What is the last thing that made you cry?
What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
If you could live for a year at a different time in history, what time would you choose?
What one moment in your past do you wish was immortalized in a photograph?
If you could hire someone full-time to make your life easier, what would their duties be?
Can money buy happiness?
If you had to lose one of your five senses, which would you choose?
What resolution will you not make this year because you know you’d probably break it?
Fill in the blanks questions – i.e.., I love Social Media because __________
Create How to Guides – Either on video, audio or as an article – keep it short & punchy
Screencast Videos – Use something like Jing or Snagit and create simple videos / screenshots of interesting info on your computer / websites etc
Create Diary style videos – Maybe you’re in the weight loss niche or launching a new product or service. Keep a video diary of your progress – people love reality TV!
News Videos – Create short news bulletins of updates in your industry
Case Studies – Create reviews / reports on how other people in your industry are doing things really well or very badly!
10 Steps to… – Always well received, the old 3 / 5 / 7 steps to…
Share someone else’s article and add your own opinion while also looking for others opinions!
Record your own thoughts on someone else’s content
Post funny stories from your life – I’m always referencing something we did that might make people laugh or just show them the human side, like the time I bleached my hair for a video and it went terribly wrong, or when my daughter made a funny video etc.
Expert Interviews! – Always a cracker – interview experts in your industry by Skype / teleconference / phone or simply send them 10 questions by email and ask them to answer them!
Re-purpose your content – Turn articles into audio / video. Turn video into articles / audio. Turn audio into articles / video. Break down articles into tweets / status updates. Break down audio / video into short skits / tips etc. I think you get the picture!
Cool Tools – Stay up to date with the latest cool tools in your industry and review them!
Seminar Slides – Held a recent seminar / webinar? Maybe you gave a presentation to staff or customers? Add your slides to slideshare and share with the world!
Find motivational or Inspirational videos on YouTube and make someone smile today!
Create infographics on interesting stats in your industry. Also great for sharing / Pinning!
Collect all your past weeks tweets and create a blog post or video.
Send a survey out to your customers and create an info graphic of the results.
Invite guests! – Ask others to guest post on your blog or become a guest expert on your page / platform for a day!
Ask questions in forums – Then post the answers!
Watch and report on breaking news in your industry.
Create video responses to your customer questions.
Post Photos! – Images are one of the biggest sharing activities online – Funny / Inspirational / Thought Provoking – Visuals grab attention, so make it matter!
Interview Your Customers! – Just like expert interviews, but now you’re reaching out directly into your audience!
Create Contests & Promotions – HUGELY Viral! Make sure you work with face books T’s & C’s for Contests or use our app!
Polls – Create polls on your page a bit like questions, but with polls you can add graphics!
Hangout / FaceTime or Skype chat with your colleagues – talk about something interesting in your industry and record it!
Always post your blog posts / articles to the notes app in Facebook. They’re indexed by google and may hit the top of the SERPS pages before your own blog post!
Share & Retweet other people’s posts / comments / photos / articles etc.
Always respond to likes / comments / shares etc! Your appreciation will encourage engagement!
Hold a Page Party! – This idea comes from my good friend Cathie Brown who has hosted some awesome page parties with guests and experts and prizes and all sorts. Your only limitation is your own imagination!
Have a page launch! – Launch your page as an event on FB, or launch a new product / service / ebook / member of the team / idea! Whatever you want!
Hold a Promote Yourself Day! – Create a day a week when people can come to your page and post their own links to their products or services.
Create a weekly / monthly newsletter!
Write a short ebook or kindle book!
Write a white paper – Basically a long article reporting industry results or showing someone how to use something etc.
Post a mystery photo and get people to guess what it is.
Hold a twenty questions competition where people have to guess the end of a statement and you give them 20 clues!
Create your memoirs – stories of your trials & tribulations.
Self publish a book! or Novell / Give it in exchange for subscribers
Hold a caption contest on a funny photo
Play guess where I am – take a photo of you somewhere and get people to guess where you are! I need to thank my friend Chris Farrell for that one.
Create a weekly round up of company news for your customers – Give them an insiders, behind the scenes look at what goes on behind closed doors!