A man sitting in a coffee shop
hes reading the paper and everything seems nice
the waitress comes and gives him a coffee which he gingerly sips on
flash back
its the kitchen… the person who is making the coffee cuts her finger off (i’ll let u figure out how)
blood squirts everywhere as you cut slow motion to the severed finger falling into the coffee cup with a bunch of blood
you zoom into the cup and zoom out showing the cup just hitting the mans lips
you cut wide and in the background a girl is being rushed to the ER and the medic is screaming “wears the finger!”
people look around in frantic but the main guy doesn’t seem to notice (he hasn’t taken a sip yet cause something in the paper caught his attention..)
you then pan down to his pocket where an iPod is attached with the cord running up his shirt
the man takes a sip of his coffee and continues reading the paper
the camera pans out as an ambulance sits out side waiting and the lady is rushed out with the head medical man saying “we are not leaving without that finger!” and some jack johnson or something calm plays in the
so you start out with a guy waking up, and its obvious this guy has sever OCD. everything in his house is squeaky clean, and he has a routine that he follows every morning. The key is, you never see this guy talk, he just goes about his normal routine that he does every morning.
The narration sets in and start talking about ” I am samuel johnson, and I am the best assassin in the world. I study my targets meticulously (show him reading the paper), and take the best care of myself ( show him brushing his teeth or somethin) and I am always thinkin one step ahead.
Then this OCD guy walks out the front door of his house, on his way to his car for work, and gets his head blown off. Then the camera shifts to somewhere else in the bushes, and shows a guy all in black with a sniper riffle, and he says “and that is why I am the best”
commercial prisons with people put in it to keep things running actually exist: in the u. s. of a.
a woman in prison accused of murder but with the victim still alive actually exists: in afghanistan
so if your imagination isn’t enough, check out the real world, it is crazier then you can ever imagine
or get a job in a real world company, that is a theater stage with a play, unbelievable
isn’t this a nice world. if you see the fun of it, it’s great :))
but seriously, if you don’t have imagination (as an art major??) start with a premisse and make a story out of that.
ok: the day after the internet and mobile phones stopped working
someone phones up the samaritans and the samaritan suggests its fine and acceptable to commit suicide. this is the training they received~not to interfere with the clients freewill. after doing this for a while they themselves become numb to the shock effect of suicide and try to do it themselves out of ennui.
they find themselves in hell as punishment for dying in their sins (self murder)
but somehow get to be revived and come back to earth/life. when they start life again their perspective has been radically changed and they can’t any longer allow people to consider suicide over the phone to them. they now have to persuade people not to do it. they do this through a revelation of jesus love for the lonely and oppressed.
#1: feather / Spanish cheese / father’s boat / something Richard said /cigarette in his jacket pocket / beer can / high pressure / zinnias wrapped in paper / sound of the train
#2: coming back / arts & crafts / wrapped present / sleepless / waking up to / 1982 / strong smell of cumin / her face or someone’s / little evidence
#3. then it arrived / thinking about a new / expired passport / Cheryl’s latest husband / money involved / grey green / nightly news / carton of Chinese / reddish luck / hot
#4: moonlight cancelled / jelly beans on fire / vivid oysters / midnight at Nasir’s bar / neon clients / she doesn’t look like a countess / over easy / sound of the engine / popcorn / behind the scenes
#5: back to her room upstairs / no TV / broccoli / Twilight / out of control / 60mph / low sudsing sense of humor / torrent of mischief / inside her mouth / I mean really
secret / harvest / tire / curling iron / coupons
mother’s little helper / clandestine / short skirt / his missing sock
tomato / letter / forgot / absent / 2a.m.
left before it was time / hit her head / in the corner / it was 1988 I think / opening the drawer
TV left on / shoes in place except for her running shoes / computer gone / and debit card / he noticed 3 books missing from the table…what were they?
When was the last time you thought of (name a few places)? What places did you consider given the prompt? What significance does your list have for you, if any? Write a paragraph about one of the places and see if you can tease out its significance for you. Doodle an image of that place to go along with your writing.
what are you hoodlums doing / brushing her teeth with coffee / stranded / in the light of history / October nights / playing at the Regent / caught off guard / waves look cold IMG_7002/ how long can you live like that / worried well / the light that bursts out from the clouds / November 1944 / her favorite shoes / peacocks on the lam / he sat there staring / broken pages and burning water
Morton Goodman and the jelly rolls / I didn’t make the FBI list this year / turkeys at dawn / checking out the action down the street / when they released Albert, there was still no good in him / Irish war songs sound like love songs and Irish love songs sound like war songs / I’m feeling kind of B≠ / in the space between feelings / his letter made her change her mind / all she wanted was corned beef / looking past him to his father and beginning to notice more than she wanted
where they put him after it was over / in the table of forgetting / living the same movie twice / the moment before falling in love / the first sign of pain / haunting lyrics / the last in the line / food riots happen in Sudan not in my house / smithereens / last tango on Martha’s Vineyard / she didn’t know what she was doing until the gendarme called her over / Miss Pinkie’s fur all over the place /Adam’s apple on the rise / for the hell of it / hotcakes for Saturday night!

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