You’re not blind, you just can see air.
would you just let him have his space and share the Lonely Hill comfortably as I think you want him to do for you?
I might not even know then, thats the fun of this life were living.
What is your biggest fear?
I dont know which age Id like to stay forever.
My first pets were Snowpaws and Silverstreak, *sniff* Snowpaws Im afraid of losing the people I love.
I do kiss on the first date.
Shes friendly when you talk to her but youre never sure what to expect when she opens he mouth.
I answered I put a force field around me to keep me form breaking down and killing myself.
I would want the superpower to fly.
What attributes does she possess that you wish you had more of?
then one day realize youre trying to find them in someone else?
My biggest fear is losing those I love the most.
Do you think there’s a heaven and hell?
I didn’t end up talknig to lonely boy.
I dont make out of the first date unless Im feeling particularly slutty.
What are you afraid of?
I see myself with a life partner.
I think about someone to their face.
I have a speech competition tomorrow..
step out of my life, and stop calling me Cor.
I dont feel like were at the same place in our lives anymore.
What secret urge do you get but never act on?
A survival technique.
Why do you put a force field around you?
I always wanted to name on of my twins that.
I have to live up to your expectations.
she´ll always have her close friends that get her through.
I’m scared to face the hurt again.
I have worked hard to get where I am, and am still pretty selfish with my time.
Play with them until they release fluids, and then hand them over.
This stuff is awesome to me, and would probably be even cooler if they were my own kids.
Im sure that any woman reading this has plenty of other ideas, but this is my diary and thats my reality.
I was strong when time after time the world kicked me in the teeth and I was expected to get up and pretend I was ok.
My custom artwork is…
I told her in the future when she sees every conceivable indication of a burglary.
I figured it was costing about $15 per hour of class time, so I would be there if I was able to walk.
They called me and said they thought they had him, and brought him over so I could identify him.
I had to ask why she didnt call the cops.
My uncle recently married a very nice lady named Linda, and we were going to meet her family and stuff.
That is another story from the archives of my life.
The clothes probably wouldnt have fit him either, since he was a couple of inches taller than I.
There were a few instances of stereotypical behavior, but just as many on my part Im sure.
after a severe beating he could still run like a raped ape.
Not sure what his plan was.
I didnt feel much pity for him then or now.
What the hell are you doing in my house?
Thanksgiving and the time I got robbed.
They caught him about another five minutes later- almost a mile away.
I swear……i never…
let me assure you that I am not a violent person by nature, and everyone I have told this story to says werent you scared?.
That doesnt sound made up at all.
They arrived about five minutes later and asked me to describe him.
I swear, Im not a violent person.
HI got nothin to kick it in with.
I had a two-bedroom place, and my roommate had recently moved out, so it was all mine.
This was cause for some introspection on my part.
By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs he was clearing the fence at the edge of the property.
All I got was one guy with a camouflaged nascar hat, and he turned out to be a very nice guy.
I didnt skip many classes in college.
I had time to tell the apartment manager to call the police and Id call her back, and I set out after our friend Brad.
One day I decided for some reason that I didnt want to go to my Spanish class.
I had neighbors coming over to ask what all of the thumping and cursing was about.
I had seen a guy hanging around my apartment complex a few times in the past few weeks, and didnt think much of it.
I dont leave the door open.
as soon as I picked up the phone, he bolted out the door.
Please hold applause until the end.
I went to the station and they filled out a report.
She said she wasnt sure what was going on.
That is amazing to me.
What followed was probably the most frightening moment of my life.
Seeing someone abuse an animal or a kid is a distant second.
Call the office.
The bolt is all jacked up.
I really expected that.
Call me unaware.
I knew he wouldnt get far with my money.
What is your name?
If you move, I will kill you and it will be legal.
Pwhat the hell kind of person just picks a random house to borrow the phone?!
I work for maintenance.
How are you going to have a successful family?
Fav toothpaste?
Is sex important in a relationsip?
It’s where I live.
Why is it so important to people to not be alone?
What about Love at first sight?
the money and job stability just doesnt seem to be happening with this person?
What happens if you absolutly love someone to death, you are so in love with them, yet they are horrible in bed?
Are your parents married or divorced?
What is the most important thing to you in a relationship?
Have you ever been cheated on?
What´s a bad habbit that your partner has that you dont like?
Why do we feel the need to share life with a partner?
What if you are with someone that you believe is the one to marry.
How is it that your family is going to be the happiest and most love?
I’m allergic to soap…..
I don’t think ever were married.
Your in a relationship of 5 years and your mate cheats on you.
5 years of notice.