And outside of the monetary benefits, there is the matter of the benefits our environment.
I was just clearing out the SuperYumYum inbox and was amazed at all the junk e-mails we get.
If this poll is successful, our research will continue to find the loneliestablished and most magical number.
If you would like to pay for 6 months of SuperGold membership for r-y-l, click the button below.
Like is a chat room or some such.
And Murray is astounding in what I see as his best vehicle.
Did you know that the University of Chicago offers classes to teach you ancient Sumerian cunieform?
So, if you are a new visitor, welcome to our very small corner of the internet.
It occurred to me today that it is possible that I will never really be happy in my entire life.
I like that we have an open forum that people can do either, so thanks for opening that up.
In the end, it looks like I don’t have all that much on my mind.
I hate having my current comic venue being the break room and/or the karaoke bar.
They are going to be performing again at the Rebel Experience first football game of the year August 29th.
It’s cheap, and our audience deserves better than that.
One of the all time classics in video game movies, rivaled only by The Wizard starring Fred Savage.
Electric Boogaloo?
I like to preempt my friends in conversation when I say what movies I haven’t seen by imediately saying what they always say.
I just don’t want to force it, you know?
If only we can get an actually show going.
It is a very exciting time for Super Yum Yum 2.
A marked increase in small talk can be noticed as you pretend you have actually made plans for X holiday.
Residents who xeriscape 60 percent or more of their landscape can save $200 in annual maintenance costs.
there will be a return.
If anyone has an uncle that works at the Icehouse, we think that would be rocking awesome.
We ended up going to the North Rim which isn’t heavily populated and very isolated.
Everything’s coming up in a teacup!
And I’m a film student.
I remember the light bikes and something with a disc, but couldn’t tell you if he made it out or what.
Steve Martin will tell you, Comedy isn’t pretty.
In related news, if this fourth grade kid in Dayton, OH can’t pull out of his coma.
I don’t want you to turn out like your brother did.
After a solid three days of suspense, I am officially not a drug abuser.
Hope this situation isn’t catching cause I don’t know what I’d do without you guys.
You need to maintain your studies though, alright.
I truly am so glad I got to spend it growing in so many ways with each of you.
So hear’s to not blacking out in the game!
The supergold membership gets them these things, but with more space for images, a nice comments system, and a webmail account.
I could have thousands of songs at my fingertips and in my pockets.
I’m thinking about making a cake.
I can’t wait till I’m far away enough as to where I don’t celebrate christmas out of obligation.
It’s going to be fantastic!
It makes that trip to the store or the club that much nicer to meet friends we didn’t know we had.
As always we will be up at Roma at 9pm.
The youth center thing.
That’s about the best news ever.
Hopefully the answer is well or better.
Be there or be square!
How’s was your day?
She called me from school today and said it was the best anti-social invention since the bedroom.
Most of those people are sorely mistaken.
Word is bond.
I’m doing great for a change.
I have taken necessary steps to confront and cure my little problem.
It’s sports stuff.
Big ups the matter to our world wide infamy.
I can understand your discomfort.
all of this is clearly not in reference to me.
It just tastes…
Would you rather eat a spoonful of eye crusties or boogers?
Everything in here is God-awful.
would go into one room and….
As a man, would you rather have your eyes pecked out by birds or have your nuts eaten off by squirrels?
Can I finish, can I finish, CAN I FINISH?!?!….
They’re only good with black construction paper!
The catch is that a choice must be made, no matter how crappy the choices are.
Stalkers, take note…
If you’re into the occult, you’ll be very disappointed.
Swhat follows is my new schedual.
I know they are in a hiring freeze so they can’t hire on a permanent employee.
Today I’m feeling…
I can’t get enough of this place.
There really isn’t anything here that depicts the Devil posing with a box of Tide.
Would you rather sit on an airplane next to a sick, crying baby, or next to a man who smells and won’t shut up?
Would you rather wake up tomorrow and have everyone not remember you, or you not remember everyone?
Would you rather have a cotellation or a work of art named after you?
Would you rather be responsible for executing someone who was innocent of their crime, or of letting a terrible criminal go free?
do you know how you can tell an acid from a base?
Would you rather have green body hair or skin that glows green in the dark?
During the past few days……
Everyone knows that poop is a base, and pee is an acid.
As a woman, would you rather have large breasts that were covered in hair or have no breasts at all?
And if I believe what I hear.
Would you rather have me make another survey or never have to see anything like this again?
credit cards or cash?
Would you rather die by burning or drowning?
I learned that I am indeed valuable to the company.
What do you mean I can’t taste it?
So why am I still in a panic over it?
What kind of idiot takes his kid out at 5:30 pm, brings them back at 9pm and doesn’t bother to feed the kid any dinner?
Imagine the damage I would do if I actually had money to spare.
Though I did get a kick out of being hit on by a guy who said he was in his 90’s.
Its like having my little boy again..
What Kind Of Star Wars Fan Are You?
I actually said no to something and he didn’t have a melt down or argue with me.
I was crankier than usual, which is saying alot.
do a spell, send positive energy, dance around a fire what ever to send the positive energy!
He actually accepted it.
Looking on the bright side.
I think I woke up on the wrong side of the planet or something..
I hate housework, uptight people, my job, and being poor.
I also love cats, computers, books and acting totally silly.
I am bipolar and overweight.
I love Science fiction and Fantasy.
stupid man who can’t remember to feed his own kid.
I’ve been having some seriously wacked out dreams lately.
he’s not a plant you know, he requires actual food every few hours.
Poor kid needs his mom.
I’m all for older men, but….
I don’t have an Anna Nicole Smith complex.