Halloween Writing Ideas:
While trick-or-treating, my friends and I decided to explore a dark street we had never noticed before. (finish the story)
The best costume I ever wore was…
My favorite Halloween was the time I…
Tell a silly story about a ghost who wants to trick-or-treat just like kids.
As I looked at the Jack-o-Lantern, it seemed to be looking back at me. Then…
As I reached into the bag of candy, I thought I heard a voice saying, “Pick me, pick me!” (finish the story)
Write a Halloween poem using the following words: bat, pumpkin, candy, spooky, night, orange, black, witch, scary, wind.
Write a recipe for a magic potion. Next, explain what the potion would do if someone drank it.
I was putting my Halloween costume on when I heard something moving in my closet. (finish the story)
On Halloween night, while trick-or-treating we passed the cemetery. Suddenly we all felt a cold and spooky wind. (finish the story)
What are your favorite Halloween treats? What is the best one you ever received?
List all the Halloween costumes you have had in past years.
Describe how to make a great Halloween costume using mostly supplies you have around the house.
How about you?
How did you grow socially this past year?
How did you grow academically this past year?
What did you accomplished last year that you would like to build upon in the upcoming year?
What happened last year in your life outside of school that are you most proud of?
How did you demonstrate generosity (or patience, kindness, self-restraint) this past year?
What advice would you give yourself for the year ahead based on what you have experienced this past year?
Writer Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Aren’t some days are better than others? If so, what does Emerson mean by this? Do you agree?
How can you make every day the best day of the year?
Where do you want to be this time next year?
Explain the accomplishments that one of your friends or relatives had this past year.

Summer topics:
Explain, in an entertaining way, how to skip a stone across a pond.
Write a how-to guide to having an incredible summer.
Use the following words in a summer related story of 200 words: sun, freedom, ride, run, slide, laugh, howl, vacation, sleep, and jump.
Write the lyrics to a song or poem about your love of summer.
Draw and label a map of your favorite summer vacation spot. Include yourself on the map.
Write a recipe explaining how to make your favorite summer dish.
Write 10 creative ways to use a frisbee on a hot day.
Invent a new game using these materials: an inner tube, a skateboard, ping pong balls, a plastic baseball bat and an inflatable child’s pool.
Describe how a squirt gun works.
Draw and label a map of the ultimate water park.
Write a persuasive letter to the principal convincing him or her that students would benefit from an extra week of summer.
Write a list of supplies needed for a 3-day camping trip.
Describe a summer day from the perspective of the beach, lake or swimming pool. Personify the water and describe its thoughts about the sudden increase in activity in and around it.
Describe your perfect summer day.

Earth Day:
Write a list of 8 ways you could use less water.
Write a short letter convincing your friends to use less water.
Write a list of 8 ways you could use less electricity.
Draw a poster promoting Earth Day. Include a slogan to encourage people to take better care of the earth.
Write down 10 words related to nature. Then compose a poem including these words.
Think about the trash you create each day. How could you reduce, reuse, and recycle?
How could you make your school cleaner?

Poems starters:
Being Happy
Being Alone
Daily Routine
Death & funeral
God and Religion
Hopes and Dreams
Life After Death
Life and Growing Older
Love – Lost or Found
Nature – Hiking, Fishing or Camping
Soul Searching
The Ocean
The Sky
Words of Wisdom
Pretend you are a bird
Brushing your teeth
Getting a bad grade on a test
The first day of spring
What it’s like to be your dog
The simple act of sitting alone in your room
Your best friend’s laugh
The sounds of the ocean
Chocolate, pizza or your favorite food
Pretend you are a baby
Something that scares you
Your favorite movie or book
The time you won something
A time you were lost
The sunset or sunrise
The excitement of your favorite holiday
The feelings and needs of the homeless
What you are most passionate about
Write a poem about how you love poems
Write a poem about A Poetry Day

Describe a person you admire.
If you were your teacher, how would you treat you?
Describe how you would feel if you were your teacher. If you were in charge, what would you do differently?
Imagine you are stranded on a tropical island with your classmates. You have no supervision, no rules, no leader, no McDonald’s etc… How would you choose a leader? What jobs would you need? What rules would you have? What if someone broke the rules?
What if your house caught fire, what would you take with you? Put these in order of priority: your pet, your $100 savings, photo album, necklace from grandma, favorite piece of clothing.
What does courage mean to you? Describe an instance when you, or someone you have heard about, was courageous.
Life stinks, life is good, life is what you make it. Which one of these best describes your philosophy on life?
What are the characteristics of a hero?
What do you think of people who use profanity in public?
Is it better to give or to receive?
If I had three wishes I would…
What is the right age to start dating? Is it the same for everyone? How would you know if someone is ready?
Should 14 year olds be allowed to watch R rated movies?
If you found $100 on the ground in the park what would you do?
How should teachers deal with disruptive and rude students?
Is it ever all right to steal?

Personal Response:
Think of a teacher, relative, or adult that you respect and want to impress. What is it about that person that makes you want to do well for them?
Describe a time your hard work paid off.
A place you are or were afraid of.
Would you rather live in another era or culture? Explain.
Do want a funeral? Explain.
Have you ever felt lost? Literally or figuratively? Explain.
What is your best memory from elementary school?
What is your best memory from middle school?
What is your best memory from high school?
Picture the meal at Christmas (or any holiday). Now focus on one of your five senses: see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. Describe what that sense experiences throughout the meal.
Describe how you feel when you are at the dentist’s office.
How would do you think your parents views would change if they lived your life for one day?
How many places have you lived? Describe the place you remember the most. Pick one room of the house that you remember the most and describe it.
How do you get home from school? What mode of transportation do you take? Describe a typical trip.
Have you ever learned a new skill? Describe what you learned and the effort it took to learn it.

If I could live anywhere I’d live in ____________. Why?
What is your ideal job? Why?
Describe your classroom in detail.
If you could step back in time to re-live one day, what would you do differently?
Would you like to know when you were going to die? Why?
Describe yourself when you are 25? (35,45,55)
What was the most memorable moment of last year? Write about that moment or draw a picture of it.
Describe how this artwork makes you feel.
Describe your bedroom. How does it describe you?
How do you think computers will be used in 20 years?
The way I am like ____________ is ____________.
Are you a night owl or a morning person? Explain why and what you like doing at night or early morning.
Tell about a time you had a bad babysitter.
Write a history of your hairstyles.
What do you do well?
What made your best teacher so good?
What made your worst teacher so bad?
Is war ever justified? When? Explain.
How would you spend a windfall of $10,000?
If you could spend an hour with the president, what are 10 questions you would like to ask him?
What makes you unique, or at least different from, any other person?
My best quality is…
My worst quality is…

Is there one place that you love to go? Describe your favorite place.
Write about a difficult decision you had to make.
What has been the greatest success in your life this year?
What has been the greatest failure in your life this year?
What are three qualities you admire in others?
What do you want to be when you grow up? What appeals to you about this profession?
Write about a time you cheated and got away with it. How did you feel?
Describe your favorite band. What makes them so great?
Write about your favorite vacation.
What do you like and dislike about elderly people?
Do you believe in ghosts or spirits? Why or why not?
Write about a time you had high hopes for something and got let down.
Write about at time you were embarrassed.
What has been your favorite book? Explain.
What has been your favorite movie? Explain.
Do you like movies or books more? Explain.
An experience that taught me something important about myself.
The most difficult thing I ever had to do.
The best thing that ever happened to me.
The worst thing that ever happened to me.
The funniest thing that ever happened to me.
The saddest thing that ever happened to me.
The first time I felt grown up.
An experience that changed me the most.
The most ridiculous thing that ever happened to me.

Describe a time you felt … Aggressive, Angry, Bashful, Caring, Cheerful, Committed, Confident, Cruel, Depressed, Devoted, Dishonest, Disillusioned, Engaged, Friendly, Frightened, Furious, Hardworking, Hesitant, Lazy, Lonely, Loving, Nervous, Open, Sad, Scheming, Self-centered, Selfish, Sneaky, Supportive, Thrilled, or Upset
Creative Response:
You hear a knock on the door. You answer. No one is there, but on the ground you see three items: a paper bag with something in it, a key, and a phone number written on the back of a business card. Who left them and why?
While visiting your grandparents’ farm you discover an underground shelter in the field. Dusting away the dirt and insects, you find the handle and begin to lift the heavy iron door…
If I were invisible I would…
On Saturday morning you have plans to meet your friend down the street. You walk to the house, knock on the door, and a stranger opens. You ask for your friend. “Who?” the stranger replies…
Pretend you brought an alien to show-and-tell. Describe what it looked like and how you met.
Pretend you were captured by an alien and taken to his/her show-and-tell. How would you describe earth to his class?
Describe the sights and sounds at 3:00 (when school is out).
Last night I awoke to a bright beam of light coming in my window… (finish the story)
What would you do with a million dollars? What would you do with the money?
Explain what you think life would be like without: plumbing, electricity, cars, windows, air conditioning. On a daily basis, what things would you do differently?
What do you think it would be like to be your favorite animal? Describe a typical day.
Last night, while watching TV, I heard a soft knock on the back door… (finish the story)
What would life be like if you were only six inches tall?
Imagine a world that contained no written language. What would be different?
Yesterday, when I was walking home I was approached by… (finish the story)
Write about a dream you’ve recently had. What do you think it symbolized?
List twenty uses for a toothbrush.
You discover you have only six weeks to live. What would you do and why?
What is life like for your shoe?
What is life like for your backpack?
It all started on Monday morning when several citizens of (your town) noticed that the sky didn’t look quite right…
A man is dead on a deserted island wearing a backpack. The rescuers investigate the cause of death. They look inside the pack and find what killed him. What was inside the pack that killed him?
If I had three wishes I would…

Everyday Facts:
What travels faster light or sound?
Does the earth travel around the sun or does the sun travel around the earth?
What do plants give off during photosynthesis?
On a traffic signal, what light is on top green or red?
What color is the top stripe of the American flag?
What four presidents are on Mount Rushmore?
What president is on the dollar? five dollar? ten…?
Which way does the water in the toilet bowl swirl?
How long does it take the earth to go around the sun?
Fleas that can leap eight hundred times farther than their body length. If you had that kind of jumping ability, how far could you jump?
The honey bee can lift 300 times its own weight. If you had that kind of strength, how much weight could you lift?
What is a normal heart rate?
What is a normal blood pressure?
What is the difference between blood pressure and heart rate?
The tallest man in modern times was Robert Waldow. He was 8′ 11″.
The tallest woman in modern times was Sandy Allen. She was 7′ 7″.
What happens first the lightning or the thunder?
What makes lightning? What makes thunder?
The earth has a circumference of approximately 24,900 miles at the equator. How many steps would it take you to walk around it? How long would that take?
Why are people more buoyant in the Dead Sea?
What do you think of people who use profanity in public?
Is it better to give or to receive?
What if your house caught fire? What would you take with you? Put these in order of priority: your pet, your iPod, photo album, your English textbook, necklace from grandma, and favorite piece of clothing.
Last night I awoke to a bright beam of light coming in my window… (finish the story)
Pretend you were captured by aliens and taken to their show-and-tell. How would you describe earth to his class?
Would you rather live in another era (time period)? Explain.
The Mysterious Items
It is pouring rain outside; you’ve had a long day. After pouring a cup of tea, you wrap yourself in a blanket to settle in for the evening. Suddenly, there is a soft knock on the door. You open the door and no one is there. On the ground you see three items: a paper bag with something in it, a key, and a phone number written on scrap of paper. Who left them and why?
You and your family are on vacation and you decide to visit the hotel gift shop. As you browse the aisles, you look across the store and see a man put something into his jacket. You are the only one to see the theft. Do you tell anyone? Explain what you would do?
Write the beginning of a short story titled “The Reflection in the Window.”
Describe a travel experience you have had.

Some families open presents on Christmas Eve and others wait until Christmas morning. What does your family do? What other Christmas traditions does your family observe?
What is your favorite Christmastime food?
Write a letter to Santa telling him what you want for Christmas and why you deserve it.
What does Christmas Spirit mean to you?
Describe your house on Christmas morning? Use imagery. Include all of the five senses. What do you see, hear, feel, smell and taste?
What are you most thankful for this year?
Is it better to give or receive? Describe the benefits of both.
Has Christmas become too commercialized? Defend your position.
Pretend you are Santa Claus. Would he say that you’ve been good this year? Explain.
Why do you think people put stockings up over their fireplaces? Make up a story to explain this tradition.