At least, he was about 12 years ago when I started this obsession, before he decided to have weird surgery and strange hair.
Pictures of Luke Perry and Christian Slater were then replaced with pictures of Axl and Sebastian Bach and Metallica, and thus the era of Hair Metal was rushed into my life.
If you think this made me popular in my 6th grade class, well, you’re wrong.
Then there was a tour a year later that a whole lot of people didn’t go to, including Axl, and there were riots, and then it was cancelled, and there’s still no new album out there even though Axl has had 10 years to work on it.
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So i graduated, and started at TAMUCC, one friday morning in December, i hear the doorbell ringing, i’m the only one at the house, since class doesn; t start till 12.
Then he got with some bitch, she hated me because we were together in sixth grade, i was like dude, thats stupid, you have him now.
we were together for like all of sixth grade, and then in the last days of school, he was talkign to some chick, and i got all pissed and punched him in his face and broke up with him.
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My sibs are going to watch Queens of the Stone Age tomorrow but my sister and mom got in an argument because my mom thought my sister was going to take my brother..

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Actually, I’m just finishing a storywhere the sex isn’t really described at all – all you get is Josh’s POV on what he’s feeling.
Then later I decided to post it to the CJ/Toby list – because I think it’s really a CJ/Toby story as much as anything – and the reaction there was quite different
After a long day at the office CJ, Toby, Josh and Sam meet up at Toby’s apartment for a Thanksgiving celebration involving popcorn balls, candy apples and more alcohol than is safely contained amongst four people.
I discovered fanfiction just after spending a year in Jerusalem studying rabbinic texts – and while obviously, I’m completely mixing the sacred & the profane, let’s just say the idea of making up stories about pre-existing texts wasn’t exactly a new one.

so charlie and heather get into a big fight right and they start bitching back and forth at each other saying things that were just really mean… then all of a sudden I’m talking to dustin again right??
Best part is, I can just go right down to the CSI office, pay there and have the textbook in my hot little hands, without having to wait weeks for it to be delivered.
We’ll c if he gets another chance that’s my decision not his this is my life he isn’t going 2 weigh me down like that and make me feel like shit I am a person and he isn’t going 2 treat me like I’m some lil gurl that doesn’t know ne thing he can suck dick!!!
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The relationship they shared was not limited to those boundaries and they were as close as two best friends could be and yet since they were of the opposite sex there was always a teasing tension between them.

His eyes gleamed and he knew that soon the fog on the windows would turn to a mist as the heat in the car had suddenly gone up and in the air the metallic sound of a zipper being opened could be heard.
Its debatable, but I think that the way school is now, Im not sure teachers – certainly there are some who are very, very good but theres a lot of teachers who I dont think care about teaching.
I know I’ve done this before and I doubt there’s much here that I haven’t covered in the past, but here it is once again, this time in a neat and concise form…
While I used to say that I could never balance a checkbook, I opened my own account in April and have done a perfect job of keeping the checkbook balanced.
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Anna and I got into our Anarchy argument again, then we had to go to our seats so we put it on hold, and passed a note on Adam and Andrew’s hotness today.
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I helped her finish dinner, we picked up Heather, went home, ate, I got dressed in my pimp suit and Alan drove me to the High School.
Orlando guy who is reaching the age most people start to turn conservative, yet find myself headed farther toward the left.
I didn’t sleep at all, and I was cold and tired so I lagged and was running late but I got into Spanish on time.

When they were going in Erin and I were standing against the fence timing people and Cute Blonde kicked the fence and said in his cute joking tone ‘Lazy ass freshmen!’ and I go ‘Who the fuck you calling lazy, you didn’t shoot ONE arrow in that whole class!’ cause he didn’t, and he makes his cute face and goes ‘Shhhhhhhhhh!!’.
I stood in the hallway talking with Kyssa for like 3 minutes, and Andrew passed us and I stopped and openly stared and Kyss was like ‘Are you even listening to me, or are you STARING AT ANDREW?’ and she said that last part really loudly, and he turned around and I am going SHUT UP SHUT UP!
Anna took Jeremy and Andrew’s ruler because we didn’t have one like theirs, and Andrew was like ‘She just took our ruler.’ but when she was done using it I gave it back and said ‘Thank you for tolerating Anna stealing your ruler!’ and Andrew was all ‘Your welcome’ and I gave him a hug.
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Glitter doesn’t like Evan or myself because we aren’t afraid to say what we think, he gave us both really low grades in class participation even though we are always making open, to-the-class comments and asking questions but they are comments and questions that he doesn’t like because they don’t conform.

I went on about my business, and looked up, noticing a slightly older man gaping over at me from across the way.
Infact, I dress quite casual on most days, and I like thin little body hugging tops that show off the hourglass waist I work so hard to maintain, and jeans that hug just at my ass.
That is like a name that John Hughes would make up for the bastard who would not take Molly Ringwald to the prom because she was from the wrong side of the tracks.
I don’t mind the Jets winning at all, a jet plane is way cooler than a baby horse, but they do make me angry in one respect: the old quarterback, now sadly sidelined, was VINNY TESTAVERDE,* which is a totally kick-ass name and appropriately working-class for what is essentially a New Jersey team.
Instead I landed on the Caffeine Twitchiness And Really Crazy Oblique Associations square, which gives you an extra turn!

My grandparents had tons of back issues of Reader’s Digestablished and whenever I was at their house I would go through them specifically for the Survival!
Recent financial and bankular and cashtonic factors have combined to make me very, very cranky today, and neither payday nor my tax refund can come soon enough.
On the one hand I will be excited to watch her read and discover and pass through all those weird and confusing identity stages.
Which you will inevitably squander by instead typing eight hundred words about the connections between Florida death-metal and Romantic poetry, or about an idea for a platypus-related media installation you want to make, or about the dream you had where you and your husband were trying to make a movie in a graveyard where a head of red cabbage rides past the camera on a bicycle.
A history of me falling for her when I was like, 15, and she not ever feeling that way, but taking advantage of it anyway.

I know that in the grand scheme of things I have less to complain about than most people, but it is hard to remember that when the bills keep coming and March keeps being an exceptionally long month.
Right now I have a hard time imagining Nora being any age other than her walking, babbling, mercurial toddler self, but of course there is much more to come.
Sometimes I like to imagine that there is a Mister-Burns-style trapdoor in my brain, and I can just open it and send the stupid ideas plummeting, down to my stomach, to be dissolved by gastric juices.
Assuring me that it was not the first time someone from my neighborhood had gotten onto the wrong bus, she dropped off the Eagles and returned me to Woodbridge High School, where- for the first time- I happily joined my fellow Vikings.
its not inspirational for kids to learn when theyve got a teacher who basically is just taking a paycheck.

I’m still in denial over the fact that my summer is officially over, I can’t be a bum any more, and soon I’ll have to start reading hundreds of pages a week and working 20 hours as a research assistant.
Known for his offbeat roles in movies such as Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, and Chocolat, I believe Johnny only wants to keep his life nice and simple.
We all seem to have similar research interestablished which makes sense when you realize that we were probably attracted by the same faculty members.
Once we turned onto Route 1 south, I finally let the heavy truth settle into my small brain: I was on the wrong bus, and on my way to the wrong school.
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All I remember is me honking and seeing him through my rear-view mirror shaking a finger at me with one hand and his other, blowing his ratherly large blower in the air.
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I don’t want to be a hateful person, I don’t want this anger to eat me up inside so much so that I can’t find any type of pleasure in this world what so ever.
Saturday was wonderful and full, and M.s. s cousins came down to join us for an evening of art and dining.
I should have paid attention to the signs, so I was only pissed at myself when I discovered another car in the spot where I had parked mine.

This is the deal I dont have time for all the parties, and Im beginning to find them boring.
I wonder if I’ve just totally lost all ability to cope with life’s little let downs or if I truly have been getting fucked over all my life.
She introduced herself, shook my hand, said it was a pleasure to meet me and skittered off to other tables.
Besides, a real man doesn’t need you to ask his permission first before you do anything
Another tow-truck appeared to tow the car that took my spot, and I talked the young man into giving me a lift to the tow yard.

She said the woman who took my reservation on the phone wrote my status by my name, and then she made reference to her knowledge that I was involved in a neighborhood business.
If you don’t want to be sociable and would rather stay at home while your man goes out with his friends getting high and going to strip clubs, be my guestablished Just don’t fucking lie and say you need to check with your man first.
Bluetech was kicking off his European tour at Fizgigs Palace, and friends were gathering to wish him well.
I wanted to watch Red try to pick up a woman to come back to the hotel with us and she wanted me to try to pick up a guy to show me the ropes.
For instance, Red wanted to have a pickup race: We both go to a bar and scan the crowd until each of us had agreed upon a target a piece.

As we blew out of the city in the early morning hours we went over different games that we had discussed over the last week as means to fulfill this mutual fantasy.
Neither of us had been in a real threesome before, but we both have pretty sexual minds and we had come up with no end of ideas about how to bring about the situation.
Spotting a rest area, Red pulled off and parked in the back corner of the large lot, which had only a couple of trucks at this early hour.
A move, an insane ex, a jealous girlfriend, and on-going drama with the queer ex-best friend…
Red collapsed on the hood when she came, and I pressed down on top of her when I came.

Still teasing her with words, talking about how I wanted to dress her up like a little slut when we went out so that the men would be all over her.
I really thought when I met Red that she was this totally innocent, possibly prudish little girl, and then when she started talking about these wild fuck fantasies, and being totally uninhibited with me, I still expected it to be all talk.
I got out of the car, dropped my pants by the door and walked behind the crazily masturbating and moaning nymphette, and without any further ado I jammed my cock as far as it would go up her soaking wet snatch.
I was blissed out and naked from the waist down, my pubic hair a mess of her juices and my cum, but we looked at each other and started giggling.
We wanted to get started early because we wanted to make it down to Western Maryland before it got too late.

Couldn’t wait till tomorrow now that I have decided to post about the vaction.
She kept glancing over at my cock and sort of panting, trying also to watch the road.
She thought the prospect of getting paid as well would be very exciting.
If we were rejected, we had decided that we could proceed to another target who looked at least similar to the first target.
I scooped some of the juices from around my cock and tried to feed it to her, which brought a squeal and more giggles, not to mention juices all over her wiggling face.
So talking over all of this again had both of us hot very early on Tuesday morning.

I think that it was only then that I realized that we were really going to do some of the things that we had been teasing each other about.
Two people in the bar who we would want to share a bed with.
Red was screaming through her self-imposed gag, and pushing back hard against my thrusts.
Despite it being very early in the morning, both of us were very awake and excited.
And then I fucked her, spanking her quickly chilling ass while I looked around the parking lot at the truckers who more and more often were looking our way.