A character believes she has committed a crime someone else knows she is innocent of.
A hair stylist overhears something she shouldn’t while cutting hair.
A character wakes up knowing a new language, but forgets their mother tongue.
A sailor banished to a year-long journey to atone for his crimes must reconcile with what he’s done.
A character buys a new coat, only to find a mysterious message sewn into the lining of it.
A character falls asleep on an abandoned ship and awakes on a new planet.
A family dynasty threatens to fall apart when an illegitimate child steps into the picture with a list of demands.
A character is sold the “Best Year of Their Life” by an illustrious company, with the caveat that they must die afterward.
A museum security guard witnesses someone stealing a painting, but lies about it.
Two villages compete to have the best technology in the country.
An elderly woman falls madly in love with a young boy and seduces him.
An adopted child starts to receive tens of letters from people who claim they’re her parents.
A character’s twin sibling dies, and the twin attempts to fill their shoes.
A run-down city attempts to revitalize the area by introducing a monarchy.
An estranged family gets together after ten years after their grandparents go missing.
A mermaid lures a character into a life undersea.
A middle-class family works to start the first intergalactic newspaper company using all the money in their savings.
In the midst of a war, the women of a local town abandon their neighborhood only a week before their husbands and sons return.
A lawyer gives up their practice to move across the country with someone half their age.
A cheater starts a journal to keep track of their deceit.
A woman decides to find and collect all of the dresses her grandmother designed.
A parent steals their child’s invention idea and makes a lifelong profit they put into retirement.
A character returns to their hometown and realizes they can never leave again.
A computer threatens the privacy of a major city.
A murder causes a town to turn against one another.
A dictator forces an illustrious fashion designer to design the new military uniforms for the war.
A hermit’s caretaker passes away, forcing her to make trips outside to interview a new candidate for the job.
A story about an ancient society where gender roles are reversed.
A granddaughter attempts to connect with her long-lost grandmother by cooking through the family cookbook.
Two separate families become one after a marriage unites them.
A character sets out to sail the river from one end of their country to other.
A character becomes the mayor of a new town that doesn’t accept them.
A character discovers they have the ability to visit the past and future, but at the risk that they’ll lose something valuable.
A Queen must prepare her son to be a proper ruler in his late father’s stead.
During the railroad boom, a group of homesteaders tries to keep up with a changing society.
A man moves to a rural town to get away from his troubles but trouble keeps finding him.
An English billionaire decides to host a series of contests in order to choose a worthy successor.
On board a broken down freighter in Alaska, a crew must survive a brutal situation.
In a series of weekly sessions, a man recalls his experience of Vietnam to overcome his PTSD.
In the midst of a plague-ridden Venice, an inspector begins a series of unethical experiments to find a cure.
Humans discover a new sentient plant life deep in the rainforests of Brazil.
The tales of a family that moved to the United States just before the War of Independence.
A girl from India struggles to reconnect with her estranged family.
Three strangers win a getaway vacation together
A diver uncovers government secrets buried at the bottom of the ocean.
A character confronts their illogical but deeply real fear of being sucked down by the bathtub drain.
A family takes a cross-country road trip in the aftermath of a nuclear war.
A group of orphans attempt to make a home of their own.
A woman is called on a mission to save her lover.
A scientist develops and sells a medicine that saves lives, but isn’t legal.
A story about immigrants during the 1920s and their move to the United States.
A character attempts to establish a church devoted to the Greek gods.
A family struggles to endure a heat wave and draught in the midst of a long summer.
A mother manipulates her children into committing felonies on her behalf.
A character decides to fail all their classes to make a statement.
A town prepares for the election of its first-ever mayer.
A character moves to a new town and pretends to be someone they used to know.
Two characters fall in love with each other, when they shouldn’t.
A character finds a journal with half of the pages filled and works to respond to their story.
A woman, posing as a priest, is elected to be the new Pope.
The CEO of an insurance company deals with the necessary evils of his own trade.
A robot becomes self aware in the midst of a war it was purchased to fight.
A pawnshop owner faces the internal battle of selling items they know are valuable to others.
A police officer confronts a mistake they made and hid while on the job.
A hidden society figures out how to reveal itself to the rest of the world.
A character attempts to uncover the lore of their village.
A character travels back in time, where they realize they are more important than modern day.
A daughter sets out to break out her family curse in an unconventional way.
A feudal era story in which two long-distance lovers attempt to connect.
A character attempts to experience every type of love possible.
A scientist uncovers a secret portal that leads to a life changing future.
A character is told a deep family secret that they must protect until their death, no matter how much it torments them.
A fantasy character kills someone they loathe and must cover up the evidence.
A character develops the power to alter their personality, but cannot control it.
A group of characters attempt to explain their experiences traveling through a desert.
A character looks to escape a life threatening situation in a foreign country.
A matriarch deals with a rising male leader threatening her power.
A retired couple navigates life in a new country abroad without family.
A character confronts their perverted nature and struggles to change.
A character lives on the border, across from a society and culture much different from their own.
A war hero returns home and attempts to make connections with old friends.
A brother and sister uncover an old letter from their parents that makes them question everything about their family history.
Two schoolkids break a character’s window. She must decide how to reprimand them.
A robot looks for a new occupation after being tossed into the trash.
A character cleans out an old attic and must decide what to throw away and what to keep.
A mailman begins to throw away letters a woman has been receiving from her husband.
A cat witnesses its owner have an affair.
A spaceship lands in a local town, offering the latest technologies from space at a discount price.
A character finishes creating the first time travel machine, only to discover it can only move in two-minute increments.
A bank robber has an existential crisis in the middle of a robbery.
A character becomes obsessed with cleaning their home until it’s 100% clean.
A student receives a grade they disagree with.
A statue is commissioned that offends half the town population.
A group of kids try to sell an alternative to lemonade and must face the neighboring competition.
A character tries to convince their friend to become vegan.
A nun begins to doubt her commitment to the faith after watch a boy band sing on television.
A hypochondriac attempts to write off signs of an illness.
A character can’t stop crying, but doesn’t know why.
A lonely character laments the shrinking and soon-to-be-gone pimple on their chin.
A young child asks their parents for braces and glasses for the fun of it. They give them to him.
A character encounters someone they are sure is famous, and follows them home to make sure.
A babysitter takes the kids to the zoo only to discover the giraffes are not out that day.
A dog decides to answer to a different name after meeting another dog with the same name.
A character who collects dolls notices one is missing from the shelf.
A girl prepares for her first day of middle school with a new outfit and make up her mom let her pick out for the first time.
Two kids compete in a bug-catching competition for the grand prize.
An airplane pilot finds out mid-flight that his wife cheated on him.
A young woman makes a desperate offering to a pagan deity.
A bank teller deals with a robbery.
An old woman tries her hand at cooking for a man again for her first first date in over fifty years.
A young woman sorts through her possessions before going off to college.
A dog witnesses a murder and struggles to alert the proper authorities.
A rich businessman has a sudden mental breakdown during an important meeting.
One of Santa’s elve puts in his two-week notice at the beginning of December.
A character adopts a stray cat off the highway.
A character attends an A.A. meeting for the last time.
A character attempts to enjoy a quiet day at the beach, without success.
A parents realizes they missed Christmas by one day and must fool their children.
A character realizes they are a part of a lab experiment in the middle of a test and desires to do nothing but escape.
A kid attemps to ignore distractions during church after being promised an ice cream sandwich for good behavior.
A coffee barista attempts to repair an order gone terribly wrong.
A salesperson struggles to meet their quota for the day.
A mutant ghoul looks for a beauty cure-all.
A young woman finds the perfect dress only to discover its two sizes two small.
A character overhears they’re going to be fired from their job.
A character loses something sentimental in the rush of football crowd exiting the stadium.
A cook finally finds the perfect ingredient.
Two characters engage in a starring contest where the stakes keep rising.
A mother uncovered illegal drugs in her daughter’s desk drawer.
A kid is tasked with killing their favorite animal on the farm for dinner.
A game of flag football goes wrong when the ball is thrown outside of the limits.
A character comes to term with being deaf and blind.
A hacker competes with another hacker to hack into a website.
Two ballerinas carpool to their next lesson together and uncover some surprising information on the way.
A student deals with unfair prejudice in an unorthodox way.
A kid pets sits their neighbors dog only for it to escape.
A space station hears bad news from their home planet and must decide how to react.
A character is forced to confront their fear of bugs when they are cornered in a room with one.
A construction worker is invited to a politician’s ball.
A maid finds a terrible secret room in her employer’s mansion.
An old fable from a girl’s youth comes to life.
A shoemaker cherishes the last night they’ll ever make a shoe before they retire.
A character explains what it’s like to be physically invisible.
A parent works up the courage to explain sex to their kid.
An unprepared runner powers through the last mile of their marathon.
A character attempts to keep cool in a conversation with the police.
A pastor, doubting their faith, starts to go through the motions of a service.
A sister brushes her siblings hair when the brush gets tangled and stuck.
A librarian encounters an unusual amount of noise at work and must figure out what the commotion is.
A man on a business trip rents a child a to be his son for the day.
A wetnurse recalls the time she served the then newborn Anti-Christ.
The ambassador of a small country spends his final moments of life in conversation with his assassin.
A peace treaty becomes a standoff when someone mistakenly makes an offensive gesture towards the other party.
A professional gambler plays for highest stakes of his young life.
A sparrow catalogues it’s day flying through New York City.
A woman wakes up after a failed suicide and decides to visit her ex.
The president of the United States gives a formal address to a group that he has actively oppressed his entire term.
A newly homeless man goes through his first night on the streets.
A character’s home is split in two by a sudden Earthquake. They must work to find a way to the other side, where something valuable is.
A character finds lost paint cans from a famous artist.
Three friends go on a trip to a foreign country together, only for them each to get lost.
A character deeply embedded in a local drug cartel looks for a way out.
Three pilgrims set off on a trail, but one of them questions their route.
A ghost attempts to befriend a new person living in their home, but can’t stop scaring them.
Two characters swear never to fall in love or date. One of them becomes disappointed the other kept their oath.
A closed exit road sends a character on a six hour detour road trip.
A character participates in a march for a cause they believe in when violence breaks out against the people.
A princess is exiled from her country in the midst of a harsh winter.
A young students starts a political campaign against her own school.
Two incompatible people are sent on a blind date together and decide to get revenge on their friends.
A character struggles with their weight after the loss of a family member.
An underwater city’s infrastructure—and the people who live there—is threatened by an environmental breach that must be resolved in 48-hours.
A murder in an apartment complex sets the entire community on edge.
After graduating high school, two best friends go on a road trip to discover themselves.
A colony on the Moon finds a terrible secret hidden beneath the surface.
A flock of Canadian Geese get lost while flying south for the winter.
Two detectives investigate a series of related murders spanning a decade.
Siblings struggle with their parents’ divorce.
A teenager faces a troubling situation when coming out to her religious family.
Years after a horrible accident, a woman tries to buy the home her family died in.
A boy finds out there is a world inside of his TV.
A group of teens investigate rumors of a haunted cabin at the edge of town.
A renowned Russian composer is tasked with creating his most difficult piece yet; a symphony for his country’s dreaded dictator.
A once noble Lord challenges the legitimacy of a new, ill-intending King.
A girl runs away to join the circus two months before graduating High School.
A small community puts aside their differences to resist a corporation looking to make some changes to their town.
A small-time journalist uncovers a terrible plot spanning several government agencies.
A character attempts to redecorate the bedroom of their deceased child.
A character discovers a painting of themselves in a new friend’s home.
A group of friends investigates a haunted lake house.
A preteen moves to a major city and finds they miss life in the country.
A character loses their voice and must do whatever they can to “find” it again.
A character attempts to escape an action movie they’ve realized they’re starring in.
A feminine, girly woman attempts to make in the comedy scene.
A mail person delivers a package to the local gang and has no choice but to become involved.
A jeweler organizes the theft of their most precious stones and jewels.
A dragon lays eggs near a small village and abandons them.
A teenage girls enters into a beauty pageant with the hopes of failing.
A prostitute meets with her family for the first time in 10 years.
A group of backpackers get lost in the wilderness of Eastern Europe.
Recent high school grads spend one final summer together before going their separate ways.
An elderly man moves to a home and realizes it was cursed by the family that lived there previously.
A defense attorney takes on his highest profile client yet; the president of the United States.
A character takes drugs for the first time and has an awful, traumatizing experience.
A character looks for a way to reconnect with a deceased lover.
A god attempts to experience the day in the life of a human.
A couple attempts to rekindle a romance they know will fail.
A psychiatrist befriends one of their patients only to realize it was a fatal mistake.
A retired lawyer decides to pick up their practice one more time to help out someone they know is guilty.
A village takes shifts guarding the cemetary to hide something.
An engineer reacts to a life-threating structural error they created.
A demon terrorizes a school and looks for its next target.
A botanist gets lost in their greenhouse and must fight for a way out.
An enchantress works to give up her powers when a spell goes wrong.
A character is captured as a prisoner when protesting a cause they believe in.
A child attempts to prevent their parents’ divorce.
A slacker student finds a new purpose at school.
A character struggles to decipher real life from their dreams.
A group of boarding school students prepare for another summer back home with their families.
A story about the people who built of the American railroads.
A mystical spirit looks for a companion.
A mockumentary comedy series about a fantasy world with werewolves, witches, and other mythical creatures who’ve just had enough.
A science fiction drama series about a hospital on Mars.
A mini series about the construction of a home, who built it, who all lived in it, and who eventually destroyed it.
A witch struggling to make ends meet starts to read tarot cards and sell crystals as a side hustle.
A comedy series about a bus driver and the passengers he deals with daily.
A comedy series about life in the fashion industry.
A mini-series about the murder of a town’s chief investigator and detective.
An olympic boxer is out of a job and is reintroduced back into normal civilian life.
An international organization fights against human trafficking.
A small town woman moves to the big city to follow her dream of being a famed magician.
The twelve apostles and their struggles after the death of Jesus.
A summer camp youth group in Oregon tries year after year to be the best in the country.
A group of fishermen in Maine and their everyday struggle of man versus fish.
A mini series about the murder of the town’s chief investigator and detective.
A comedy series about people’s relationship with food and health.
A sitcom about a librarian’s work life, with each story centered around a different book.
A mockumentary about life working on a cruise ship.
A drama about a post-apocalyptic society trying to return to their technological past.
An anthology series about unknown women leades in history.
The chronicles of a cult trying to survive the wrath of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.
A family of ranchers survive the elements of the Wild West.
A dramaedy about a magician trying to stand out amongst their peers.
A drama series about a women’s mental asylum in the 1960s.
A comedy series about a large family living in a two-bedroom apartment, for what they think is “temporary.”
A sitcom about a secretary who works at a large legal firm.
An anthology series about middle class families in different time periods and cultures.
A mini series about a group of women investigating the crimes of an unknown serial rapist.
A mini series about the various bastards of Genghis Khan.
An anthology series about the assassinations of various leaders.
A drama series about a haunted village in Poland and the people’s struggle to survive.
A comedy series about a half-zombie who befriends a human.
A dramedy about women trying to make it in multi-level marketing.
A comedy series about a dad who becomes a stay-at-home-mom.
A mini series about Adam and Eve’s temptation from Satan.
A comedy series about an immigrant family’s move to America.
A drama series about a spaceship and its crew set out to discover new galaxies, and the many things they encounter.
A dramedy about a separated couple raising their kids under the same rough, waiting for the day they’ll all go to college.
The chronicles of the people who run an adoption agency in South Chicago.
A series about the experiences of an acid trip, and the ways it shapes people’s lives before and after.
A comedy series about a woman and her many sexual partners.
An animated series about life as a werewolfe trying to do good.
A meta comedy series in which the characters are aware they are in a television series.
A drama series in which a group of children journey through a mystical land in their dreams.
A drama series about life in Nairobi.
A dramedy about a family of doctors running a business.
A mini series about the Salem witch trials.
A character attempts to poison someone, only for it to poison themselves instead.
A character discovers they have a terminal illness and decides to let people figure it out with a guessing game.
A character re-examines their sexual preferences after a divorce.
A couple addresses their relationship after the fifth miscarriage they’ve experienced.
A soccer team goes out to celebrate their recent victory only to discover their coach paid off the other team.
A couple attempts to recreate the day they first met exactly as it occurred.
Five generations of a family debate which generation was the most successful at their reunion.
A character is accused of adultery the night before their wedding.
A parent and child finish building a tree fort together the night before a terrible storm.
Two introverts meet at a night club and plan an escape route from their respective friend groups.
A nail salon team deals with their relocation to the outskirts of town.
A famous saying gets credited to the wrong person, but no one will believe them when they correct people.
A character has a yard sale, but struggles to part with every item someone tries to buy.
A couple encourages one another to have affairs to test their true love for one another.
A church group attempts to induct a new neighbor into their congregation with various offers.
A door-to-door salesperson struggles to make ends meet and acts out in a moment of desperation with the next person they talk to.
A parent must bury their son before a thunderstorm makes the earth too soft.
A daughter confronts her traumatizing relationship with her mother.
An asteroid is heading toward Earth; people in a small town figure out how to spend their last day.
A man meets his biological son for the first time and attempts to be in his life.
A barber shop quartet reunites after a 20 year hiatus.
Two married couples go on a trip to a resort in the tropics to fix their broken relationships.
Two villains try and out-evil each other, trying to be a hero’s arch nemesis.
When the law fails them, a group of townsfolk start a vigilante group to stop crime in their town.
A man struggles to return to a normal life after his wife dies.
A woman stranded on an island relives her scenes from her past as she struggles to survive.
A group of activists are wrongfully imprisoned while protesting in a foreign country.
Two hospital patients befriend one another through the screen divider.
A model confronts her aging appearance.
A suspicious family slips through the cracks of a murder investigation.
A village makes preparations for their yearly storm.
A president attempts to have a relaxing Sunday evening with their family.
A character confronts three alternate realities of their life, and gets to choose one to live in.
Russian nobles’ plot to assassinate Rasputin, but he just won’t seem to die.
A father and daughter take a hunting trip every year together, but every year they grow farther apart.
A pregnant teen faces the reality that her life is going to be much different from her high school peers.
Two old friends reconnect in a hot air balloon ride.
A department store sales person runs into an old high school classmate who threatens to reveal information that could lose them their job.
Three couples spend a night on the town, attempting to outdo one another.
A failed actress and an up and coming star have a frank conversation about the acting industry.
A mother prepares for an arranged marriage she knows will bring her misery.
A rich noble comes to term with their failed investments.
A narrator attempts to tell a story about a plain, boring family.
A pirate docks their ship on the wrong island, but doesn’t tell their sailors.
An alcoholic tries to overcome their addiction.
A book club meeting becomes chaotic when someone spoils the ending of the story.
An archaeologist forges the discovery of an ancient tomb.
A taxi drivers deals with a night of various passengers.
A roadside assistance technician stops to help a couple with their car, only to be roped into a strange affair.
An acting coach attempts to create the greatest theater company around, looking to both the actors and the audience.
A musical about the Black Power Movement.
Two people receive a mysterious package and must figure out how to open it.
A character hosts an auction for the items of a beloved neighbor who has recently passed, to most of the neighborhood’s dismay.
An instructor attempts to inspire a lackluster aerobics class.
A character adjusts to life without one of their limbs.
A group of miners get through another day of work.
A family moves into a new, safer neighborhood, only to find that their past has followed them.
A character confronts three different relationships that are holding them back in life.
An interior designer attempts to redecorate a house for a family.
A robot adjusts to life with a new family.
A character imagines what their life would look like had they made different choices.
A hypnotist is lured into a hypnotic sleep by their own work and must fight their way out of it.
A midwife deals with another failed delivery.
After a series of grizzly murders on full moon nights, a small medieval village must figure out which among them is a werewolf.
A used car salesman slowly comes to terms with his sexuality.
A war Veteran begins to feel the effects of PTSD a decade after her service.
After their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a group of women spend the rest of their road trip waiting for help.
A relaxing space cruise goes awry when the crew finds out they’ve accidentally flown into the outskirts of a black hole.
A man finds out the tape worm in his body is beginning to take control of his mind; the other problem- he is too afraid of surgery to remove it.
A struggling musician is still trying to achieve his dream at the age of forty-four.
A family of farmers is rattled when a family of extra-terrestrials move in next door.
A mother and daughter take a trip to their home town in an attempt to save their relationship.
A circus clown wakes up one day to find out the circus moved on without him.
A character must wander across a desert without becoming bored or dying.
A character works to spread the worst rumor in school to the most people possible.
A nihilist must endure a bright and joyous environment without becoming positive.
A team of firefighters has to work together to put out a series of challenging fires.
A fallen knight must avenge the House he once protected.
A medic during WWII must save as many lives as possible.
As a mad scientist, you create intricate puzzles for others to overcome.
As a private detective in Victorian England, you must solve a series of serial murder mysteries.
A mermaid gets separated from their family in a hurricane and goes on a mission to find them.
A car breaks down in a road trip and you must work to survive the night.
A royal family explores their family history by traveling through the past.
You wash up on an island and must work to figure out what happened.
A Western town is haunted and you must figure out how to get rid of the spirits.
You move into a new mansion and start to explore each room.
A family living in the jungle is murdered and you, a distant cousin, must exact their revenge.
A game in which you must interview people, discovering their personal stories, to find the perfect candidate.
As a petty thief in Renaissance Italy you must rise the ranks to become a crime Lord and steal the original Mona Lisa.
A game in which you confront the reality of death and its closeness to your life and the life of those you love.
As a lost cat you must find your way home by deciding who to trust amongst animals and humans.
After spending a summer abroad in Europe, you come home to find your hometown in ruins and must uncover the truth.
You and three other players solve a hotel murder mystery together, but the decisions you make change the story and survival of various characters.
A wizard must use various means to enchant different settings and people to dominate the kingdom.
As a ghost haunting a house, you must figure out ways to scare the families living there enough to make them move out.
As a public school superintendent, you must build and get funding to achieve the status of greatest public school district in the world.
As a myth hunter, you must hunt down and capture various mythical beings.