Write a story that ends with “I love her. That’s why I killed her”.
Bittersweet Moonrise.
The sun rose today, but hasn’t set…
“I’m on fire “
Begin with the sentence, “I am alone, but I am happy”.
An endless staircase.
fake a fairy tale is….
Write an epic battle
You are lost in the woods.
A taste of evil… Just enough to whet the lips
Meanwhile dorknoodle is bugging me.
So much to say… and such a strange way to say it.
Because of this a lot of good movies get bypassed by this theater to show the more main stream, current block buster movie.
Thats ityou want anything else then you get a car and drive at least an hour away for something better.
I got something right here that will slay you, buddy.
Roman Catholics.
Why should you assume you are going to a good place?
Or maybe I am the irritant, does that mean I will turn into a pearl some day?
But being a foresighted person his aunt sistercookie had rope ladder against one curved area so he could climb out.
People are generally irritating to begin with but that’s just my opinion.
Everyone should read about their rights as a tenant and as a landlord.
I would like to get it down further but that takes time.
Meanwhile back at the ranch…
Basically the courts are covering their asses by not letting people affidavit bullshit testimony.
I tried adding entry before but my isp went down before I could save it.
I am not even legally bound in a any way to the situation.
Even though his mother has the same thing the doctors never noticed it until last year.
Timmie had fallen down the well again.
If ex-boyfriend cannot be responsible, he should at least not let the animals suffer for it.
Born Again Christians.
He seems to hate them.
I am just a figment of my own imagination.
Blue Moon is the worst case of Manic-Depression or Mixed Mania/Depression with rapid cycling that is amazing if not completely scary.
I want the landlord to speak.
If people who are different from you are just living their lives without bothering you why should you care?
I have repeatedly told dorknoodle’s ex-boyfriend that the animals need to be moved.
He would be in jail but nobody local wanted to take him across the state and nobody from there wanted to come get him.
The landlord is sick of the animals.
We have only been industrialized for 100 years that only 1% of those 10,000 years.
There is a court date on October 28 at like 8:30am.
His would be like a 100 foot tidal change a few times a day.
I worry about the message of hate the landlord has.
People seem to care about things that don’t affect them and not pay attention to things like their children, their neighbors, their schools.
This landlord has a son.
Now though people can move across the world that people are in culture shock.
The ex-boyfriend keeps insisting that the landlord will somehow be nice which conflicts with the landlord is a bully.
I do understand that the landlord wants his money, but he started harassing me before the rent was even late.
If ex-boyfriend says all the animals are his then he needs to be responsible.
I kept Blue Moon out of jail 3 times at least.
I waiting to see what happen’s with dorknoodle’s bully landlord.
It take 10,000 for humans to go from black to white or vice-versa.
I know its stress but it does not give you the right to bully people.
Science has proven that people of different races are that way because of the climate.
he had a warrant out for his arrest over child support because the court does not have his current address.
I just took dorknoodle’s money and made it into a bank check because THE LANDLORD INSISTED ON IT.
He isn’t even pretending to look for a job… glad he got laid off and it has been 2 years now.
Or If it’s a reporting of a conversation, even not actual word-for-word.
Which church are you going to now?
Now he’s more like 6 feet.
you dont need to tackle all this, Id just be muchly obliged.
I just wanted to say I really love your screenname the layout and your words.
You certainly do have a lot of creative energy.
I read the diaries occasionally, but not regularly.
The way I understand it, you have made amends to all who saw the e-mail…
I’ll be praying for you and your step daughter.
enjoy your coffee…..
Was wondering if you may be part of them.
And I certainly hope #4 keeps you plenty occupied…
You really have a way of reaching out through your words.
Probably more than I realize, I maybe just don’t encounter it as often as I’d like to.
What was the significance of that?
I really can identify with the things you are going through.
I’m back…..
Ive been meaning to ask youcould u help me out by clarifying a few verses from the OT?
It makes me feel like becoming a Christian all over again… it’s nice.
His inspiration transcends the Bible verses his diary’s laced with.
My pleasure to offer my biased bias, indeed.
Embarassing moments… plenty.
The reason the catholics have confession is so that they can admit out loud what they have done wrong.
I am now officially single again.
And you as well do to with all of it…
It makes it easy for friend’s to link you, and looks good in their pages.
I understand the Reformation.
I figured you would be a good person to ask this.
Alot of things happened b4 that n I thanked God that He gives us the grace to forgive and nmove on.
It’s hard when it hits home that things can become so cursed when ur life becomes influenced by cults!
uplifting and thoughtfully so.
When you are a genuine nice person… that comes across in conversation.
The Christian literical world is short of writers.
I’m just 20 and still have my mom, but I still wonder what will I do w/out her.
Its in a Las Olas ART MUSEUM so it was a no-brainer.
Hi its me again… dun worry i bring god news now.
It has being a tuff n tormenting year with joblessness n marital strife.
I do all the cleaning, cooking, shopping and all the painting, building and other home improvement work.
The secular world aren’t used to it, except when being selfish or taking drugs.
I used to overwhelm people by trying to get them to try things MY WAY and feeling rejected if they didn’t.
I don’t live in England.
Despite what my friend says, I don’t think you’re a joke.
I’m having boundary problems as well.
If you don’t know, you can’t fix it.
I’m sorry if that wasn’t much help!
Bless you and Hang Tough in the Lord!
Letting go when there is nothing more that you can do is always the best policy.
I read it quite often- you had a very cool banner!
good, it sounded like you were on the right track.
I still miss the closeness of the Lord in my walk
God does not take cheques….
I mean, if a saved person decides to commit suicide, will they still be saved?
I will be praying for you ‘ex’ wife and daughter.
I’m sure I’ll be reading it w/ my morning coffee from now on!
It is only then that you realize how angry you were and how good it feels to turn it all over to God.
I will pray for her…
I couldn’t appreciate the images while trying to read the words.
Howard may get it eventually… that is how I finally embarrassed him into getting a computer.
I need prayers, as my lab work shows not-so-good-results.
Looks as though you are surviving, by leaning on HIM.