1. Remixing a Remix… makes it normal.
2. The early bird might get the worm, but the 2nd mouse will surely get the cheese.
3. Love’s nothing for a tennis player.
4. When you eat a banana, never ever make eye contact.
5. The reason I’m fat coz a thin body could not handle my personality.
6. While you’re looking for a Remote… You don’t trust anybody
7. God’s really great & creative… Just look at me!
8. Am fantaastic as I drink Fantaa.
9. People now-a-days look for WiFi rather than a Wife.
10. While I was driving my Audi, the alarm woke me up.
11. The best place to fart is a Zoo – Funny Whatsapp status.
12. Cousins are created so that our Parents can compare marks.
13. Remember, When the going gets tough… The tough gets going!
14. A relationship in which a person is always right & the other is Husband – Marriage.
15. I don’t always look for my phone… But when I do, it’s on Silent mode.
16. Why there isn’t a day between Saturday & Sunday? I really need it.
17. Putting a Lol at the end wipes off your comment’s harshness.
18. You cannot always make a person laugh, unles you’re a joker.
19. Don’t follow the herd, just be you!
20. BiTextual people texts to two people at a time.
21. A best funny whatsapp status.
22. You should always do what’s right and not what’s easy.
23. You both are as useless as ‘a’ & ‘y’ in OKAY.
24. Don’t sleep until you’re hungry and eat until you’re asleep.
25. Sometimes all you need is an empty place – for farting.
26. The Squeaky wheel gets the grease.
27. ‘Seen’ is the best ignorance SI unit
28. Don’t waste your time looking at my status.
29. Mah Attitude.. Mah ishtyle !
30. Your attitude defines ur day.
31. Best funny whatsapp status message.
32. I don’t have a bad handwriting… That’s my Calligraphy!
33. Just be who you are… Not who the world wants you to be
34. Don’t count your chickens until the eggs hatch.
35. Success mantra = happy customer.
36. You are unique to you… Be you!
37. Maintaining a ‘Take it easy’ attitude can do wonders to your life.
38. Stop looking here… Do some work instead!
39. I’m not that happy while everyone is.
40. I am awesome to me always.
41. Go get some work done instead of looking at my funny whatsapp status messages.
42. The road which is less traveled is less traveled for a reason indeed.
43. New generation – Smartphones & Lazy people.
44. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude!
45. Life’s too short… Enjoy it!
46. Start living life before you’re old.
47. Don’t judge a person without walking a mile in his shoes.
48. Success comes first than work… in a dictionary.
49. Don’t browse my phone when I give it for viewing an image.
50. A black cat does the job of stopping people effectively than a RED signal.
51. A Cool & funny whatsapp status – I’ll win definitely… if not immediate
52. Hey Math, try to solve problems on your own. I am sick and tired of doing it for you.
53. The road to success is and will always be under construction unless you find a way out.
54. Born to express and not to impress.
55. If you can’t stop the waves. Why not learn to surf!
56. People try to bring you down if and only if you’re above them.
57. I didn’t fail… It was my First Attempt In Learning.
58. You need not prove you’re good.
59. Actions speak louder than words.
60. Silent persons are said to have loudest minds.
61. Best funny whatsapp status: Mistakes are the proof that you’re trying.
62. I never fail… It’s my success that is postponed.
63. While I was born… Devil said, Oh! Competition.
64. I work for money… You’d hire a dog for loyalty.
65. I’m alwayz right… Once I thought I’m wrong… But I was wrong.
66. ARGUMENTS are always done in CAPS LOCK mode.
67. I’m too poor to pay attention during lectures.
68. Not every man is a fool… Some are bachelors.
69. His story = Histroy… My story = Mystery
70. You can switch off a mobile phone but not a girl friend.
71. Funny whatsapp status ideas – Love may be blind but neighbors aren’t… Be careful.
72. My attitude strictly depends on who you’re.
73. 80% boys don’t have brain while the rest don’t have girl friends.
74. I love my life and You’re my life.
75. Your beauty may fade over time but personality doesn’t.
76. Blocked some numbers… If you read this you’re lucky!
77. Others Insult and Wife always looks good.
78. Where there’s a WILL, there are RELATIVES.
79. My attitude depends on how you’re with me.
80. How you see yourself if important.
81. An onion a day keeps every one away – Funny whatsapp status 2016.
82. I’ll hide you in a way that even Google won’t be able to find you.
83. Monday, Tuesday… After that even the calendar says W.T.F.
84. I love the days when APPLE & BLACKBERRY were just fruits.
85. Always stay strong… No matter what!
86. Stay in my heart without rent.
87. I am shy at first, but once I get comfortable… I do craziest of things.
88. Beauty is in the eye of CC Holde
89. Lock your vehicle and then trust GOD.
90. I din’t change, I simply grew up.
91. Cool funny whatsapp status 2015.
92. Impossible after splitting becomes I m possible
93. Success hugs in private always…
94. Silence is the best powerful scream.
95. A bad day doesn’t mean a bad life.
96. Live your life without worrying about your age.
97. My attitude is my style…
98. Be yourself instead of blindly following others.
99. When you remixx a remix… It’ll become normal.
100. I was driving Bentley and suddenly my alarm woke me up.
101. You always look for an empty place… to fart!
102.Love is a thing which does not show up on the X ray but still is…
103.‘Me’ without ‘You’ is like Facebook without Friends.
104.My first name and your last name would look fabulous together.
105.People always speak their mind but don’t mind what they speak.
106.Some men are still bachelors… not all are fools.
107.Always make sure to live your life to the fullest.
108.Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.
1. It’s true that the early bird gets the worm but definitely the second mouse gets the cheese.
2. When you remix a remix, it becomes normal.
3. Stop making eye contact while eating a banana.
4. God’s creative… Take a look at me.
5. Drinking fanta doesn’t make you fantastic.
6. I Prefer WiFi to Wife.
7. You don’t trust anyone while you look for TV Remote.
8. I was driving Bentley until my alarm woke me up.
9. Farting is easy at the zoo.
10. After you fart, the blame game starts.
11. Funny whatsapp status ideas here.
12. Cousins are only there for marks comparison.
13. For a badminton player, love’s nothing.
14. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
15. When I need to look for my phone, it’s on silent mode.
16. Stop following the heard, just be yourself.
17. You’re a joker if you always make somebody laugh.
18. Texts two people? You’re Bi-Textual.
19. You are as useless as ‘ay’ in ‘okay’.
20. Complain to get better service.
21. Cool whatsapp status 2016 – Too many cooks spoil the broth.
22. ‘Seen’ is the SI unit of ignorance.
23. Stop looking at my status. Do some work!
24. Mah style… Mah ATtitude!
25. All you need is an distant place – to fart.
26. Your Attitude defines you.
27. My handwriting isn’t bad… It’s my new calligraphy.
28. Don’t compare yourselves to others.
29. Simply be you…
30. Go… Sweat it out. Instead of looking here.
31. I am my favorite – (more Funny whatsapp status ideas 2016).
32. Always maintain a ‘take it easy’ attitude.
33. Be happy even if everyone’s sad.
34. My success strategy is a happy customer.
35. I am alwayzz awesome!
36. NextGen: Smartphones but lazy people.
37. A day can be either good or bad – depending on your attitude.
38. Life’s too short to quarrel – Enjoy!
39. Road less traveled is because of a reason.
40. Success comes before work only in a dictionary.
41. A black cat would definitely stop people rather than a RED signal – Funny whatsapp status ideas.
42. Don’t stare at my lustige whatsapp status.
43. Just look at the image which I show you and not the complete gallery.
44. Stop looking here…
45. Be you… Not who the world wants you to be.
46. I am lazy like 8
47. Your laughter is my WTF
48. Sleep till you’re hungry… Eat till you’re asleep.
49. A broken clock is right twice a day.
50. Converting O2 – CO2 is difficult.
51. A funny cool whatsapp status.
52. Mon + 4 equals Fri … But Fri + 3 equals Mon! Why?
53. Longer titles means stressful jobs.
54. All girls are my sisters…except you.
55. Assume God’s playing angry birds… If a bird hit your window.
1. I’m lazy like 8… When lied down changes into infinity!
2. One man’s laughter is another’s WTF…
3. You are as useless as the letters ‘a’ ‘y’ in okay!
4. Be Yourself
5. Do that, what’s right not what’s easy!
6. One child lets you enjoy parenthood while two turns you into a referee.
7. Texting 2 people simultaneously? It’s confirmed… You’re BiTextual
8. I’m answerable to just what I say, not what you get.
9. Sleep until you are hungry… Eat until you are asleep.
10. Sometimes you just need an empty place … to fart!!!
11. Best Lustige WhatsApp status 2016.
12. If opportunity doesn’t knock, get a door built.
13. If you cannot change a girl… Change the girl!
14. To convert O2 to CO2 is quite difficult.
15. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
16. SI unit of ignoring a person is ‘seen’
17. Life’s too short… Don’t waste it looking at my status!
18. Monday + 4 = Friday but Friday + 3 = Monday. Why???
19. Your attitude defines your day.
20. Longer titles tends to tedious jobs.
21. Lustige Whatsapp status goes here.
22. Just be what you wanted to… Be yourself.
23. All girls are my sisters, with the exception of you!
24. My handwriting isn’t bad… That’s my cool new font!
25. Mumble you do when in doubt.
26. Accept who you are not who the world wants you to be.
27. Bird hit your window? Looks like God’s playing Angry birds.
28. Don’t put your nose in my business.
29. So, you seem to attract the mosquitos more than girls.
30. Love Marriage’s like sitting in front of a snake and requesting it to bite.
31. Cool WhatsApp Tricks – Best lustige whatsapp status.
32. Now-a-days Guys prefer WiFi to Wife.
33. Pronouncing ‘LMAO’, you like a funny creature.
34. Less promising + More delivery = Success!
35. Jahaan mera CRUSH hai… Wahaan pehle se hi bada RUSH hai.
36. Never ever forget that you’re unique in yourself!
37. My ‘last seen at’ was simply to check your ‘last seen at’.
38. Looking at my whatsapp status would do more harm than good.
39. Just carry yourselves with a ‘Take it Easy’ attitude.
40. A black cat can effectively do the job which a RED signal cannot.
41. Sad Whatsapp status – Everybody’s happy while am not.
42. To who ever it may concern… I am awesome!
43. You looking at my status again? Go get a job.
44. When you view an image on my phone… Don’t explore my Gallery.
45. The road less traveled is indeed for a reason.
46. Success comes ahead of work… only in a dictionary.
47. Phones have become smart but people lazy.
48. Smile is the best answer… When you have teeth.
49. If you can’t convince them… Confuse them!
50. AwesoME ends with ‘ME’ and Ugly begins with ‘U’.
51. Some even cool lustige whatsapp status here.
1. A good company can change even the baddest people.
2. Friendship is more worthy than wealth.
3. Having a faithful friend is like a medicine for life.
4. True Friends are not made but born.
5. A true friend is best of all the blessings.
6. A good friend is God’s way of caring for us.
7. True Friendship be like money, easy to make but not to keep.
8. A true friendship would never end.
9. A person without friends is like a plant without life.
10. My friends are my estate
11. A day spent with best friends is like a day spent well.
Funny WhatsApp Status Collection:
12. Friendship is like a mirror in which you cannot hide anything.
13. Friendship is solely based on trust.
14. Friendship is a like a golden ribbon that ties the bonds.
15. A brother might not always be a good friend but a good friend will always be a brother.
16. True friendship can be seen through the heart and not eyes.
17. Your best friend sees the 1st tear, holds the 2nd and stops the 3rd.
18. The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships – Abraham Lincoln
19. Love begins with friendship.
20. True Friendship be like air, which can’t be seen but felt.
21. My only friends – I, Me & Myself.
22. Silence in a true friendship hurts more than anything else.
23. In a good friend, you would find a 2nd self.
24. Love’s temporary but friend’s forever.
25. Friendship multiplies your joy & divides your sorrows.
26. Don’t let a friend down when he/she needs you the most.
27. Only way to destroy an enemy is to make friends with him.
28. I prefer walking with a friend in the dark rather than walking alone in the light.
29. Friendship is one mind in two bodies.
30. The language of friendship is not words but meanings.
31. A true friend is the one who’s always there for you.
32. A true friend can tell when you’re faking it.
33. A friend is the one who gives you complete freedom to be you.