Prompts (30 days)

30 days:
Day 1: What made you happy today?
Day 2: What was your first thought right when you woke up this morning? Was it positive, negative? How can you change your thinking to be happier & healthier?
Day 3: What is important to you? List four things that money can’t buy.
Day 4: Re-evaluate the friendships/relationships in your life right now. which ones are positive & which are negative. How are you going to go about eliminating the negativity?
Day 5: Write 5 goals you have for the week and make a detailed plan for how are you going to achieve them.
Day 6: What’s something that’s been holding you back from making your dreams happen, how can you overcome those obstacles?
Day 7: Write a letter to someone you love, either rip it out and mail it to them, or just keep it in there until you’re ready for them to read it.
Day 8: Write down 10 things you love about yourself.
Day 9: Who can you be nicer to? Your parents? Your best friends? Your Starbucks baristas? Yourself? Jot down a quick list.
Day 10: What is your most “unrealistic” life goal? To live on a small coffee bean farm in Hawaii, sing on Broadway, travel the world with the love of your life? Talk about the one thing people tell you is too big of a dream, what would your life be like if you were really living it?
Day 11: Write about what you currently are stressing about. Deconstruct the situation, break it into smaller pieces, and put it into perspective. Chances are it isn’t a stressful as you are making it out to be.
Day 12: Write about a song that you love and what the lyrics make you feel.
Day 13: Describe your perfect day start to finish.
Day 14: What do you see when you look in the mirror? Your flaws or favorite features? Evaluate your thoughts & then write down three positive things you are now going to notice when you look in the mirror.
Day 15: Write about people in your life that you would die for.
Day 16: What are your favorite colors right now and what do they remind you of?
Day 17: Try not to complain at all today. Write about what you experience & notice what you tend to complain about.
Day 18: Write a poem about your favorite season.
Day 19: Talk about the last materialistic purchase you made. How did it make you feel, why did you want it, and are you currently happy with it?
Day 20: Write about a lie that you recently told or a secret that you are keeping.
Day 21: Fill up the entire paper with things that you are grateful for.
Day 22: What do you want to change about the world? Talk about it, and then talk about things that you can do to change it.
Day 23: Write about a few things you need to do more often.
Day 24: Write about a few things you need to do less often.
Day 25: What new skill or subject are you interested in learning?
Day 26: What is something that other people do that bother you? Think about what this says about you instead of what this says about other people.
Day 27: Write about your favorite item of clothing in your closet and why it represents your style.
Day 28: What is your favorite type of art to consume? What is your favorite type of art to create?
Day 29: What are you most passionate about?
Day 30: Who are you really, at your core?

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