it was something I depended on.
Thrives on chaos, but would like a happy ending.
I dont have that anymore and I really miss it.
I loved photo booths and used to drag everyone into them.
As usual, I didnt know what to get you for your birthday.
Well, you did have Alzheimers Disease, so you probably dont remember, but this was you and I in the 1970s.
The same thoughtful expression.
Youd do it to make me laugh.
I know how much you loved watching the news.
I was really groovin with those cool 1970s sunglasses, wasnt I?
You look like you just graduated from Maniacal Dad School, Dad.
I never did know what to get you for your birthday anyways.
But we had the same high forehead.
This was our one and only Photobooth Adventure, I think, but you really got the gist of it…
Do they have cable TV there?
And it usually worked… except when I was a teenager trying to look cool for the photobooth camera.
So please take care, and know that I love you and miss you with all of my heart.
Its not that they were particularly exciting or stimulating.
Happy 875th Birthday.
See I remembered.
And I didnt even realize how important it was at the time, until I lost it.
Bipolar artist/ writer/ musician.
Id ask you about yours.
I just wanted to say hi and see how you were doing and tell you how much I miss you.
I definitely got my personality from you…
The same shaped hands and elbows.
And my love of walking.
I was still in high school and we were at the Sonoma County Fair in Santa Rosa, California.
So I hope you have a great birthday, Dad.
How are things in heaven?
Id ask you how you were feeling.
And lost you.
Youd ask me about the weather.
People who have family and friends asking them how they are every day take this stuff for granted.
But its really our bi-weekly phone calls I miss.
Look into the camera, and act incredibly silly by the third frame.
It was actually a gorilla face and youd usually accompany it with ape-like gestures and make Ook, Ook noises.
You were sort of the guy with everything… at least materialistically.
And my bluish green eyes.
Not able to express their feelings particularly well.
you be interested in getting
Not sure if it’s fictional or non-fiction… but it was interesting.
They say that even what they call A.D.D.
Any debts owed to God should paid by your deeds and your intent.
That first year is hard and goes so fast
So Much Has Been Going On…
What a coinkin drink!
I understand that in the past some of these absences have slipped through the cracks unnoticed, but some have not.
I would like some time to sit and chat with you about this and some other matters.
It is an easy way for me to get my thoughts together.
This Is What Went Down…
Before I said that, I said this…
I can deal with you in summer, because it’s warm then, and pretty much daytime.
The contributor with the most creative and humorous suggestion will be awarded my life-long allegiance.
In the future, make sure I do prior to you taking the time off.
I like my shirt too!
I had something to tell you on 3045-10-13 @ 3:22 p. m..
I’m taking any and all suggestions for what I should scream out over the P.A.
ARG why can’t any one be who they want to be not who every other girl is.
The Procedure…
I definitely think I got my expressive face from you though.
Not that UPS delivers to heaven.
And I got my Irishness from you.
People would always think I looked like mom when they saw us together, but I think I looked like you.
You used to do that face for me a lot.
you put in for sick time and The Payroll Lady and I agreed that since you were not sick, that you couldn’t use sick time.
Got Pimp?
Today I checked my work e-mail to find this following message……
Over the years, my anonymity has evaporated.
Friends were able to check up on what I was doing in my day to day life.
Along with all of the things that I wrote in here, there are all the things I didn’t write.
To all of those people that have been hurt by my public criticisms and opinions in these pages, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.
I broke up with Shonda and wrote some things in here that I’m not very proud of.
Believe me when I say that having a positive impact on others is probably my biggest new year’s resolution.
I’d also like to thank everyone who has ever sent me words of encouragement and support for what I’ve done here.
I inadvertently hurt people by what I left out as well as what I put in to these entries.
It was humiliating for her and embarrassing for my friends who really had no desire to read the things I was posting.
They were able to have a little peek into my thought processes.
All of these problems are of my own doing, so don’t feel sorry for me at all.
It seems I didn’t learn my lesson.
Sick time cannot be used as vacation time.
Enough with the rain already, home-dawg.
I’m sorry the haute cuisine I have offered you isn’t up to your standards.
I know kibble and tinned fish in jelly gets a bit same-y after a while, but short of feeding you slivered raw steak, it’s all that you get.
I’m not saying that i need to ditch my old friends but i want to find people who will let me be the way that i am with out trying to change me.
All absence approvals will be reviewed closely.
And there you have it… word for word.
Lie To Me Baby…
If your internet’s not working at this stupid time of the morning, go back to bed for a couple of hours and try again later.
Letters from the heart…
ask here to give you any vacation time that you had available.
I am ridiculously pissed off right now.
The sun’s not even fucking out yet.
For god’s sake, you lick your own ass when you’re cleaning yourself.
The Tim Thing…
You can’t be that fussy…
Get a life, seriously.
But in winter?
That is alot to come back to!
You look rested and a little more relaxed!

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