A thinks B is having an affair with his / her wife / husband
Woman is at home when husband returns home late
Family at a Dinner table where they each have an announcement to make
Teenage partner meeting girlfriends parents for the first time (extension – she is pregnant)
Coming out.
Pushing a pram in the park.
A discusses with B that an ex-girl / boy friend wishes to remain friends with him / her.
Father and Mother arguing over the suitability of a girl / boy friend with son / daughter in the room
First date.
Policeman interrogating a suspect
Rivals in love
In a 1930s speakeasy
Cab driver and customer
Deleted scenes from “Titanic” (or any other well known film)
Getting up in the morning
Two cowboys rounding up the herd
Poachers being caught by a gamekeeper
An exterminator called to a restaurant
Mending a photocopier (extension – with an embarrassing photocopy stuck in it)
Intrepid archaeologist exploring a booby trapped cave
Giving Birth
Robbing a Bank
Painter and Model having an affair when wife walks in
Rejected Themes for a Restaurant
Video tapes that went straight into the bargain bucket
The wrong response to “I love you”
At night in the chicken shed
The wrong response to “I’m seriously ill”
Messages that were delivered a little late
The real reason nunns go to funfairs
Odd things to find behind the sofa
Acting school for amnesiacs
In the showers
Times when eeny meeny miny mo isn’t the best selection method
Air traffic controllers with a grudge
When toddlers go bad
Things the pilot wishes he hadn’t said with the intercom switched on
World’s Worst speed dating encounter
World’s Worst Secret Agent
World’s Worst hairdresser
World’s Worst person to be in the army
World’s Worst person to be trapped in a lift with
World’s Worst person to be caught by under the Mistletoe
Things you’d find in the bedroom
Things you’d find in the bathroom
Things you’d find in the kitchen
Things that fall from the sky
The way fluff comes off carpets
Think they’re in a martial arts film
In Miss World Competition
You used to own this house and you buried some bodies in the basement
You have a steel plate in your head and pick up radio

Secretly Blind
Las Vegas show MC
Treats some people as invisible
Paranoid that being followed
You have a split personality and disagree with everything you say.
Temperamental actor having to do retakes
A novelty singing bass fish
Desperate for the bathroom
You think someone is trying to poison you
Catty showgirl
Forgetful actor
A Prisoner “welcoming” new arrivals to the prison
TV Evangelist
Game show host
Fashion Model
Auditioning for a part in an advert
Criminal on the run
In disguise / Don’t want to be recognised
Visiting the Dentists
Boarding a bus
First day in a new job
Taking a pet to the vets
Buying contraceptives
Visiting the Doctor
Buying a second hand car
Having a photo taken
Choosing a gift for a partner
Selling your house
Hiring a private detective
Getting a quote from a builder
Having your hair done
Pushing into a queue
Wine tasting
Visiting someone in hospital
Firing someone
Job interview
Ordering a Wedding Cake
On a spying mission
The first men in space
Visiting the parents-in-law
Getting a signature
Hypochondriac at the doctors
Slow service in a restaurant
Police officer pulls someone over

A has just finished decorating when B comes home and doesn’t like the colour
Two construction workers find buried treasure
Two army officers deciding who to send on a dangerous raid
Customer complaining to chef about a meal in a busy restaurant
Parliamentary candidate canvassing for votes
Two Jockeys in a stable before a race
Two criminals on the run
Stuck in a car teetering on the edge of a cliff
Gangster who has been shot visiting a doctor to remove the bullets
Helping a friend deal with amnesia
Breaking the news of a dead pet to a friend
Trapped in a lift
At a funeral home
Gym induction
Getting changed in a public changing room
2 Doctors called to an emergency
On Noah’s ark
Two people on a train with the ticket collector coming