Suicidal Thoughts in Heaven
A punchdrunk lovesick lullaby
Everyone must talk in puns for one day.
God is dead and we killed him.
Today was boring.
I analyze everything down to the last thread and it’s really beginning to bother me.
can I be you for awhile?
First thigs FIRST!
I can’t believe we wasted a whole holiday….
when my ulcer was in full bloom…
I’m out from jail.
I love my Steak ‘n’ Shake hat.
I can’t complainf.
All of the time, who cares?!
I am paranoid.
Wildly excited or active; frantic; frenzied.
tomorrow is Drama.
Caramelly and coconutty…
I love the world, and I hope it loves me too!!!!
Other stuff happened.
We wasted a whole day.
Lingerie Barbie.
Je t’aime.
I’m going to drive myself crazy someday.
don’t get me started on why I joined show choir again.
Why don’t we boycott?
Long, grungy hair and all.
Everyone loathes it!
Last Five.
could New Zealand be any more beautiful?
I’ve got court tomorrow for my first one, and ironically enough….
I hate that fat bastard, so no one listen to his music ever again.
Can’t beat that.
I’ve been waiting to get that out of my system.
I will be the first to admit that is was one of my… I guess it was my worst idea ever.
Paranoia sucks….
my mom and dog are back from their walk.
That lady makes me so mad sometimes!
This is when my ulcer started to develop…
if that isnt the worst child’s play thing on the market.
That stupid science outline took FOREVER for me to do.
Most of the time!
But there was no rehearsal!
And we have Girl Scout cookies.
I was hella nervous all night.
I dont really want to open that wound for the public.
if I ever think of some stupid ass idea like that again….
He is dating.
Known for her party habits.
She went to a Catholic school, so though she may seem innocent.
He is 9, but very mature and very smart.
learn how to read tarot cards and will be….
She is loud and wild, and is going to be quite a character in 5 years, since she is already.
Which isn’t all bad.
We used to carry lists of tow truck numbers with us everywhere.
Dad My dad died when I was 7 years old.
We finally sold that car, to a dwarf.
she spoils me.
Jhimi isn’t his real name, but a code name… to protect the innocent.
He is a prick at times.
which can be awkward.
he can be a good father-figure for those who need it.
They are two of the sweetest girls.
He is a cousin.
She is hysterical.
We met through church.
The people in my life are a big part of who I am and what I do.
We have known eachother for quite some time.
She is my step-dad.
she is a natural brunette.
He has some great lectures.
an unexplained bullet hole in the hood.
I liked having a car that magically produced cocktail condiments.
She is very open to doing new things.
We seem to hang out a lot since.
She is so sweet and down to earth
Tall, dark, and handsome.
Brakes are kind of important.
late night talks and drunken conversations.
He was a psychiatrist and incredibly smart.
And his girlfriend.
Grace is in the process of getting over a boy at the moment.
I consider us pretty close.
That could buy a lot of olives.
Because I’m a sinner.
She is a preppy Hello Kitty loving girl.
And he’s a musician!
She recently found religion.
Mom… my mom.
Who was a regular size.
He is a god for me.
I shouldn’t complain about the $1400.
That side of the family is nuts, so we keep eachother company.
She is a family friend turned good friend.
She is wild n crazy and sometimes hard to control.
A style that gets an A+ in my book.
The jar was wonderfully filthy.
he just doesn’t appreciate it.
but kind of redneck-ish.
At least we have a car that works.
She is my traveling friend when we go on family vacations.
He is a gorgeous senior in my Spanish II class.
She has a quirky personality.
She is my step-sister, but a year younger.
The car had an unpleasant habit of just shutting off wherever you might be.
He built me a computer.
She has an contagious laugh and can talk about something so boring.
She is a grade below me, and very wild.
But jeez…..
I hate the fact that he isn’t here anymore.
when things go smoothly.
He was an awesome person.
But he can be annoying.
It is covered in a light green, slightly coarse looking fabric.
Lamps lit it softly and invitingly, as did the blaze from the fireplace in the corner.
Twe stepped across the threshold into the salon.
His body had been stretched to the ceiling like a piece of toffee, even his clothing had stretched…
It was ridiculously large.
I can see through the windows that it is night outside.
it wasnt that dream; the nightmare that wasnt a nightmare.
he door was opened to reveal what appeared to be a salon or library.
she were severely enfeebled.
There is an air of foreboding.
The moment we did, I noticed a curious oval shaped…
we turned and ran and somehow, I managed to find my way out of the mansion.
Everytime you Clix, an Angel gets their wings.
I’ve been Googled!
It is, for all intents and purposes, quite an ugly chair and out of place, given the decor.
The walls were lined with bookcases stacked neatly with volume after volume.
He tilted his head to one side, as if he had heard something the rest of us hadnt.
somehow a few others and myself alluded the threat.
I find myself in an impossibly enormous Edwardian mansion.
We came upon an empty bedroom.
We arrive at one large, solid oak door.
Profile of a Fallen Angel…
I am not alone, there are several other people with me.
Mmmm, touch me again, said the cat…
Your friend was struck by lightning.
Describe how fingers feel to fingers.
Nothing is quite as satisfying as crushing small bones beneath one’s feet.
Help me bury this body!
Where did you stash the DNA?
Error Invalid random number. Please try again!
on the moon
in the desert
in Kalamazoo
in the middle of the Atlantic ocean
in space alone
kangaroos in your home
A tree fell on your….
Loch Ness Monster takes a coffe break
pancake men lost in milk
tunneling worms in work
ghosts on your shoulder
bees hates when you steal their honey
sentient Russian nesting dolls
wage war against
eat lunch with….
enter into a figure skating competition against
negotiate with….
disguise themselves as….
grow tentacles shaped like….
Japan takes its revenge.
The sun has turned purple and no one knows why.
Wars are settled no longer with military warfare but through the countries’ performances in the International Mathematics Olympiad.
I didn’t break her heart. I stole it and will never give it back.
All the water in the world spontaneously begins boiling.
Rats have gained sentience and sapience but remain small and lacking opposable thumbs.
Your childhood heroes are drunk and cussing each other out in a bar fight.
Velvet is the new black.
Information burns.
Tennis is my new favorite sport.
I know this sounds like a cliche Wattpad story, but I promise you it ‘s not.
One Direction visits your house.
People become as heavy as their hearts.
You picked a fight with a deity.
our superpower is the ability to give anyone within a 10-ft. radius spontaneous Cardiac Arrest.
People are melting.
Stop before you kill us with your driving.
The wind is cool today.