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Ideas for Unconventional:
1. You find out that your lover has different political views than you.
2. You decide that you will the person you’re dating as long as they agree to a long list of requirements.
3. You tell the person you are in love with that they have until the end of this song to say I love you.
4. Make love to me sideways.
5. I love you almost as much as he does.
6. Love cuts like a plastic knife.
7. Love is in the eye of the beholder, and I am blind in one eye.
8. Why do you love me?
9. I’m pretty sure you have me confused with one of my octuplet brothers.
10. If you take too long to love me, I might die.
11. Tomorrow never comes so love me yesterday.
12. Love is kinda funny. Is that why you’re laughing at me?
13. People only love you because you have a cool name.
14. When we get married, I don’t want you to just do the cooking and dishes . . . I want you to do other housework as well.
15. You put the lowercase “o” in Love.
16. I loved you the moment I met you . . . But now that I’ve seen you in person, I’m not too sure. (Internet love song)
17. Let me Google your noodle.
18. All I want from you is love and money.
19. Money can’t buy love, but I’ll love you if you give me money.
20. Money can’t buy love, but it can rent it.
21. I want to grow old with you and do outrageously filthy things to you.
22. If you love me so much, why do you want to visit your parents so often?
23. You put the “baby” in “oh baby.” Grow up.
24. I know you love me ’cause I’m awesome.
25. Let’s get away . . . from this topic.

26. I’ll make hate to you.
27. Hate is such a lovely word.
28. You brought this hate upon yourself.
29. Hatefreak
30. I hate how you do that.
31. Can you please not hate me?
32. Hate the hater.
33. The hippo who hates
34. Would you like a hate sandwich
35. Hate is not for lovers.
36. Hateboy
37. I love life but I hate you.
38. I hate life but I love you.
39. You are #1 on my hatelist
40. Hatemaster
41. There’s a time for hating and it’s just around the corner.
42. I’m telling on you because you aren’t allowed to hate me.
43. Who gave you permission to hate me?
44. Predictable hate
45. Hate me
46. I hate my job, but I hate everything else even more.
47. Why does hate have to be so damn fun?
48. Hatesong
49. Blinded by hate
50. Hatecake

51. Dance like you have ants in your pants.
52. Do the muffin dance.
53. Stop dancing like that.
54. You make me wanna dance like a monkey.
55. The fart dance
56. Boogie monster boogie
57. Shake ya foot
58. There’s a pole over there . . .
59. The underwater squid dance
60. You’re too old to dance.
61. Rub me like a baby bottle.
62. Ugly man, sexy woman.
63. You’re old enough to have invented the waltz.
64. One-legged running man
65. Who taught you to dance?
66. The second-to-last dance
67. Squidwalk
68. Why? MCA
69. Move that body (out of the way)
70. I like disco dance.
71. DJ, change that song.
72. Give dance a chance (cheese)
74. Dancing to the music on my phone
75. Dance your pants off

76. Only four more years
77. Vote for me
78. Obama and his mama
79. Hitler’s dog
80. Monarchy burger
81. The unique communist
82. The old white Republican
83. Hang yourself with those puppet strings
84. Flip flop Mitt
85. Vote squid
86. If Kennedy was alive today
87. Rumours on the internets (taken from a Bush quote)
88. If aliens ran our government
89. Black man in the White House
90. Federal Reserve, Russian Spy
91. The truth about the President’s wife
92. One trillion dollars worth of s#@%!
93. Senator Spacemonkey
94. Governor Terminator
95. Sorry, my dog rigged the voting
96. Designed in the USA, Made in Afganistan (9/11)
97. Do they watch me take a crap?
98. Fox News junkie
99. What happens when politicians tell the truth
100. Burn the Bush
100 A.Have you written lyrics before?

About Sad, Depressing, or Awkward Topics:
101. I’m normally a happy person, but you make me depressed.
102. My blues are like an itch. Scratch me.
103. My happy ship is sinking
104. Clothed in sadness
105. Sad girl
106. The TV hurts my brain
107. The truth about happiness
108. My car broke down. Can I use yours?
109. If you test me, you will fail
110. My love for you is dampened by your hate for me
111. Call me if you’re sad
112. Annoying voice
113. Give sadness a chance
114. Awkward guy standing in the corner
115. Stop staring at me
116. Why do you always have to be happy all the time?
117. The power of negative thinking
118. Sadness, my old friend
119. You depress me
120. Once I was sad, but now I’m in despair
121. Your voice reminds me of a dying cat
123. Why do you take pleasure in my sadness?
124. Sleeping on a pillow of sadness
125. Sadman No way!

Strange and Weird Ideas:
126. Marshmallow donkey
127. Alien superstar
128. Stuck between a rock and a soft place
129. Doppelganger dude
130. Goodnight whispering statue
131. Rainbow Sunday
132. Sidewalk chicken
133. Mailman, crazyman
134. Kiss-o-tronic
135. Robot with a lisp
136. Sorry, wrong person
137. Here today, still here tomorrow
138. Slowly speaking
139. Boring speech
140. Made in Taiwan
141. Empty room
142. Smiley face on my tongue
143. Outside in
144. Growing inside me
145. Something is behind you
146. Shiverspine
147. Party in the underworld
148. Multicoloured God
149. Magnet Valley
150. Fluro Bodhi

Outlaws, Tyrants, and Villains:
151. Ned Kelly
156. Charles Manson
157. Hannibal Lecter
158. Ted Bundy
159. Richard Chase
160. Bonny and Clyde
161. Jack the Ripper
162. President Bush Junior
163. Al Capone
164. John Dillinger
165. Albert Fish
166. Jesse James
167. Billy the Kid
168. Baby Face Nelson
169. Cherokee Bill
170. Joseph Stalin
171. Adolf Hitler
171. Mao Tse-Tung
172. Pol Pot
173. David Koresh
174. Saddam Hussein
175. Osama bin Laden

Sporty Ideas:
176. Ping Pong – Ding Dong – Sing Song
177. Attack of the footy fiends
178. Invisible mountain bike
179. Ball game blues
180. Dennis the tennis-playing menace
181. My rugby girl
182. Soccer moms like it hot
183. Grid iron metal
184. Wicked cricket
185. First base

Love and Funny:
186. I’ll miss me when you’re gone
187. Only you make me love us
188. We belong together (maybe forever)
189. The smell of your lips
190. I love the way your arms look
191. Taste my love juice
192. Tickle me ’til I cream
193. Spread the disease of love
194. Twisted lover
195. Besides the blocked arteries, you have a wonderful heart
196. We’ll eventually get there
197. I’ll give you at least six more chances (because I love you)
198. Hollywood mother lover
199. I feel encapsulated
200. Please put my heart back in the jar (on the shelf)