I call, and well..
That was supposed to be my graduation present.
I love the bad boys.
Picture it: I’m 12 years old.
And that is my viking story!
I won the tickets for the travel to Jupiter (No return ticket!).
My lord is in my heart or?
They broke my heart in pieces.
It’ll happen someday I always hoped.
A journey of love.
I mean, we have to give him a little credit for….
Is that strange?
So this boy walks in and sits next to Jason, and they start talking.
And that is this cool asian kid in my 6th grade class.
I walk in the class and sit by my friend Michael, Carlos sits next to Michael.
I figured Trevor didnt know my last name, because he had to know my first name, in order to call me to ask if it was me lol.
I’ve only known of one other ‘Kris’ besides Kris Roe of the Ataris.
I think thats a good plan.
Carlos wanted to mess around, and i was like ok, but then i said no.
How you turned my world, you precious thing…
I never know song names, I always know the numbers.
I ended up taking a handful of Organic Zen coffee beans lol.
He is is cool guy plaing football.
Well i have plans with Joe tonight, so i have to get cleaning my room.
I mean its all right when I read to myself, but out loud its just blah.
Lifes the same, you’re shakin’ like a tremolo…
Im glad I didnt have to read out loud.
I remembered that he was in my 6th grade class.
Jolene came in and asked where you order a Variety Show tape.
But thats because I’m lame, not funny.
I especially love song number 2.
And it fell apart.
Dislikes // Liars.
He made these fuzzy type weird things and he sold them to everyone in our class.
I got crème color, dark pink, light purple, teal, and light blue.
My mom said he looked spooky lol.
I mean we get outta class, plus it sounds interesting.
Must stop! at boardwalk…
I sat next to Matt McWhorter.
The class ended.
It made a good journal entrylol!
I love that entire CD.
I said yea, thanks to Trevor then went back over to Ivy.
It’s a perfect summer CD.
So one day i was cleanign out my locker, god knows why, maybe i was loking for a late library book.
Sunset and evening star…
But seriously, what haven’t they done lately?
So what they fuck am i suppossed to do?
People like me.
So in seventh grade on my birthday he asked me out again, and i said yes… two weeks later i dumped him.
I need to stop getting crushes on random guys in bands.
I mean, they did Pepsi Smash!
But, they are complete whores and I love them for it.
I even bought one, blew like 2 dollars on it.
And I must stop.
It’s almost over, Now I’ve got my peanut butter bread, and I never want to be famished again.
I’m naturally a gangsta.
Is fun, swear.
My Boyfriends, Boyfriend!
You all know what that is, so don’t act like you don’t know.
In A World Of My Own…
These here are some horrible pictures, yo.
Maybe being sad and thinking no one would ever email me made emails come or something.
I find one near my friend from elementary, Jason.
The Ataris = good.
Buy me the Mest CD.
Take it for now or?.
So they were together from the middle of seventh grade till senior year in high school.
I liked the book better.
But no one was around to see my complete idiotic-ness.
It really was cool.
Do i act civil and talk to him, or do i just blow him off, he never hurt me ya know?
I’m looking for pics for wallpapers.
See, can’t control my homie-ness.
Martinez went to her sons boot camp graduation.
And we bought them like hotcakes.
What you aren’t familiar with the woo-woo dance?
I was so dramatic back then…
That show was so lame, I only watched the part with the Ataris.
my birth coach won`t be remember me!
my case a lot
Parents are for Chinese.
Instead of getting better, I got worse, and now even she’s commenting on it!
I wanted to buy a lock for my laptop and he yelled at me for being overly paranoid and negative.
I beat expert in 187 seconds.
How I go on the computer too much.
Everyone sucks nowdays…..
Eff him I’m still going to buy it.
I still need to buy one of my books.
I think I’m in serious denial… at least to some extent…
I wanted to buy a printer but he told me to wait and not buy a cheap one from Costco.
This morning I was a litte pissed cuz I gained a pound, but I convinced myself on the drive to school that it would go away.
How I drive.
Lowest night-time weight ever…
I mean, I don’t even really go in there…
But it didn’t work too good…
Well, better get off of to bed…
My sister isn’t angry at the fact that they might miss the concert, but at the fact that my mother’s been kind of…
Like, woah there cranberry man, simmah down now.
I had to do it to make my mom happy..
How I don’t cook.
I’m not doing anything tomorrow and that sounds fabulous.
Zach took French so I think he said to take that.
Quite the traveler, no?
Or unblock everyone since nobody would IM me anyways.
And Jeff thinks I should take German.
He’s been on my case a lot about little things.
Ok, late dudes and dudettes..
Don’t ask me why this brings me joy…
Screw you guys, I’m goin’ home.
How I go out too much.
But he’s also cool sometimes so I don’t know.
I still hate everything…
Then I’m kinda starting to think about 80…. maha…
Nobody’s IMing me and I’m sad, because um..
Teehee, and I was back 10 minutes before my dad came home so he was none the wiser.
So because I’m lazy I just leave it……
I’m silly…
Maybe my shrink was right in telling my mom to ignore it…
Who knows when this will end…
Jenny happy tonight…
I’m so sneaky.
I tried to rationalize it by remember how much I walked around that day, so I guess it wasn’t that bad…
My dad leaves tomorrow for Malaysia.
Weighed in at just over 87lbs at night!!
My cousin is a coco nest…
Oh my God, he was soo fine, my mouth just drop to the floor.
In August it was campground time.
Well later on that day, my cousin and I were senting at the park on the bench.
Now I’ve lost both of you.
Listening to love music all day everyday.
We down to the crosslight and chilled in the living room.
He respect’s my religion and he respects my morals.
It was more like I ask the question’s and you answer them.
I guess he did a 1 night stand with her, and she was feeln’ that.
We already call eachother my wife or my husband.
Ok back to the campground story.
Meaning, we want to get married.
So yeah singed by the Beatles…
And that is what is also important in a relationship, is support.
We were talking and chilln’.
So things are going great between us.
When I got to him he was still alive.
He has made a great one too.
And my eyes widen.
Both brother’s are like me.
Well this summer was very interesting.
The first thing that went through my head was damn, he looks like raz-b from b2k.
You wonder why?
my man/woman is?
Because of him.
I didnt want to be dramatic, so I made a joke out of it.
I didnt have anything to eat or drink all morning.
In the grand scheme of things it’s actually quite minisclue.
Im trying to obey the natural order and laws.
Without him?
Yesterday morning I went to my neurologist.
I know it breaks your heart…
I think I need to point out that these claims need go no further.
I am finally the type of girl that my parents would be proud of when I finally dont give a shit.
Co-Worker: Hate.
The Dallas North Tollway is almost like a tiny little Autobahn for North Texas.
I dont know if I can handle him being gone for a whole week!
I have been on 300mg a night for 2 and a half months now and I rarely have migraines.
I mean I moved out when I was sixteen I got used to being on my own.
The ANA is to rule out Lupus.
Hello, My name is Elvira.
That is all I heard her say.
My knee when somethings bad happends….
I even do it in my head Lord.
I cant get away from it.
I love that hospital.
Whether it is the weather Hot = Cranky Sue.
Thank godthe car crash din´t go bader than that!
Disclaimer This site is mine, all mine.
It is a lovely name and i love everything about her site.
I don’t know if i can last that long tho.
I have a dentist appt.
It is Saturday, FINALLY.
Past that milestone…
Everyone who can’t wait for summer… this is for you!
He was very odd.
John was a huge flirt and was a pig… seriously.
Lincoln Memorial was hilarious.
Doesn’t sound fun?
Well, as you can tell, I am back in town.
So… those of you who are bright enough to realize that there is a new layout up… kudos!
I dont know why i put it up b/c i get so few visitors, but this way i hope to keep track of just how many i get.
Sherrie and Ashley was….
Let’s say the offical birthday of madmoxiefox is July 23rd.
It is Friday and school just got out yesterday!!!!!!!!!!
John happened to be, unfortunately, the only half cute guy there.
I can’t celebrate thursday tho.
Need the Time?
It’s a bad deal.
Bitchy people!
And that is not ego, that is what other people say.
I need to make my life change, or it will remain unfufilling.
Apparently I can’t shut up…
This is so retarded.
I feel like for weeks I have been aware of my need for focus, and lacking the insight to see what it is that I should be focusing on.
It means focusing on something incredibly mundane.
He was SO nice in the beginning I don’t really understand what I did wrong.
Potential reason #4: It has been too long, and I never learned how.
It’ll be my experiement for next week.
This is Khrissy’s Numero Uno explanation.
All right confession time: I did not dump Wee Man, he dumped me.
If I can’t resist distraction with this, how can I trust myself not to resist distraction with something more important to me.
I feel like it’s a challenge I have to rise to..
That’s no fun, and I feel lousy calling off the game.
What’s wrong with my brain?
That’s the last time I talked to him.
If life is going to suck- I want it to suck up something worth tasting.
But that means that I am only going to play during lunch and recess.
It worked and my phone jangled merrily three minutes later.
I got the confirmation email saying he’d picked it up.
But I feel lousier in this groove I am in.
She says I get attached too quickly because I am not used to the attention and it scares them away.
I am cool and funny and bright and interesting and whacky and fun to hang out with.
People that walk through life with 248 foot fishing rods crammed sideways in their rectums!
And I have been thoroughly rejected by two different guys in two days.
Fuck HIM then, short little bastard.
I have high hopes there.
I’m going to try to approach it like a way to meditate.
Then there’s the rest that requires more than mere belief.
The problem there is the eventual stumble and fall.
That was all *pre* coffee.
Close to the fear of war and the stars which have disappeared.
I have in my hands only 35c, it’s so meaningless to eat!
Sometimes good material just FALLS in your lap.
I must tighten my belt.
The prince and I……..
Beneficial to boot.
We can’t wait ’til we’re old.
Just scroll past and look on the bright side.
Dolphin Dash, game.
It’s a gift that keeps on givin’.
If I were a bat I would be…
A teeny, tiny individual brown bat catches six hundred mosquitoes an hour!.
See the new organs fits him…
Instead, they quickly become debilitated and die.
The Caribbean! is…
One man’s on-the-job trauma.
Diamond studded cow dung.
I really recall…
Athletic Supporter.
Back off or I smack you!…..
How exciting! a new mobile phone.
Food for thought.
So this is the first entry into my new online diary.
Will it really?
Who hides someone’s heart deep
Mummy, you can see her bumbum.
I lost it on my walk.
Shy, but outgoing person find you beutiful.
Something’s fishy about that treacle…
Tall, but short.
I turn to child and she looks particularly guilty.
Then the phone rang.
The end of the recharge lead is sans phone.
You make the call and…..
I can do that, I can do anything, for I am Super-Mum!
You areAssistant Editor on the hotest magazine.
All the cool kids are doing it…
It is old fashioned, isn’t it?
Goodbye productive day.
Does that leave the future up for grabs?
Does your mother know your true colours and thinks your Dad’s a fool?
You are smart, strong, confident and beautiful, dear Sagittarius.
In which incident was it best used?
Are you a tease, any guys angel or is your chastity belt securly fastened?
So, yes, now I must find a way to go to the concert with him.
You do realise you are, infact, no angel don’t you?
What she has learned along the way is for all to share.
Have you mastered the angelic innocent pout?
And it so turns out that he is going too!
Ain’t I a Peach?
Are you ready?
Coyote, Super Genius.
He didn’t show up.
really talked he was
Ah, Rafael, the artist.
A confession.
shivers going mad
Pure Bitterness:………………
It’s been a while since I’ve had a real conversatioin with that boy and I miss him.
He’s a good kid.
Maybe I won’t even do anything and I’ll just go to Bry’s and talk.
Actually, today I thought about Ol’ Blue from yesterday.
I went into Borders on my way home but he twasn’t in there.
I just kinda blew through all the classes except english.
I was just happy I got 30 bucks and some weed out of it.
But in doing so, am I slowly killing myself?
I just told him not to worry about it and to come by later.
I’m really cold.
Which is awesome considering I like it, I was happy for a whole 20 seconds I think.
Goosebumps all over the place and shivers going up and down.
I just want to feel better.
School was shitty as usual.
It’s definatly time for a conversation with probably the only person I love.
We’re reading som Tenessee Williams right now and I’m enjoying it so, not bad.
I’ll bring the rest of the weed…..
That sounds really ho-ish.
Shall I become his official stalker?
I also got the paper on To Kill a Mockingbird back, A.
Right now I’m going to go find someone who’ll spank me…..
Miss These?
Miscellaney: John has only just left now.
Sometimes life is just grand, eh?
I know this is a huge opportunity.
This all sounds terribly cliche, doesn’t it???
But I can have energy when I want it.
Most of the time, I’m just really, really excited.
I look at the work on my desk and start to feel overwhelmed…
For instance, we were talking about school admission and registration.
This is not all consuming and I’ll do my best and move on.
It’s just a matter of what he said versus what I heard.
We are so blessed.
I feel naked without them.
In other news, I feel super sexy lately.
And I’m immensely grateful for all of it.
I’m going to fly to the moon…..
I won’t let you fail.
Finally, the Mystery Revealed….
But that doesn’t erase the fears.
I can’t back out like I’ve done so many times before.
For another hour or so.
We have a deal, remember?
This is coming so, so fast!
It just seems…
You didn’t get admitted.
I also feel liberated.
I know I keep harping on all of this these days.
How’d I get ranked 4th???
There’s no choice…
And the sweet smell of success has me craving more.
Don’t get me wrong.
It seems like the fear just comes in spurts, now.
It wasn’t a major fight, no worries.
I hate not having any interaction with others.
Last night, you and I had a fight, and it got me to thinking.
I’m an object that’s too often at rest…
Yesterday was the Ulster Hall!
And wash away the pain.
The Boy wants me to think that I’m giving up.
I do not have mental illness.
Does that sound boring?
Black hole sun, won’t you come, won’t you come.
Like cheating in a card game
I don’t want to take the pills and I don’t want to pay for them.
This tiny child gave me the fecking finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you really have a jones for that I will tell you…
Paul to sell t-shirts and the Boy’s show.
It all falls off me, people.
And as I openly feel sorry for my sorry ass self I am thinking about deleting this entire entry.
The guys are in edinburgh with boydie at the moment!
Have to go pack my rubbish for belfast!
Got to keep moving while I still can.
I don’t know what I want but I know only that anything that makes me happy or even slightly content is a target for suspicion.
Stop the world for now and I’ll get back on soon…
Burlesque and Bust?
Still, I feel cheated that both of our personality types on this quiz occupy the exact same spot.
What Type of Social Entity are You?
Anna gave me the most superest coolest pressie ever…
Where is all the holly jolly attitude coming from?
It is gone and I’m out of time to rebuild it.
Anyways, must fly.
I haven’t got a lot of time.
I’m tired of thinking that I suck.
Got to drive to St….
Stars fall…
This little girl deserved a life.
I won’t lie…..
So there we were…
Sounds too good to be true?
I occasionally do customs when I have the time.
You might like to know that the customs are free at the moment.
Don’t worry, no strings attached.
Now feel free to take a look around!
No Nannies…
Enjoyed it and I hope to see you again.
sixteen or so……………..
Do unto them, as you would have them do unto you.
Radio in lead.
They are both Swedish girls.
My hair is burning, sweet mercy.
Wished you were coming home to splay.
They are both forwards.
They both have long hair.
They both have incomprehensible names.
Vegan less leavers.
Fresh and juicy thistle taste.
But I know he knew how it effected me.
It’s great to be good shape.
I was at a turning point in my life at that time.
Turns out it was Buckcherry.
DOG Days!!
Not sure what that’s all about.
Like the 80’s, 90’s and????
Hope I didn’t bore you too badly…
What the hell does that mean?
Like what are the radio stations going to call the stuff in 2000.
Long Days – Wednesday
So strange and makes me so curious.
The last few days have been that way with a lot of thoughts keeping me awake.
Just going through a strange faze right now.
But I guess there is give and take.
I don’t get it, maybe I need to get some drugs.
I have it on my table as I walk in every night.
I kept quiet about it wondering who would admit to putting it there.
Those are the kind of strange things I’ve been thinking about lately.
From one extreme to the next just seems kind of odd.
Does anyone? do….
This was two years ago.
Well enough for tonight.
Some of hit really good some of it’s a little hard for me.
This is so strange.
But I wanted to get the artist so I could check out some of thier other stuff.
The strangest things make me sad.
I was like freaked out for the intire weekend.
I honestly had never heard of them before.
What do you think?
Do you ever just feel numb?
Haven’t written for a while, sorry, been kind of out of it of late.
There are some beautifully amazing trees changing through the area.
Haven’t been online much since Sunday.
It just seems so wierd to be almost 2885 already.
He does have some great pictures of his trip you should check out.
I do love the fall time.
Fallen Angel’s Wish List…
so i came home
But thats over and done with.
So good-bye Henry.
His two pals burst into hysterical laughter.
I could see no point.
Toby and Jason kind of came and joined us at one point.
Then I caught myself arrrgh!
Everytime you Clix, an Angel gets their wings.
Oh my Gawd!!!
I was astounded!
Is that wrong of me?
I sent a sms saying that was cool.
Doesnt he know Grover rocks?
Take a Peek at Fallen Angel’s Photo Gallery…
Cheeky sod!
Go to the Cast List…
Anyway, Scott was like: God, Jay, whats with that fucking T-shirt?
Then I was wide awake.
Fav Diaries, Blogs and Journals…
I think I may have mentioned him before?
Not long after, He and I left Café 151.
Didnt do much; read, played on the PC, stuff like that.
He was genuinely taken by surprise.
It was gorgeous!
They dragged him out and left him in the alleyway behind the club.
It was just after noon that I finally got to bed.
Profile of a Fallen Angel…
Were not friends.
Mmmm, touch me again…
He spends a small fortune at the bar every weekend.
He replied with a ok, well can I meet you at 151 at 9:15pm?
My hatred for him grows each day…
I tried so fucking hard to keep it together…
We got three and a half service hours so that was awesome.
I can’t stand the sight of him…
Had a blast with that!
What’s your tag?
I absolutely LOVE my nutrtion class.
He’s been dating…
All this bullshit he told me…
I probably stil would have preferred to watch the game though considering we WON!
I can’t be friends with him…
I hate science classes.
It wasn’t as bad as I though it would be but it was crazy in there at times!
I’ve been feeling down lately…
I just wish he were gone.
WooHoo! party there.
It’s actuallypretty fun though..
I’m done with that shit.
It’s still a great movie though.
I wish he was dead.
I feel lonely…
I wish destruction on his being…
I’m angry still…
I see flames when I see him…
What Are Little Girls Made of?
I remember the promises he made that turned to lies…
I hate him….
Everyone laughs though and I love to laugh!
My brochure took me 6 hours to do the other night.
We have a TON of homework to do this weekend.
I especially hate bio…
SHES getting paid and IM doing all the work.
I’ve got my good friends Johnny Walker, and Mary Jane to make me feel better…
I changed myself…
I may eat a maggot…
Last night we watched Mean Girls for like the 10th time..
It was supposed to be a 3 minute presentation but hers lasted over 10 minutes and she tried to speak with a Spanish accent or something..
I could care less what he thinks…
I see bright red…
I tried so hard to make it work…
Stupid cow!
Bet the Americans are out there enjoying it already.
But she cant even keep a beautiful cushion I give her.
Ive missed her heaps.
I dont want to talk to her.
I had so much fun on the night club.
I really liked Bec and would love to see her live.
I flew off the handle at her and hung up on her.
Cant believe that he is like 16 or 18 months!
Im dying to hear the new album!!
I have a contract phone!
Am I stupid?
Well obviously not good enough for my Mom.
Fat chance.
Ive missed being on there too.
Also chatted to a girl named Jessie about Pippin coz she had him as her avatar.
Im off to bed now.
She wants to keep me caged.. and i want her to be free.
It feels like its been a long day though it probably hasnt.
Then I was starting to get desperate for something to do.
No cheapo shops around here had any that were half A4 size.
My Mom rang my mobile the other night at 11pm.
How can they justify charging that much?
Might have to order it off Amazon. com.
Was only $2!
Finally found some Pooh stuff in Kmart but it was $2.50 for not that many sheets.
I rushed to answer the phone but then I realised it was her and I didnt answer it.
Nan showed me it because she knew I would want to know about it.
I am so God damn sick of their crap.
A lot of my pay went on seeing bands and gigs and concerts.
My own mother didnt even want a gift I got her because it didnt match her décor!
None of it was lined but it was all funky stuff, so I bought some with butterflies on it.
I swear one day Im going to break and REALLY tell Mom what I think of her.
Later on I turned my phone on again and shed sent me a message asking me if I was out of credit or something?
I had my course yesterday. I thought it was incredible.
Everyone was looking at me.
Cant keep my eyes open any longer…
I must pray for my friend and her husband.
he’s smart fellow.
I adore him my……
Can anyone hear my call?
He’s fine on 6 hours of sleep.
Am I fragmented?
Is there a purpose?
He’s the best thing that happened to my life to date.
Am I just a broken vessel shattered into pieces?
Life is a fight, What happened to the light?
She observed how she’s a year behind me, as a year ago I was having my first……
But relationships are hard.
today I am exhausted.
I told my friend about my experiences over the summer.
But my comments are little less extreme.
My principal/friend started talking to me yesterday about her dealings with the RE’s office.
I don’t want her to deal with all I had to deal with, but I also don’t want her to get pregnant and leave the school.
I want to fast forward but I can’t.
I’m learning that relationships are hard work.
Sometimes he just goes on and on.
And I will miss being near him around lunch time today.
I will probably call him 8 times today.
Has anyone noticed my fall?
Why am I always so low?
I don’t know why I’m complaining.
I discovered that she is now going to the RE’s office where I was a patient.
And his stories are very detailed.
What is hard for me right now is that I want her to get pregnant and I don’t..
so mom took the day…..
I’m not complaining about this in the least.
he relied on his mom and dad to help out.
I was easily excitable, and grew bored easily.
And that’s precisely what I did.
Middle school was a tough place for a guy like me.
By first grade, I realized that I was the hyper one
My backyard transformed into another world.
Most of the time I fail in this.
They made me more powerful and more defiant.
And help they did.
My Big Fat Greek/Syrian future family…
If that were still the case I’d be fucking Casanova.
No, it was Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven.
A short history as I remember it…
Then grade school started – life was certainly underway.
Stories of society’s apathy of spirit…
Steve on the other hand, did not……
It made me an easier target.
As a lone knight, I conquered dangerous dragons to save princesses.
I was born in the summer of 1979, a great time to be born.
Of course it didn’t help that I was also a Boy Scout.
Hell, society is tough place for a guy like me.
Figuring maybe God would help, I joined a church.
The funny thing was, I actually liked it.
I mastered Chris-Fu honing my skills against the dreaded Oak Tree Clan.
It was then that I met Steve.
This all wasn’t very easy.
He picked on me.
The store let her know try-outs would be Thursday.
I guess I will have to talk about today.
My week sounds hecktic, but relaxing all the same.
Today’s Quote…
My past week’s been pretty fabulous too.
It was like a big family extension.
I’m not sure where he got this idea but it amused me.
Somewhere is a good song and I’m starting to find myself really relating to it.
He kind of watches us for a second and did this awesome hair flick.
I think I melted into a puddle of girlish pink goop.
Goldsberry got all snappy at us.
David telling me stories helped, too.
When the door shut it must have made noise because Pretty Boy whips his head around.
So that made my day a bit better.
Don’t have much to say.
Music and literature*sigh* could the world be better than those.
And 2nd was boring.
Dewald didn’t even ask me to sight-read.
Davis where there was an Indian Pow-Wow and it was hecka fun/interesting.
We were walking along chatting when we came out the door.
Like I was nervous all 0 period.
I have bass lessons tonight and I’m home.
Ryan told us we can be in his polka band.
So I tried out today, and man, I screwed up so bad and there were so many hints I wasn’t going to make it.
I didn’t make jazz band…
He smiled, I don’t care if it as at me, that smile is amazing.
Please, repeatedly bash my head into the wall!
And in band, we found the jazz band results.
Today kind of sucked, I started falling asleep in each one of my classes.
And on Sunday, my grandpa’s coming on over.
And in 6th we had a hecka hard test that was so long nobody finnished and we have to complete it the Monday AFTER SRPING BREAK!
And in 5th I somehow became Bettencourt’s t. p.
I just get so bored, I’ll regret this at some point I’m sure but I want adventure in my life.
And I get to sleep in.
I mean, it was obvious I wouldn’t but -it still hurts because Jasmine made it and I KNOW I AM a BETTER player that her.
I PLAY the TENOR saxophone.
So that made my hair on my arms and head stick all day -despite all my attempts to get clean.
Come on and drive me crazy.
And at lunch, this one kid stomped on chocolate milk and it got all over Dan and ALL OVER me.
Hah, catching buckets, that is what he will call it.
On a happier note, it’s officially Spring Break so I’m off for, about, 9 days.
Plus there’s next year to try out.
Alright, kelly talked aobut the mall yesterday so I don’t need to do that I guess….
K’s choice is killer.
At least in my realm of it.
so they hooked her up
On the way, the cute Australian called me!
Anyway, so I had a shite-load of meetings yesterday and was way busy.
He was on his way to the airport for a night flight.