1. Be an Encourager. Write out a few ways you’d like to encourage this person on a post-it note before you start your real letter and refer to it as you write. It is always nice to think of how you can encourage your recipient rather than just writing until you can’t think of anything else to say.
2. Illustrate your day or a recent trip. You might think your day is too boring to illustrate, but it is actually fun to see a peek into someone’s life. What did you eat for breakfast? What did you notice on the way to work or school? When you start looking at your day as an observer, things will start to pop out at you. I once saw a woman very intently reading a book with a large magnifying glass at a coffee shop. And there was the time I was on a run and saw a man playing the trumpet to the ocean waves. Those little random moments made great illustrations!
3. What’s the weather like where you are? I know, nerd alert, but this is nearly always included in my letters. I can’t help myself. I think it is interesting to read about the ice storm that hit the East coast or how the daffodils are coming up early this year.
4. Describe a new favorite place to visit. Maybe you just discovered a fun coffee shop or a little courtyard where you can sit by a fountain and write. Write about it!
5. The latest and greatest antics from the kids (or pets). You’ll probably naturally add this in. Did your toddler just start counting to twenty out of nowhere? Has your cat decided it will only eat its food when no one is looking? Random, but funny moments are fun to read.
6. Share what you’re learning. Maybe you are in school and you can take this quite literally by sharing some of the things you’re getting out of your classes. But even if you’re way past school age, you’re always in the state of learning. Did you read something interesting lately? See a good movie that you recommend?
7. Talk about your goals. Most likely you’re writing to someone who loves you so they will probably think it is interesting to see what you’re working on right now. And don’t be intimidated by the word, “goal”. It could be something really simple like sharing how you’re on a mission to learn how to make the perfect scone.
1. Just do the thing. Take 15 minutes, grab a piece of paper, and write. It really won’t take you as long as you think. If you’d rather type, then type it out on the computer and print. Done.
2. Make a date to write. Maybe you don’t have time at the moment to write, so instead, schedule it in. I’m not usually stringent with this–it is supposed to be fun, right?–I just write on my to-do list at the beginning of the week that I need to write a letter to so-and-so and make a point to do it somewhere in those seven days.
3. Think of how happy you’ll make that person. Maybe that is a silly thing to say, but if that is what works for you, go ahead and do it. What grandparent is going to roll their eyes at a letter? Most people are kind of surprised and grateful for real mail. You might just make someone’s day!
4. Buy stamps at the grocery store. You wrote the letter, addressed the envelope, and…oh, yeah, a stamp. Rather than going to the post office which may or may not be out of the way for you, just pick up a book of stamps at the grocery store the next time you’re there. Write it as an item on your grocery list so you don’t forget.
5. Write how you talk. No need to be fancy. You don’t have to sit down and think up elaborate sentences and make this into a chore. Have fun, jot down your thoughts, and send that letter off into the world!
1) falls asleep at the typewriter/MBP and dreams about wacky things such as saving a complete stranger from ninjas or something.
B) his annoying friend comes over and bothers him, they go party/etc. and he has a crazy wacky night fighting ninjas
Have a family. The mother exemplifies every ‘yo mama’ joke you’ve ever heard.
The sister exemplifies every ‘blonde’ joke you’ve ever heard. Etc with the dad. The movie is shot from the perspective of the son/brother, who has to encounter/put up with the public telling him these jokes (but they are actually true) ‘Yo mama so fat she goes to a resturant, looks at the menu and says “okay!”‘ and that actually happens. So not only is he hearing these jokes (pick the funniest you can find) he is also actually living with these characters.
The dad can be ‘yo daddy so dumb’ or whatever you can find that would fit.
Shots of a quiet town. Everyone is going about their boring, mudane daily schedules.
Shot of a man dressed in all black sneaking around an alley. He approaches a lever and pulls it down.
The entire town goes black and white. People are shocked, confused, and panicked. The town floods out of their homes, offices, etc. and fonto the streets in search of the cause of the B&W color change.
One man finally wanders down the alley and finds the lever. He turns it back on and everything goes back to normal. Everyone celebrates. The man raises his arms in triumph and walks away.
The “man in black” sneaks out into the alley again, turns the lever off, rips it off the wall, and takes it with him. The scene changes to black and white. Celebrating people look confused, look to the sky, fade out
Little girl goes with parents to one of the tourist submarine rides in Hawaii and is looking out the porthole at all the pretty reef animals. She imagines herself being outside swimming 80 feet under water. We see her see herself swimming (with no equipment) and then see
what she sees as she’s swimming and then maybe she is/becomes one of those reef animals. and then one of those reef amimals looks inside the submarine porthole and wonders what it would be like to be a little girl inside a submarine.
Shots of a quiet town. Everyone is going about their boring, mudane daily schedules.
Shot of a man dressed in all black sneaking around an alley. He approaches a lever and pulls it down
Two hot chicks in an office with broken air-con while they’re waiting for the repair guy to show up they strip off their clothes to keep cool in front of a big office fan. The office fan accidentaly blows their clothes out of the window, at this point the pizza delivery dude shows up but of course their cash was in their pockets so how do the naked girls pay the dude for the pizza?
No, not a family. What if the __entire world__ really was like those stereotyp jokes. Every one of us belongs to _some_ group The film starts out “normal” with not much happening and then little by little one joke after another untill non-stop continous stereotype joke to the point where it becomes “normal”