Love is one thing that doesn’t show up in the X-ray but still is
I am ‘Single’ as I haven’t found one who actually deserves ‘ME’
Me without you is like Google SERP without results
Your last name and my first name would look great together
All men are not fools, some are still Bachelors
I may not be ‘special’ as I am one of the ‘Limited Edition’
Mistakes are the proofs that you’re actually trying
I always speak my mind but never mind what I speak
I always carry a happy-go-lucky attitude & nature
When my friend asked my How’s life! I said she’s absolutely fine
Success comes to those who delete their FB and Whatsapp accounts
I am a kind of guy who wants good grades but do not want to study
Marriage is the main cause of divorce
70% boys have GF’s…rest have brains
When you remix a remix, it turns out to be normal
Always be unique in you
‘Seen’ is the standard unit of ignorance
I am awesome to me always
You never need to prove that you’re good
How you see yourself is more important than how others see you
Success hugs you in private but failure slaps you in public
Sometimes all you need is an empty place – to fart
A phone is far better than a GF as it can be switched off
Live life to the fullest
Don’t let someone else’s opinion about you become your reality