Make up a holiday (National scented candle day?) and justify it. (Did you know there is a National Something Day? Yep.)
How to ______. Use a skill you have to teach everyone else. For instance, I know how to cut hair. Be sure to include pictures and step by step instructions.
Promote another blog you find irresistible. (Don’t tell the person you’re doing it; just make it a surprise). I’m particularly in awe of Melissa at The Inspired Room.
Analyze a painting. I happen to adore this one by Eugene Burnand.
If you market a product/service: Share your cautionary tales of what didn’t work. Here’s one of my cautionary tales about marketing.
Describe the online friends you’ve never met in person. I love Alece so much, but we haven’t had the opportunity to hug yet.
Write ten things folks don’t know about you. Hmm, maybe you don’t know that I’m bow legged?
Ask your spouse to write a post for you. Give him/her free reign. (This could be scary!) Not sure if I’m brave enough for that yet! But you can check out my hubby’s words here if you’re interested.
Write a letter to someone famous. Um, Dear Bono, could you please endorse my next book?
Do an opposite post. (Instead of 10 ways to slim down, write 10 ways to gain excess weight.) (I could write that: Eat more chocolate…)
Do something risky, something outrageous you’ve never attempted before. Then recount your tale. Exhibit A: What the Triathlon Taught me.
Contrast your best and worst day in elementary school (or junior high or high school or college or grad school).
List your 5 favorite smells. (Too bad we can’t have scratch and sniff on the Internet). One of mine? Evergreen trees.
Embarrass yourself. Post a fashion faux pas from the days of yore. Then explain why you wore it, why you thought it was cool. Here’s a picture of my senior prom dress. Yikes.
Create your own video using Animoto. They make it easy.Here’s one of mine about Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference (made before Animoto).
Count your blessings and invite others to do the same.
Review several books that changed your life. Here’s my review of Scared by Tom Davis.
Have a contest for the worst first line of a story, poem, or whatnot.
Become a travel writer. Describe one of your vacations in a way that helps your readers want to go there. Give details about side trips, hotel possibilities, etc. Here’s a travel piece I wrote about Antibes, France. (I can’t believe how young my kids are in the picture!)
Be crafty (in a non-evil way). Show one of your projects with step by step instructions. Here’s my adventure in creating a book page wreath.
Create a playlist (running, dancing, working, relaxing, rejoicing) and explain why you chose those songs. (Hint: It’s fun to add a few YouTube videos to prove how cool your songs are.)
Share a recent time you failed at something. (Oddly, these are usually my most popular posts. Like this confessional one.)
Disagree with a popular finding. Do you think a different picture should have won the Oscar? Why?
Share something you learned that you hadn’t known before. We didn’t know firsthand about wolves in sheep’s clothing until we were in ministry full time and got bit.
Write about an issue that niggles you. One of my posts deals with the question, “Why do Christian movies tend to be cheesy?”
Answer a question an emailer asks. Andrea asked me how to get started in writing. I realized my answer to her question was a blog post, so I asked her permission to use her question. This became a blog post about 12 ways to get started.
Tell your journey. I’ve written about my path to publication. Part one is here.
Lament how technology has messed with face-to-face relationships. Or take the opposite tack: How has technology deepened your friendships?
Take a free poll (up to 100 respondents) with survey monkey, then report on the results.
Mine your blog comments for post ideas. On my Family Secrets blog, one comment prompted a post about grace extending to victims and perpetrators.