1) How did the year start for your business? Honestly.
2) Have you broken any resolutions yet? (Don’t be afraid to say why this isn’t a bad thing)
3) Storytelling week continues into February- can you share your business origin story?
4) How about your own journey- how did you get to the place you are now? What did you do along the way?
5) Do you come from a long line of entrepreneurs? Or are you the first to run their own business?
6) Chinese New Year starts on the 7th – are there any more new starts for you to talk about?
7) Have any new themes or trends become apparent since the beginning of the year?
8) Do you want another chance to add some more resolutions?
9) It’s now the Chinese year of the monkey – people born in this year are said to be particularly clever and intelligent. What does intelligence mean to you?
10) The big event for February is obviously Valentine’s Day and matters of the heart – who or what do you want to show some love to?
11) Valentines would be a great time to offer your entire audience a virtual gift – can you create something useful for them to download?
12) Could you write your customers a love letter of appreciation?
13) Or, send all your favourite customers a handwritten note of gratitude?
14) Or randomly pick someone to receive a special gift?
15) What products make your working day lovely? Do you want to declare your adoration for a particular coffee, radio station, app…?
16) Tell us, what do you love about your work?
17) What do your employees love about working for your company?
18) …and the area you work in, more generally?
19) How about a ‘top ten’ of other people whose work you love?
20) Humans are naturally nosey creatures, so have you shared any behind-the-scenes stuff from your business lately?
21) ‘Random acts of Kindness day’ is on January 17th – what’s the kindest thing someone’s done for you?
22) Did anyone show you a great kindness when you were starting out?
23) Could you perform an unexpected favour for your audience today?
24) Or, a truly random act of kindness for a stranger- how did they react?
25) 2016 is a leap year – do you have anything that happens every few years in your business?
26) Or, do you have some brilliant ideas for ways your audience should use the extra day this year?
27) London Fashion Week starts on 19th February- even if you’re not in fashion, can you create your own trend predictions for 2016?
28) Fairtrade Fortnight starts at the end of February – what does Fair-trade mean to you?
29) Can you share the ways that your business give back to your community?

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