Lately all I’ve seen is the back of his head.
I’m so excited to see everyone again…
Kind of a slap in the face -you know- but whatever.
I would definetly makeout with the kid if given the chance!
I’m going to be as mature as I can.
I’m pumped up my muscles….
I live my life for me, and no one else.
Let me just say… he’s THE HOTTEST guy I’ve EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.
Anyways… enough of about that hott stuff…
I live my life as it comes to me, and it’s mostly one nonstop rockin’ good time.
I’ve really been driving myself crazy about the whole thing… and I realized I let this thing take over my life.
And mice too! in my bed…
I love my friends dearly, I don’t know what I would do without them.
I’d really love to hangout with him more, and get to know him better… but I still think that I want to talk to him about all of this.
I’ve always got hope for a better tomorrow.
I love the kid to death… he’s amazing, but I just wish he would’ve been a little more smart about the whole thing.
walk away with pride…
Stick a fork in me, because I am SO DONE…
This is an observation many other people are starting to make.
Without money for transportation and resettlement.
Any criminals are to be rounded up and locked up the day they are identified.
he talks about the flag and dead soldiers and then attacks the press and Democrats who question the president’s policy.
If they have been here several generations, ask which country they wish to go to.
America is not a monarchy.
He found that Israel was the only country that liked America’s policies and approved of the Iraq war.
The frantic efforts to force Jews out of the Reich set in motion two additional processes.
The poll didn’t survey Middle East countries besides Israel and America still fared poorly.
The whole point of a democracy is people improving the process through open debate.
There is a DVD on the Ramones called Ramones Raw that’s out now.
They both viciously went after the National Lawyers Guild.
Include religion on the ID card……
don’t waste your breath telling that to the leaders of my party today.
all children should be interred with the parents.
Anyone on the terror watch list is put into solitary confinement immediately.
The fact is we have a president that promotes freedom as he takes it away piece by piece.
It is the soldier, not the agitator, who has given us the freedom to protest.
Old Japanese interment camps work.
This is stupid bigotry that would waste resources that could be used to find real terrorists.
it has been said so truthfully that it is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press.
Islamicists are equal opportunity suicide bombers these days.
Mom has no qualms about sending her daughter off to school in a suicide bomber belt these days, either.
All relatives of those in internment should be interred as well.
Guantanomo Bay is more comfortable than Afghanistan, and Im not suggesting we send them all to Cuba.
These are the same forced immigration policies used by Nazi Germany when they decided on the Final Solution.
Numerous policies were instituted in an effort to pauperize Germany’s Jews and cut them off from the German economy.
These policies extended into 1939: in February Jews were required to surrender all gold and silver to the government.
Children tend to inherit the beliefs of their parents.
I was a teenage babysitter.
I have kept up on the administrative side of things, and I will go to the next meeting by myself next time.
with her directly correlates with sherwin and was…..
This would also anger even more Muslims, threaten civil liberties, and would also endanger democracy in America.
Bush named a bill that violated the fourth amendment the Patriot Act.
If Dad thinks he has a right to blow up Jews for the sake of Jihad, odds are that Junior does.
I believe the president feels whatever pushes his agenda through justifies whatever false promises he makes.
These political maneuvers were made so these men could maintain the were patriots while they teared down the pillars of democracy.
The one bright point is that these countries like Americans as people.
In their warped way of thinking America is the problem, not the solution.
It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
I`ve STILL hasn’t heard from Blockbuster.
I going to buy one of those insipid mouse-ear hats for my daughter.
I enjoy the Nightmare Before Christmas decorations they put up during this time of year.
I can’t wait to find out about the demise of my current employement so I can actually start making a plan.
I’d like to take a moment and say that we have started the other business officially.
I actually felt the need to craft an entry about it.
Im probably a bad mom for exposing my daughter to this kind of blatant commercialism.
Im pretty sure Im absolutely not supposed to have fun at Disneyland.
Im not going to explain the strawberry/cherry in your car seat.
I why do I have such a hard time believing what they are saying to me?
I see myself for what I really am, and the rest of the world is looking in on a veiled room.
I wish I was beautiful, or even pretty.
I’m listening to the Raindrop Prelude by Chopin on repeat as I write this.
why do I always sell myself short?
you say that you love me, but I know you never loved me like I loved you.
How did that happen?
I don’t remember what it is to be truly happy.
I don’t remember what life was like before pills and therapy.
I can’t even listen to the whole thing with full attention anymore.
I’m sick of that shit man.
Or what is it that I haven’t done, neglected to do?
Am I making it real because I think that it’s suppose to be this way and I can’t remember any other?
Just because I’m a tall, slim, brunette, that doesn’t make me attractive.
You see what I mean about selling myself short, but I have to wonder sometimes if that’s actually what i’m doing.
How much longer can I keep this up?
A Devil’s Prayer…. it makes so much sense to me now.
RC why did you leave me?
She doesn’t trust him either.
I really selling myself short or am I just comming to grips with reality?
Though for so many reasons I wish it did.
why can’t they ever be taken by me?
I found out that youcould play it, and that you loved it as much as I did, it made it all that much more special to me.
Someone more deserving of your friendship than I?
Why do I always fall for guys that i can’t have.
Does that even mean anything to you anymore… did it ever?
What in my vision is so clouded that I can’t see my own beauty, inside or out?
She doens’t love you like you love her, and you don’t love me like I love you.
Where did this cruel irony come from.
I’ve had many people tell me that I am pretty, even one said I was beautiful.
this poem is going absolutely nowhere.
Can rain heal my pain?
What did you leave me for, was there someone better?
Now… it’s just a song.
is my vision really clouded at all?
All the good ones are either gay or taken.
I know is that sometimes it hurts.
Why do you do this to yourself?
he’s got a grilfriend, or he doesn’t even like me in the first place.
There is no point to it whatsoever.
It is my favorite part in the song, and all I want to do is shut it off and cry.
you don’t talk to me.
Why is the world so cruel?
What have I done to you that is so wrong?
Too much heartbreak and disspointment has found her in the past.
is it that you’ve traumatized me without either of our knowing?
I really selling myself short or just pointing out the facts to myself?
i’ve never experianced.
what is your business with my brother?
Can we say, P-R-I-D-E??
I’d love to try crochet.
I can’t for the life of me remember???
We will be intouch young lady.
I’m not in your favorites anymore?
Family is important to me too, so I understand you being a little angry/annoyed.
I started this summer when I found my SIL was expecting a baby, and now I can’t stop!!
Thanks for your sweet note…
It’s 81 right now… not even CLOSE to being winter weather!
Angelfish are mean!
I have never seen that before and it’s delicious!
I noticed that you left me a note some time ago for joining your ring.
You and Jerome are amazing people that belong together!
if your a machogirl wouldn’t you be considered a dyke?
I **think** its on hiatus while they film a new season.
It’s very cool.
Bad Tiffany……
I love your horse, Some Special Macho Man!
somewhere in those ten years you’ll have come to Texas to see me or I’ll have travelled to Michigan or Indiana to see you.
I wish I could snowboard!
I am sorry you are having migranes, but I am glad that is all it is!
Some people make the mistake of being too busy with planing the wedding that they don’t plan the marriage.
then you can just take your happy little family, which doesn’t include this side of the family, and have fun!
Charm is now closed!
I write what I feel, sometimes it’s nice and sweet.
He really is a deep person.
it’s kinda cute!
Im already busy, and I dont see my schedule being any less hectic any time in the near future.
I am sorry I didn’t notice earlier… she so involved in her children’s activities that I envy her strength to handle pressure.
My life sucks most of the time, but that doesn’t keep me down for long, because I always get what I want, no matter what it is.
Let me keep it real for a minute.
Thanks for all the memories and smiles.
She’s a deep person and isn’t afraid to let it show.
Of course nothing else will change but the name. Charm Designs will never be reinstated to its highest glory.
He would make a great comedian.
It’s all about her job… she does the same thing I do.
We talk on the phone like we’ve known each other forever.
Ellie really is a wonderful person.
Hw is really a great person.
Ive got vacation in a few weeks and after that.,,,,
it’s more of a bitchfestablished.
He’s really funny to talk to you too.
You with the face.
I appreciate all kind words.
This is not because of you or your threats or stupid remarks.
I wish I could do more for you all, but I sadly cannot.
I’m praying he goes over this speed bump smoothly and if I lived there I’d nurse him back to good health.
she’s just a special girl whom I’ve grown to adore.
My thanks will have to be enough.
I dont want it to get any worse than it already has.
I do not work for Disney.
And yet… no blunt-force head trauma recently…
take a nap from the overwhelming lack of caring.
Next week, however, I actually get to hang out with my sister.
That is false.
I just tossed a fifth of gin…
Disneyland are pathetic.
it’s Wednesday afternoon.
tonight is Jhe’s night.
If I phrase it this way, it doesnt sound like Im actually excited about the idea of going to the Happiest Place on Earth.
I thought of myself as strawberry and you as cherry?