It’s a lot harder to get used to than I expected.
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It spun and skipped with joy.
If the class is taught by a TA, the time is shortened considerably.
Of coarse, you now owe your friend in return for the favor.
There was a forensics and debate tournament there.
Often doesn’t take place until the night before finals.
Abbreviation for Acute Commitment Anxiety.
I think I enjoyed this weekend more because of the stupid, hillarious stuff we did inbetween the rounds rather than the actual rounds.
Mine was, as the title of this entry implies, present-tastic.
A small futon thingy-that is a small uncomfortable seat and folds out into a small uncomfortable mattress.
A pair of leather boots with thick menacing lug soles.
So you have to pull a Navy Seal and take one for the team.
spilling a glass of red wine on the Dean’s white carpet during an elegant mixer.
Any uneaten pizza left on the floor of a dorm room.
Can be used to refer to people, inanimate objects, towns, parties, and lunchmeat.
Signifies the beginning of a buzz.
From what I’ve learned, a CD spinning at that speed actually warps the space-time continuum, leading to negative burn times.
The practice of hooking up with large, hefty individuals.
As it turned out, Matt was working yesterday, and I got a birthday present: a new CD burner.
She was the perfect friend and I didn’t want things to get weird between us, so I kept my mouth shut until our second week of vacation.
I especially like what you thought of the lyrics to it.
So then I signed onto Diaryland and got myself this diary.
It’s like we were playing chicken with each other.
Then in May of this year, when Janine became free again, those feelings bubbled to the surface, but I wasn’t sure she felt the same way.
The questions that had been buzzing around my head have all been resolved.
We swam out into the ocean and kept going.
This is probably one of my favorite things about the movie Anastasia was that song.
Revealing my love for Janine, here in my diary, has been a really difficult decision, especially since this is my last entry.
You also have been added to our Hall of Fame.
I could say this is my 400th entry, but that wouldn’t be true.
My lungs were burning and the waves were getting bigger.
Plus, Tina had put a bad taste in my mouth with her psychotic behavior, so even though I felt something for Janine, I suppressed it.
The most significant changes have occurred within the last two months.
I’ve kept my thoughts and feelings to myself all this time.
A few hours pass.
Creepy man was reduced to staring at my boobs in the window reflection.
So, in the keys went, and I checked in the mirror to make sure they wen’t visible.
So, I didn’t want to put my keys in my pockets, for fear it would throw off my stride.
Although, I do plan on complaining about the weather, too.
I’m starting to feel a little chafing.
What were your favorite family traditions?
Huh, there is nothing in there.
So, I went to the gym yesterday, all excited about using the elliptical machine.
I leave, and open my locker and put away my keys, and then stretch a few times.
Using the letters in your first name, write a sentence.
No compaints, but glad to have the keys out of their personal space.
Did that change as you got older?
Another 15 minutes go by.
Today was the first day of the semester that I decided I didn’t need to wear a coat.
What do you like to order from your favorite fast food place?
I am allergic to metal……
They are big enough that I can just place my keys in the hollow between, inside my bra!
Who was the last person you hugged?
Just hit the button! if you dare..
Name 3 things that you are wearing today.
I climbed on the elliptical and found it remarkably easy to use.
I decided to sit in the empty seats in the train, behind him.
When you were a child…
Repeat every hour.
What time of day do you usually feel most energized?
And yet it is still so fricking boring.
Guess who developed a nice, painful rash between her bazongas?
It’s about time that these things in front of my pectorals came to some use.
It’s rainy and windy.
I was off to the gym.
I would gladly have it’s little elliptical babies, if it were to ask me to.
I hope the sweat isn’t corrosive to my keys, should I ever decide to store them in that conveinent cubbyhole again.
A party in which participants form teams and go from room to room taking various shots of alcohol.
A gathering of many more men than women.
You can find more users in the members directory though!
The dangerous act of getting with someone on your hall your freshman year.
The way I see it, $30 is worth the convenience.
A wild guess.
Socially inept individual.
They will certainly ruin your current chances at nookie, so your friend intercepts the old flame before they get to you.
Oops, that user doesn’t exist, or they haven’t entered a profile.
An incident that goes against party the rules of the party.
A lady who only wants to get with the football/basketball players.
He tried to answer but could only nod, unable to find his voice as her hand continued to stroke him.
She was able to go to bed with her boyfriend with a smile, knowing she got a dick in her after all!
Angie’s heart was pounding a mile a minute as she watched the big man bow down between her open legs.
When the flow of cum finally stopped, Angie looked up at him.
Her small, white hand was stroking him quickly now, and he was humping upwards slightly, unable to control himself.
Her ass was bent over right in front of him, creamy white skin begging to be kissed.
Now I’m spending one to two hours on here and it’s all for Diaryland.
We held onto each other and looked into one anothers eyes.
So I started a paper diary, but I soon abandoned that because I wasn’t accustomed to writing stuff by hand.
I’m spending too much time online.
I finally grabbed Janine and pulled her to me.
Before I had this diary, I only spent a half hour a day and that was mainly to check on stocks, tennis and news.
Things have changed since then.
Janine and I were instantly attracted to each other, but it was a physical attraction and I was going with Kevin at the time.
As she calmed down, he gently sat up, holding her up above him with one arm, keeping himself in her still.
He was holding the sides of her ass tightly, tasting her yummy juice as she came violently.
Danny was 6’1, 200 pounds, short blond hair, blue eyes, and very attractive.
I was so ecstatic and delerious that I ran inside the pizza place which was crowded with lunch customers.
At this point, let’s be honestablished I felt like vomiting buckets.
Reach into my left front pocket.
Are You There God?
So I get over to the club and put the two humongous speakers in the van and ask around for the guy who wants to buy the boxes.
They obviously thought I was an escaped mental patient.
It’s not there either.
I glance over to the parking space I had occupied 45 minutes earlier.
I go to this pizza place for lunch and before I leave the van, I take the two $100 bills and shove them in my pocket.
The teenage waitress saw me and looked at me.
She gets back on the phone a minute later and asks how much money I lost.
Like all three year-olds, Andrew doesn’t like anybody’s hands in his mouth.
my boss resigned on Wednesday and called to tell me Wednesday morning.
From a distance, I could see something in the parking space that looked like paper.
No mention of a blow job though.
Reach into my shirt pocket.
I knock on the door and all his stuff’s packed up in boxes.
I was kinda shocked but I got over it quickly.
Not really paying attention which pocket I shoved them in.
he got two very good speakers for $100.
my courage got the better of me and I decided my life was worth the chance at possibly getting Edweird’s $200 back and I swung into oncoming traffic to cross into the parking lot.
Some women out there have hangups about blowing strangers for money.
Had the guy who took my space bothered to look down to make sure he wasn’t stepping in a puddle or oil spill, the story would have been different.
I stand up and fish through my front left pocket to retrieve the cell phone.
this guy is loving the bargain he just got.
I’m straight and it’d just be kinda weird to look down and see a buddy of ten years staring me in the eye while snuffing my weiner.
I go in, eat and Edweird calls me while I’m eating.
I don’t know why I’m driving so fast across town to retrieve something that’s not there.
I hadn’t talked to my old buddy Will in about a month or so and I was in the neighborhood so I go to talk to him.
I explained my situation and that I had lost some money while I had ate lunch there.
I hopped in the car and dialed the number of the pizza place since I had it in my cell phone phone book.
The guy who wants the speakerless speakers is there.
He’s just glad I’m not a total fucktard and he still has his money.
Yesterday morning was Andrew’s very first dental appointment.
Before I go, Will gives me $200 cash to give to Edweird for some graphic design work that Edweird did for him a few weeks ago.
I sped into the parking lot and got out of the van.
Will informs me that he was offered a job in San Diego last week and that he jumped at the opportunity to go.
When you’re talking about a teenage waitress in a pizza place who might make $20 tips on a Thursday, $200 is a shitload of money.
I swear to you, there were the two $100 bills folded up on the ground just waiting for me.