1. Answer 3 questions:
Who just snuck out the back window?
What were they carrying?
Where were they going?
Who is Ethan?
Why is he crying?
What is he going to do about it?
Whose house is Julia leaving?
Why was she there?
Where is she going now?
Write a stream of consciousness page
Pretend to be someone else
Write about something or someone who changed your life
Describe your surroundings

1. What is your opinion of “love at first sight”?
2. Have you ever found yourself between two friends who are angry at each other? What happened?
3. How hard is it to keep a secret? Are there circumstances when you think you should break a promise about keeping a secret?
4. Who in the play shows the most courage? Give reasons for your choice?
5. Why or why not should parents have any control over the personal lives of their children?
6. Is suicide ever a justified option? Explain your answer.
7. Who is the truest friend in the play? Explain your answer.
8. Is lying ever justified? Explain your answer.
9. Write Juliet’s or Romeo’s diary entry after the balcony scene.
10. Write a letter that Juliet might have written to her parents to be read if she died from the potion that Friar Lawrence gave her.
11. Write a letter that Juliet might have written to Romeo to be read if she died from the potion that Friar Lawrence gave her.

I’ve always thought that a few soliloquies were missing from Shakespeare’s plays. Perhaps these suggestions will encourage your students to fill in the blanks:
Nurse while she keeps guard during Romeo’s and Juliet’s wedding night
Paris before he visits Juliet’s grave
Romeo as he passes through Verona’s gates into exile
Juliet after the balcony scene
Priest after he ‘buries’ Juliet for the first time
Seed packets/flower planter information & labels from gardening supplies
Photograph or magazine cut-outs of gardens & plants and flowers
Hand drawn, sketched, doodled, or painted flowers and plants
Plant care tips
Lists of favorite flowers/plants
Use book pages from an encyclopedia or dictionary related to plants & flowers
Note: I say flowers/plants – you could also do this for herb or vegetable gardening also!
Lists from magazines and books

Post-it Notes
Paper clips
Hand drawn doodles and elements
Pictures & images of things you’ve listed
Music Art Journal
Musical instrument cut-outs
Music quotes
Song Lyrics
A page dedicated to a favorite song or two
Sheet music for backgrounds or layering
Music Lover Prompts
A Book About Books
Excerpts & Quotes from a favorite book
Create a page around a type of book you like to make, so for example, maybe a sci-fi page, a romance page, a memoir page, etc.
Quotes about reading
Use ripped out book pages for backgrounds and layering
Illustrate a scene from a favorite story or book you read

1. Think about your favorite experiences, works of art, literary scenes, or songs that involve coffee or tea.
2. Compose a poem inspired by your coffee and tea experiences.

Poem prompts:
Write a poem about a metaphorical trophy or award you have won.
Write a poem about a secret.
Write a poem about someone you love without overtly describing that person’s physical appearance.
I wish…
I wish I had a million… Then I would…
I wish I had one… because
I wish I could be like…. This person is special because….
I wish to be a ________ when I grow up. Then I will….
I wish there were a law that said….. This would be a good law because….
I wish I could forget the time I ….. because….
I wish trees could….. because….
I wish I could see…… because…..
I wish I could learn….. because…..
I wish I didn’t have to eat…… I don’t like this food because…..
I wish everyone would learn to ….. Then everyone would…..
I wish I never……
I wish I had one more chance to….. Then I would…..
I wish there was an electric……
I wish I had enough money to……
I wish everyone loved……
I wish all children would……
I wish everyone had…..
I wish I could touch……
I wish animals could…… If they could, then…..
I wish I looked like…. because……
I wish there were no more…..
I wish I didn’t have to…..
I wish I could go to…..
I wish there really was….. If there really was, then…..
I wish I could hear……
I wish I could give……
If all my wishes came true, I would……

Food Promts:
What’s your favourite cooking/food show right now? What draws you to that show?
If you could eat dinner anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Write down 10 of your favourite food words, and then make a sentence for each word. Turn each sentence into a blog post idea.
What’s the most important tool/appliance/gadget in your kitchen?
What food trend do you absolutely hate?
What’s one ingredient that you’ve seen in the grocery store, but have been too scared to purchase?
What is your most memorable meal?
What’s the first dish that you cooked on your own? Was it good?
Are there any ingredients or products that you refuse to spend money on?
How do you feel about the word “foodie”?
Write down any vegetables or fruits that you absolutely hate. Then try to come up with ways to cook those ingredients that might encourage you to eat them.
If the Internet disappeared tomorrow, how would you continue to share your love of food?
Write about your food philosophy. Do you follow a certain diet? Do you limit any foods in your diet?
Write about your favourite/strongest food memory.
If you could only keep one cookbook, which one would it be?
Cupcakes. Yay or nay?