Wants you to know he has the best arse in town.
Given the choice of any band, she would most like to be in Sleater-Kinney.
Today Daria and I have been to Ikea.
But seriously, break my wrist, kick against my leg, I might kick back but I wont complain, but when I have a cold, or even worse, a food poisoing, I cant do anything but complain.

Secrets are a dangerous thing.
There was one lady, I’m not sure what her name was…
Do you wanna be next?
Some might have many, some might have none..
Everything from everyday secrets to life long secrets.
Shake your feathers, girl, he isn’t there, So how can nothing say it doesn’t care?

And in other songs in which I have always thought of myself as the singer, I have become the listener.
I magnanimously decide it was going to be another one of that indulge-others-Monday.
And my gripe extended to the lady customer.
You know when you hear a song, and totally identify with what the singer is saying.

First I called the general line, got passed to someone in maintenance, and then was given the number for JKR Elektrik and Mekanikal who then proceeded to pass me to another person.
Or you sit there and wish there was someone to sing such and such a song to you, to say those words to you and have them mean something person?
I wish another to feel that I mean those words to him.

A real smile that sits under the skin on my face, behind the light in my eyes-of-no-particular-colour.
Lets see if I can get out of this jam.
Suffice to say I didnt get the job.
Asia and I are both hurt by Christi’s actions…

He has been published twice, which makes me proud.
It reminded me of where my father will be.
I told her I was smoking crack and it wasn’t a big deal.
I woke up this morning to find that somebody was extremely excited for my birthday, more excited than me, in fact.

We even PAY people to tell our secrets.
I will talk to you all later.
And just how dangerous is it to your well being?
Well, I must be off and ride my broom stick.

Hey, hey, it all seems so exciting, On the outside looking in, There’s the girl who plays with fire, There’s that wicked little grin, A very volatile encounter, But how long can you endure?
Its the only time I’ve had that in my entire life…
Its quite sad… but at the same time, bad karma, right?
I am the root of all your problems, I am the fuck up of the year, Guess I don’t look so bloody pretty, Without the glittering career, But soon they’ll want a piece again boy, You won’t be so damn proud, Strange how you’ve still got all your problems, Now that I ain’t around.

Thus, she grounded me for the rest of the day.
He said that he would wait until I’m ready to have sex… he said I didn’t have to do anything that I felt uncomfortable with.
Shrinks, hairdressers, bartenders, strangers.
I’ve worked closed to 12-16 hours days every day this week.

We both think Christi is shutting us out and ignoring us.
It’s sweeps softly….
Its funny how it always happens around the same time, as well.
I just don’t know what to do about it…

Speaking of, my mother caught me smoking yesterday and screamed at me in front of Asia, which was kind of embarrassing, but equally funny.
I’ve never had it.
I am the devil dressed in doilies, I am your favourite enemy, Never seen you run so fast, As when I tried to set you free, But soon they’ll want a piece again boy, You won’t be so damn proud, Strange how you’ve still got all your problems, Now that I ain’t around.
This makes me very happy.
Our society has gotten to the point where we tell everyone else about our secrets instead of the people who matters most.

Asia and I had a good chat yesterday when she came along with me to the voulenteer job.
I can never find someone that matches up with me, that I can really trust and know that they’ll really care and be there like I am there for them..
It was pretty scary, but most of the ladies seemed half-sane.
But, what do you do when you’re confronted with a busted secret?

When all the rest just seem so empty, You’ll be back for more.
The best gift I’ve gotten thus far was a cigarette from Christina.
Also, while on the job we wandered over to the Alzheimers unit.
But what do you do when that secret is revealed?

Its funny how Trish and I seem to expierience the same pressures and issues as I do in life.
My mother will love him, I hope…
On a different train of thought.
I’m not really mad at her, I’m upset because I feel that I’ve been there for her… and this is what I get.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…
Thinking back it wasn’t really that big of a deal, because she’s an ex now and it never really mattered anyways.
She is an amazing person.
I thought that he was just another male pig, but actually, he seems quite chivelrous and gentlemenly.
I believe I am going on a shopping spree today at the Aurora mall, then going to the Chineese theater to go and catch The Grudge.

And in the morning you can start again, And in the evening you’ll be with your friends, So go to sleep and dream, Of bludgeoning him to death.
But what if our loved ones knows about our secrets but no one really wants to acknowledge that secret?
My friends are still my friends and she’s but a bug splatter on the windshields of my past.
But the people in our lives at time knows nothing about that little dark corner of ourselves where only a few selected strangers know.
Becuase I’ve had the burden all along.

It’s on the dead cat and those who can’t resist a crack in the closet to face the burden of knowing something that the shouldn’t know.
How many secrets do you have about yourself?
Its so cool to know that you are absolutely destined to be friends with somebody.
It’s pure shit and pure drivel – and I spend close to 16 hours a day of my pathetic life making sure that happens.

Painfully shy at times, outgoing and bouncy at others.
I didnt have to work today and wont have to tomorrow as my co-worker finally came back after she was hitch-hiking through Europe in the past 3 months.
I spent 50 for just little stuff I didnt even need.
I only sat around, reading and listening to music.

Soon this year she will be seeing: Razorlight, the Von Bondies, Auf der Maur, the Zutons and probably something else eventually, but she is actually quite poor…
As much as I dislike my job and am annoyed by the store, the job and the costumers, I am quite proud having a job in this certain street.
Except from the moments when I was sneezing a hundredtimes in a row.
I actually wanted to go to a big flea market tomorrow which takes place every saturday, but I didnt find anyone to come with me.

Overly concerned with recycling and fairtrade.
Addicted to clear lipgloss and mascara.
Likely to become loudest person you know when given sugar.
So I will just sleep long into the day.

He was horribly sweet tho, kept hugging and cuddling me, kissed me eventho I told him I’d be highly contagious.
Tomorrow night are two parties I have to attend.
Also speaks Spanish, for no reason.
John and I were going to be The Ducks, but we were too busy being MSN geeks to notice we missed our shot with the name.

Alli also likes straight hair, but she cannot be arsed.
like she’s on Face Party now.
If you like, you can tell her to stop bloody writing in the pseudo-third person, as she thinks it’s very annoying too.
Wants you to send her Mentos and Chufi.

Is an only child, probably spoilt…
Burns more incense than can be healthy.
Uncluttered space also rocks, but Alli is a lout.
Goes gooey over accents and guitars, or combinations thereof.

The mad showed Bobby one of the cars, a comet, and told him he was working on it for a guy who wanted to use it as a down payment for the car he really wanted
But too many people are clueless about conscience.
Isaac was so excited about it he even shouted at some roadside stall eh balik umah makan la lagi sedap.
She couldve have waited for the cashier to finish ringing up the sale before interrupting her.

I burnt another pizza last night.
I was saying on the top of my voice about being made to wait 20 minutes already.
The same patronising guy told me the managers busy and walked away from me.
Two of our favourite places were closed.

I tell ya the things I do in the name of my job.
It makes sense to ME at least anyway..
I’ve figured out that I ‘really’ need to stop listening to Finch.
Was just going through the paces as usual.

By then I told myself, this must be the worst joke ever.
Well, recently, I’ve had songs that I have viewed in a particular way turned on their head.
But last Monday definitely took the cake, icing and the darned candles too.
But of course who is going to think about others when me the lady customer need to settle my RM27.99 that I didnt buy but have to pay.

Then got called into Big Boss office and she proceeded to give orders to bring forward her meeting the next day since she wants to leave for KL early.
Hate it if others do it so I vow to keep to my principle.
The plainclothes guard came over and asked me and then proceed to tell me in his patronising tone sabar ajer la kak, kejap ajer.
I havent told him yet because am planning to tell him when he comes home.

So she uncancels my voucher and told me to use another cashier.
That is the precise slightly mental I am going.
I made such a scene everyone was looking at me.
One of the main errands was calling JKR to get some furniture and to get them to repair the dining halls ceiling fan.
How many Black Mondays can one get through before one realises sometimes it feels like the Big Man up there is teasing you?

Of course I could have gotten all this done without the runaround if I pulled rank.
Mainly because Ive never lost my temper that bad before.
The lady customer couldnt look me in the eye.
And that affects your life whether you like it or not, whether you realise it or not.

Isaac was shaking his head muttering this is not happening.
Ive had one where I dropped my brothers hand phone into my old officeoh wait, was it a Mondayhmmmwell it deserves the Black Monday treatment.
I couldnt move to another cashier since the smart cashier cancelled my voucher and fed it into the system.
So it was a mad dash to call the people involved in the convention set to be in Penang held end of the month, book the meeting room, get the cheque released since the participants are given some spending money from the State, change the refreshment booking and get the papers ready pronto.

This happened after lunch so I had less than 3 hours to finalise everything for the 9am meeting.
After 20 minutes of waiting, with Isaac rushing to the 4th floor to get some essentials and rushing back down because he hates making people wait for him, found his wife fuming.
Apparently its standard procedure that we skipped because I didnt know about it.
I’m going to stop going on about that smile before I make everyone retch from sheer saccharine.

Later that evening we traipsed to the mall to get some groceries.
Things other than Finch that is.
It creates that real smile, the glow inside to think of the way I have found myself the singer of some songs, and the listener to so many others.
And for once, this is not bittersweetness.

The minute he asked me whats going on I couldnt keep it in.
She left me in the lurch and went into the back office to settle the customers complaint.
So we lined up again since it was too late to dump the stuff and start over in another mall.
I have become the focus of that song, of those particular words.

Scares said bands, stalkerishly…
Undeniable resulting superiority complex & perfectionism..
Dresses like a hippy rocker.

If it suits you give her a smile to her and now you’ve got this far and make her smile and possibly jump around a little.
I feel horrible for days already.
Its one year ago since he died.
Yesterday I had to work and that was aweful.

College student taking Economics, German and Law, for some reason.
Calling people in the evening, asking them questions about cheese or TV Shows and even getting paid quite well for that seems appealing to me.
Get’s very involved in political argument but tries not to rant..
And whenever I am ill, there are so many things going on.

Spends too much time in the canteen.
Goes out with friends shopping, to concerts, for meals out and just plain old drinking.
If you have nothing to say, talk to her about penguins.
Yesterday evening was a concert of a friend, but I couldnt really enjoy it cause I was annoyed from work and felt bad.

Some of the regular costumers were a little confused since they know me more active, talkative and charming.
One party is, I dont even know what it is, but Daria and I are on the Guestlist so we have to go.
Help me, I’m having a serious disease, I dont know how long I’ll make it stopped here at 11:31 a. m.
See how I am complaining about a little cold?

She hopes to either discover life outside this town, or make it her mission to make it cool.
We’ve met every second day the past weeks and its always wonderful being around him.
But now that she’s back, I’ll probably only work 2-3 times a week instead of 4-5 times, which means, I wont earn that much anymore.
Usually I at least ask the costumers that come in, if I can help them, knowing the usual answer, but yesterday I didnt even bother to ask.

I’ve been to Ikea for the first time in my life two weeks ago and it seemed to me like paradise.
I’ll sleep until I wont be able to breathe through my nose anymore.
Likes her coffee viennese but ethically sound.
Occasionally the topic is laminate flooring, oh God…

Is a bad influence on him, except musically.
So whether I ask my boss for a better payment or I have to look for a second job.
Hopes one day to actually buy a surfboard so she doesn’t have to flirt like hell to get a go.
…. in the local newspaper was a huge article about this certain street.

But my apartment looks even prettier now.
I think its just a flu, or not even that, I probably just have a cold, but when it comes to this I keep complaining the whole day.
A couple of days ago I had a horrible sore throat but bought pills immediatly and the sore throat is gone, but I still cant breathe through my nose and I wake up way too early out of this reason and then I am tired and exhausted the whole day.
So actually that makes it a serious relationship, but it still probably isnt one.

We just know that he’s working in another store on the street where I am working.
The organization that runs the bar review course just tells you the black letter law: no cases, no fucking Socratic method, no hyper-inquisitive douchebag showoffs distracting me.
My only complaint is the aggressively bland beige carpeting and paint.
And Trin knows me well enough to tell me not to argue about them taking me out.

Trin is certainly the hostess with the mostest!
Cake, alliteration, monkeys, most people, non-gel toothpaste, and flossing.
Upstairs, Downstairs-all five seasons of it-from Netflix.
Why must the people paint things beige that could just as suitably have been painted white?

Beige is an atrocity, a perversely misguided effort to please all the people all the time, while white is a perfectly acceptable neutral.
Being unalone yet feeling alone or being alone and feeling alone.
I am going to go see their beautiful home tomorrow for brunch.
My new apartment is almost awesome enough to distract me from the fact that I havent had sex in a month.
I just wanted to squeeze her son’s cheeks all night.

I was a bit nervous, only the few seconds before I walked in the restuarant door.
London Times…
I was nervous about meeting her husband though… don’t know why.
Dreamy but Aware.
You’re reading the only creative outlet of a chronically bored, easily frustrated, openly solipsistic law student-dilettante.

In fact, learning it all now is kind of interesting.
simple thing where have you gone?
I am not fun to be around, or so say the small-minded, ill-mannered cretins I had thought were my new friends in this cesspool of a city.
I feel like I know her anyway, so I guess that was why I wasn’t too anxious.

Or perhaps Im just insane from studying for the bar exam..
They graciously offered to come out to my neck of the woods and take me to dinner.
I got to meet Trinity and family last night.
My friend who lives in this complex insists that the walls are in fact white, but he is retarded, as they are clearly off-white and heading toward beige, and his ignorance of this distinction may annoy me more than the actual paint color.

All in all, I was glad I got a chance to meet the entire family.
Im trying not to reveal my exact whereabouts so that I can share with you the details of my excessive drinking and sexual depravity without making it too easy for my employers.
Of course, avoiding actual knowledge is the only thing that got me through the last three yearswell, that and alcoholso my ignorance of the most basic principles of the law did not come as a surprise.
I take it at the end of July and I pretty much need to devote the remaining month to preparing for it in earnestablished as it turns out that I learned nothing in law school.

A day to live a totally different life.
Greetings from the undisclosed location I now call home.
My apartment is super, and Ill paint the damn walls after the bar if I want to.
At least dont try to sell me that bullshit in the same breath as telling me not to be selfish by getting involved with an acquaintance of yours because you fear it will make your life more complicated.

A suggestion: if youre in a relationship that consists of little more than watching television together and congratulating yourselves on not being single, while waiting for the sweet release of death, please dont tell me that I need to be in a relationship.
Cigarettes, pie, gin & tonic, celebrity gossip, conversation, Ikea, reading material of all kinds, coffee, science fiction, the entire cast of Alias, Scrabble, corduroys, Ira Glass, the serial comma rule, and people with a touch of well-earned arrogance.
something photobucket about really tomorrow think getting yesterday beautiful unconsciousness like should today sketchbook night weekend overprotective finally.

I made orange juice from frozen concentrate this morning, with the blender, so really it is orange froth.
It was way better on the big screen though.
I have finished off the bag of twix Will gave me for my birthday and have moved on to the kit kats.
Photobucket now says my online photo album is empty as if i did NOT in fact upload at least 75 images onto it, which i did.

BUT I have a shitload of stuff due next week so it’s going to be a weekend of productivity… hopefully.
I can’t even describe how good it feels to be back.
I am going to try to work there again in the spring if possible.
But something about the flying really struck me…

I went applepicking today.
I am so lucky to still have them in my life.
Playing with my hair is way too entertaining.
The only thing anyone is really consistent about, is complaining about their opponent’s supposed inconsistency!

But i think it’s actually some sort of anime-type thing.
I just feel kinda melancholy tonight.
I am hungry and sick of making peanut butter and jelly tortilla wraps!
I was studying in the slide room for the slide quiz i have in art history on friday and had to leave to go blow my hose about every 5 or 10 minutes.

I should ask Dan if that happened to him too; he’s the one who told me about photobucket.
I am feeling better than yesterday so that’s good, though i think the virus is moving its focal point from my nose to my throat so my voice is not so good.
This morning we all got up and Sue made buttermilk pancakes.
I think i’m getting used to the humidity again.

A nice lady sent me my ID cards today!
I want to dance by myself, crazy-like, like I don’t care what anybody thinks.
My life cracks me up sometimes.
My computer hasn’t been able to turn on for several days now so that’s why i haven’t been updating.

I feel like i’m living this dual life sometimes; whenever i’m in pullman i’m thinking about what it’ll be like to come back to school, and when i’m here there are things about pullman that stick in my brain.
I think i spend more time in the art building than i do in my house now.
We can sit on the porch and watch people walk by.
I can sleep till like 10 o’clock tomorrow!

I’m just sick of always being the one to make the effort, and feeling left out, always out of the loop.
I made the best dinner tonight: Orange ginger peanut chicken and green beans with sauteed almonds..
I find this extremely annoying and inconvenient.
Also, my watercolor paper that i ordered online is not getting here until next tuesday!

Now if only he would be brave enough to admit it.
I should be writing a paper right now instead of whining to empty cyberspace.
Walking around campus i feel like I’m finally home again.
Actually I didn’t sleep that well last night, but the night before was splendid in my deep unconsciousness.
We barely made it on time because we got a bit turned around getting there, but walked in right at the end of the last preview.
And my roommates went shopping last night so we finally have food in our house again!