write a restaurant review
write a hotel review
write about a museum in your town
write about an outdoor space (park, walking or biking path)
write about all the arenas and when they have free skating
write about the indoor and outdoor pools in your city
write about the top 10 tourist attractions in your city or town
write about the summer festivals, concerts or fall fairs
write about the historic part of your city (buildings, streets, schools)
write about your top 10 places to eat

write about your provincial/state capital
write about all the symbols that represent your province or state (flag, bird, food, coat of arms)
write about the the provincial/state or national parks that are located in your area and what makes them unique
write about the tourist attractions in the biggest city in your province/state
write about all the science museums, zoos or aquariums in your town
write about the best places to shop
write about seeing the city using public transport
write about an event that changed the direction of your province/state
write about a military monument or event
write about your favourite place to eat: ice cream, poutine, pie, burgers (pick your poison)
write about the wine country in your area
write about the amusement park or attractions that your teens would love to visit
write about the great theatre you can see

write about a particular region (the Maritimes, the Pacific Northwest, New England, The Deep South)
write about your nations capital
write about great Canadian (or American) authors and where they are from
write about great cities where they make movies
write about great travel bloggers that make you want to travel the world
write about how to take a subway in Toronto or New York
write about the Great Lakes
write about a great river (Mississippi. Hudson, Thompson, Fraser, Rouge, Mackenzie, Seine, Rhone, Rhine, Nile)
write about the top cities to visit in your country
write about the top outdoor locations
write about what national foods your country is famous for (pasta, poutine, burgers, chocolate, coffee)
write about the best airports to fly into
write about RVing or camping in your country
write about the longest, fastest, biggest anything
write about a music festival
write about the to 10 amusement parks
write about customs or manners or code of conducts that you should adhere to
write about sacred places (churches, synagogues, shrines, mosques, temples)
write about wildlife and where to see it
write about what travel means to you

how to travel as a solo traveller
how to travel with toddlers
what travel gets your teen excited
what is your destination bucket list
where do you find the best gluten free/vegan/vegetarian meals
how to pack a suitcase/knapsack/carry-on
what apps do you use for traveling
what travel books do you swear by
where do you exchange money and what credit cards do you bring
what camera do you use for your travel photography
how do you share your travel tales (presentations, Facebook, Scrapbooks, YouTube)
share you worst travel and best travel experience
what is your fondest family trip
what do you wish you would have done differently on a trip
how do you choose a destination
how do you order coffee in… (Spain)
where did you go on your first airplane ride
how do you finance your trips
what do you do with your pets while you are abroad
how to travel with multiple generations
what is your favourite hiking gear
where would you NEVER go
things I’ve learned on the road
10 phrases you should know in Spanish, French, Danish, German, Italian, Chinese
24-hours in…
3-5 days in….
One month in…

Spotlight Partner Organizations: If your travel company partners with hotels or tour organizers, spotlight what they offer. Remember that you or one of your staff needs to have experienced what you’re writing about. This topic could also cover interviews with staff members in the partner businesses, with a title such as “A Day in the Life of…” to give travelers insight into how, for instance, a hotel operates behind the scenes or how tour organizers find the best spots to visit.
Themes Using themes is a great way to develop and cover a series of blog posts. Themes could include romance, photography, food, interesting architecture, festivals, music or sport — the list is endless. Give a slightly different and more in-depth angle to the post by connecting an activity or idea to the theme. For example, pair a visit to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs with sport, or connect local legends with a theme about bizarre natural phenomena.
Travel Apps Your readers will be interested in the latest travel apps. For instance, write about apps for restaurant, bar and nightclub locations and reviews, or subway, train and bus routes. Apps for on-the-go photo editing are popular, and apps giving local weather conditions and time zone conversions are useful. It’s essential to keep blogs on this topic up to date, so link previous posts to your latest blog about apps.

Answers to Questions If your blogs and other social media posts elicit a lot of questions, create posts giving answers to the most common queries. Information about the safety of drinking water, visas and vaccinations is often high priority for travelers. An extension of this type of blog that makes for terrific interaction with your readers are quizzes. Draw up your own quizzes with trivia questions on destinations, or match personality types with destinations by getting your readers to answer questions on their likes and dislikes.
Visual Cues Travel is very visual-based, so your readers are sure to enjoy photo essays, slide shows, videos and infographics, which all add interest and draw new readers to your site. Purchase photos or find free stock photos or videos, or use your company’s good-quality images. Source free infographic templates and cover topics such as what to do and not to do when dining in different countries, what to pack for various destinations, quick facts about certain nations, or health and safety tips.
Foreign Languages Tourists often want to be able to express themselves in the tongues of countries they visit, so choose some of the major languages and list some basic phrases, greetings and names of foods. Link to sites that show how to pronounce the words phonetically or that give audio pronunciations. Ask your readers to post short humorous stories about misunderstandings they experienced when they talked in a foreign language.

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