I’m always referencing something we did that might make people laugh or just show them the human side, like the time I bleached my hair for a video and it went terribly wrong, or when my daughter made a funny video etc.