Sometimes I cry when I see a movie.
I just read in Health that cilantro can kill salmonella, so you might want to wash that down with some fresh salsa.
Alas, he died of chicken pox.
Well, right now he’s sleeping so I can’t say he’s miserable or happy, he’s just really cute.
But sometimes I just get totally awesome searches that make my day.
I see the allergist on Wednesday so I can’t take any meds now, they have to be out of my system so the stupid testing wont be affected by them.
This movie changes your perspective on life, even if it is only for a moment, any time that happens it is a good thing.
It would be nice for him, even if he didn’t go on many camping trips.
I also like to see what searches people use to get to my page.
I like to see how many people have linked to me and establish my feelings of self-worth accordingly.
For those of you who know me, the fact that I live in a fraternity is quite humorous but it’s a lot of fun.
Yup, Eldest Son, Daughter and Hubby are all sleeping in the great frigid outdoors.
Mostly because he isn’t a camper right now.
He wanted to go camping with everyone else.
In fact, I told her, the most political thing I am likely to do is wear the I Heart Carbs shirt she just sent me, if that tells you anything.
Maybe in a few years, when he’s about 8 or so I’ll think about signing him up for Cubs, if I think he’ll enjoy it.e.
He wore pink shoes and purple socks.
They’re trying to get 1 million signatures, and so far are only at the halfway mark.
Every day I check my journal stats the way some people comb the tassels on their rugs and other people turn on the light six times before entering a room.
Make him feel more normal.
But no seriously, he’s not a happy camper right now.
Well, currently I am a UW student living in a fraternity.
Please register, and tell your friends to register.
If not, then why not?
Its an obsession.
People screamed at the….
A work truck was parked in the space now and this paper was right by the driver side door.
Not a bad idea.
Maybe she’ll agree to let me frisk her in order to satisfy my need for resolution in this matter.
I look closely at these speakers that are going to kick some ass at my next DJ gig.
It’s just a penis in your mouth for a few minutes for chrissakes.
He’s borderline freaky about it.
Don’t look at me as if I’m pathetic because I have pizza places on speed dial.
The thing holds like 500 numbers so I’m constantly adding every business in town’s phone number into it.
I almost shit my pants as an 18 wheeler almost slammed into me.
That was going to be another half hour that I had to wait for him to get the cash.
As I was leaving, Edweird finally returned my call.
I was all giggly like a school girl giving her first blowjob as I told him the story.
Nobody’s digits were chewed off and very little blood was shed.
This was a good sign!
Sleep Deprivation Is Your Friend!
I tell Edweird I got his money and he’s overjoyed.
I tell him to call me and hang up.
I go back to the club, I get the money from the guy buying these good speakers, I take my BETTER speakers home with me and unload them into the garage.
I got your money that was owed to you…
My ass is killing me.
I have this strange compulsion to re-decorate and move more furniture around.
I read it, and found that while interesting, most of it I knew already.
I worked on my Top Secret Project, cleaned my room, added a MIDI to my webpage, and made him a template…
if you’ve never noticed, I keep track my days by the time I wake up and go to sleep.
My last one… broke… while we were there.
take a look at Zeus, the man-whore.
The Greek gods did it all the time and those myths are there for anybody to read.
Has anyone ever smelled the old powders and lipsticks from the early 90s and late 80s?
It’s strange how I move the furniture whenever I am undergoing a change in my life or personality, or when I sense a change coming…
I went through some of my grandmother’s old makeup today, and I found stuff from the 80s.
I am glad to see this day finally coming to an end.
I love spinning in circles in it, but it isn’t ergonomic in the least bit.
I often found myself crying to my journal around 3 or 4 in the morning during the summer.
I finished Part 32 of my story, need to proofread it.
Someone I write to online expressed an interest in coming along.?
The author makes it seem more perverse than it really was, with an emphasis on sex alone and none of the symbolic qualities.
Has anyone ever noticed how almost all makeup had the same scent, back then?
Out with the old, in with the new?
Me in person as Kitty.
am I expecting people to expect something?
I was nervous as if I were full of shit and everyone knew it or something.
I missed your birthday.
I asked him his name to distract him..
I don’t know what’s happened to me.
My moment of fame… so cherished!
The panel discussion was cool, I saw some people, met some people, I liked listening.
Much love from your obsessed stalker………..
Even though I am a Jehovah’s witness and will burn in hell for wishing you a Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday my friend.
Even giving that eulogy last week!
Not Pat the Bunny…..
The days don’t change until you pass out.
shortly after I stammered and shook my way through asking……
Another word of advice: Make sure you’re done with the constipation part before you move on to the anal sex.
Believe me, Howard wouldn’t like my site.
Never tell people your name as if you’re asking them your name.
My therapist is going to love this.
I have been trying for days to put up a comment wishing you a Happy Birthday to no avail.
I am fine with the two people separate, but I can’t be both at once.
I said he must have been talking about some bukkake girl whose name is Kitty or something.
Dammit Frog!
I have to get up and run this 10K tomorrow morning in Hollywood.
I told him I didn’t feel like I could really explain it.
What is your dream job?
How sick of reality television shows are you now?
Name three things about yourself, physically more mentally, that you would change.
I promise I won’t tell a soul…….
Governments grounded in religion would have to go, as would murderous regimes.
Super Bowl or World Series?
Name three things you would change about this diary.
Come and admit right here how much you love the Chrome man.
England or Austrailia?
if I called you boo boo kitty fuck would you find it cute or reason to slap a restraining order on me?
And finally name three things you would change about global policies.
Name some of your favorite bands/music/songs.
I love Chrome like I love all my online buddies.
Name three things you would change about the US goverment.
We call him Jackass, and he was everything I wanted and everything I wanted to be all rolled up in one package.
Name some of your favorite movies.
A little bit of both, I guess.
If life really is a box of chocolates would you be chewy, crunchy, or the suprise chocolate covered turd?
almost anything angry……
Maybe even sour inside.
Name three things that you would change about humanity.
What is your favorite type of music?
Winter or Summer?
I’d have cheekbones, superheroic musculature, and perfect eyesight.
Pool or Ocean?
Reality shows allow us the judgmental luxury of pretending we wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing in the same situation.
What was the last movie you went to see?
Heathers, the Scream Trilogy, Serial Mom, the Ninth Gate, anything where Paul Walker takes his top off.
In case you have read it, all the entries are easily labeled in my archives page under link of same name.
What do you think about the layout of this diary?
What is your dream life?
Other than that, I think a little variety is good.
Los Angeles or New York?
Name ten movies that when you see them at a rental place or think about them you want or have to rent them?
Name your first true love and why they where the first person you really felt for.
I’d thought I’d ask to figure who the people are that are reading this.
Winning enough money in the lottery to only work because I want to, and to do that at a comic store.
Stupidity, ignorance, and the fact that totally hot yet completely unattainable people exist.
What music is in your car CD player/room CD player right now?
I’m no lady, so I guess I can’t answer this one.
Where do you think reality television shows are taking us?
Have you heard the new EMINEM CD?
The color settings on my office computer make it show up pretty dark, so I might tweak the colors a little.
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard?
Are you old enough to remember seeing all of the Staw Wars movies in the theater when they FIRST came out?
Would you pick it up, slap, and rub it all over?
Coke or Pepsi?
What was the last movie you rented?
IE which ten movies appeals to you enough to watch over and over.
Think about the movies Truman and The Running man when you think about this question.
Hawaiian Islands or Virgin Islands?
My room is actually clean, and very organized right now.
I really hate this godforsaken swivel chair.
I think I will get some sleep, though.
I really ought to get to sleep now.
I’m of the mind you should not meet with people you’ve met only online!
Whichever it was… the Egyptians weren’t ashamed of sex.
I guess that’s because everyone loves the light-and-natural look these days, so the industry had to make a scent to go with it.
We’re supposedly to go on Thursday.
If you’ve never noticed it before, you either weren’t looking hard enough, or you were wearing blinders.
I’m fit for survival.
A dozen towels, a blanket, a security system, a microwave, and – my personal favorite – a blender.
I go there to keep updated and possibly GET HELP!
We never get to talk these days, and she always seems to catch me when I’m logging off or just in a generally foul mood.
You know what I have, so far?
It seems that every time we go to the Island, we end up walking around in this really cold damp wind.
I think it is this newfound happiness that is pushing me to do it.
I should really type up the dream I had last night, can’t remember much of it now…
I’ve got more space than I ever had before.
Would’ve been nice to show him the Island, though.
I hope it doesn’t rain, and that no big cold gusty winds come up.
I hope we have enough time to look at everything.
I did accomplish a lot that I couldn’t have finished if he was here today, though, so I guess that may’ve been a good thing.
at least I can be clean, warm, secure, well-fed, and drunk.
Number one, it’s short notice, and number two…
Nothing has that scent anymore.
I think it is the first day that I haven’t seen him at all since we started going out.
I REALLY wish I had the guts to join and reply!
I have to re-apply to a webring that deleted itself and started anew at Ringsurf.
WHY should the sex lives of the gods be left alone?
There was infidelity and incest and rape and masturbation and homosexuality up the wazoo.
I guess those blue Squeeze-Its have more power than Coca Cola because I’ve been more awake tonight than I have been in several evenings.
I need a good backpack.
Unfortunately, I’ve moved things around more than enough…
Pity, since it was such a good one, too.
I am yesterday; I know tomorrow.
On the other hand, I hope I don’t fry, either!
I think it’s dumb to put the code on your page FIRST, in order to be accepted-having that stuff on your page is like you’ve BEEN accepted already!
This is a damn shame, too, because I waited for Lindsay to log on and I never saw her.
She just emphasized the sex aspect-because that was what the article was about!
Here it is, with minor alterations to three of them so nobody goes over there and sees me whining…
They could at least have let us know WHY they were kicking us out, or have changed their goodbye letter to reflect the fact that, HELLO, we didn’t quit!!
I usually go to bed around 11:15 and fall asleep by midnight.
Today seemed to really crawl by…
That says a lot, considering I used to be notorious for my insomnia…
I’ve got to make a list of all the things I need to take to college with me.