1. make a list // every monday, i post a list of things i’m thankful for that day. these posts are super quick and super easy to read (which makes readers happy!) can’t think of something you can list? try making a list of what makes you happy, what sorts of things you like to do in a particular season (like a summer bucket list!), your favorite workout songs, tips for making a quick meal, great date ideas, etc. the possibilities are endless!
2. how to // what do you know how to do really well? maybe you’re an expert at yo-yoing (ok, or maybe you’re not in middle school anymore…), or you just have some great recipes or diy ideas!. there’s something that you know how to do and you can share your expertise with your readers! these posts can take a little time to put together, but they can be some of your best posts if they have great photos and instructions.
3. instagram updates // these are quick, easy, and fun! if you’re on instagram, chances are your feed is a great representative of what you’ve been up to. create a post of recent instagram photos and either let them stand alone, or embellish with short captions to explain to your readers what you were doing when you took the photo. (this is also a great time to tell your readers where to find and follow you on instagram!)
4. review a product // you don’t have to be asked by a company to review their product in order to share what you love about something! i recently reviewed my nike fuelband and clarisonic cleansing brush just because they’re products that i believe in and want my readers to know about! is there something you use regularly that you think your readers would benefit from hearing your opinion on? then share it! (it’s good practice to include a disclaimer saying that you weren’t approached by the company to review the product)
5. have coffee with your readers // you know that feeling of sitting down with an old friend and just spilling a list of random thoughts that you’ve been wanting to tell someone? like how you don’t really like butter pecan ice cream or how you bought yourself flowers the other day or how you really would like to try out a new foundation but don’t know what to choose? why not write a post like that? pretend you’re sitting down for coffee with your readers and tell them all of the stuff that’s going through your head, and ask some questions! you’ll be amazed at what sorts of comments you’ll get back, and maybe you’ll even make some new friends!
6. from the archives // maybe you’ve been blogging for a few years, and if that’s the case, chances are you’ve written some pretty great posts early on in your blogging journey that your newer readers haven’t seen. friend, let me tell you a secret…it’s ok to reuse! pull out that post that you’re super proud of but never got any attention, dust it off, update it if necessary and post it again! there’s no shame in that at all, and it’s not cheating!
7. behind the blog // similar to a “from the archives” post, but is more of a round-up of posts from your archives. answer some questions like: what post became unexpectedly popular? what weird google search terms have led people to your blog? what is your favorite type of post to write? and link up some past blog posts as answers and examples for each question. it will give your readers a look into your process and mindset when blogging, and also point them in the direction of some archived posts! (see this post on straight up z for more inspiration!)
8. become a fashion or beauty blogger for a day // don’t tell me you haven’t ever put an outfit together that you’re proud of, or have a beauty trick that you wouldn’t mind sharing! you don’t have to be a fashion or beauty expert to share your style, and you don’t need a professional photographer to take your photos! grab a friend or family member and ask them to snap some photos in the backyard or download a self-timer app and take your own. show off that great dress you thrifted or your five-minute face makeup routine. stepping out of your element to take on a fashion or beauty post can be fun!
9. get personal // ok, you don’t have to share too much personal info on your blog, but your readers like to know that you’re a real person! get a little vulnerable once in a while; share something close to your heart; tell a story that will make your readers connect with you! they can be funny or sentimental, or encouraging or just plain ‘ol honest. tell your readers how you met your boyfriend or spouse, the funny conversation you had with your grandma the other day, or about your most embarrassing moment.
10. goals // some bloggers share goals on a weekly or monthly basis, some share their yearly goals at the beginning of each year. personally, i like thinking about goals on a seasonal basis, broken down into community, personal, and wellness categories. whatever your goal-setting schedule, share some of your goals with your readers and maybe even check in later to tell them how you’re doing!
List five small ways that you can share your gratitude today.
Write about a person in your life that you’re especially grateful for and why.
What skills or abilities are you thankful to have? (You communicate well, you’re a good cook, you have an uncanny ability to dominate in Fantasy Football. Hey, it’s your journal).
What is there about a challenge you’re experiencing right now that you can be thankful for? (This is a tough one, but you have learned something or grown from the hardship—how?)
How is where you are in life today different than a year ago–and what positive changes are you thankful for?
What activities and hobbies would you miss if you were unable to do them?
List five body parts that you’re grateful for and why. (Those long legs help you reach items on the top shelf … don’t forget the little things.)
What about the city you live in are you grateful for?
What are you taking for granted about your day to day that you can be thankful for? (Can’t think of any? Your alarm clock, your coffee machine, the paperboy who delivered your newspaper, your friendly neighbor who always says good morning … and that’s before you even leave the house.)
List 5 people in your life who are hard to get along with—and write down at least one quality for each that you are grateful for.
What materialistic items are you most grateful for?
Write about the music you’re thankful to be able to listen to and why. (We couldn’t make it five minutes on the treadmill without our beats.)
Who has done something this week to help you or make your life easier and how can you thank them?
What foods or meals are you most thankful for? (Bacon, egg and cheese on Monday morning, we’re looking at you.)
What elements of nature are you grateful for and why? (The beach, a starry sky or one speckled with fluffy clouds, the sunset…)
What part of your morning routine are you most thankful for? (A big stretch before you get out of bed, that warm cup of coffee, a cuddle session with your pet…)
Write a letter to someone who has positively impacted your life, however big or small.
What is something you’re grateful to have learned this week?
When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably—relive the memory.
What aspects of your work environment are you thankful for? (Supportive co-workers, flexible hours, great snacks in the kitchen…)