And you know what?
They wont be helping with any living expenses whatsoever.
I´ve lived with two other boyfriends because THEY suggested I do.
I don´t want to move in with another boyfriend.
I am whining like a spoiled brat.
I was on my own taking care of myself since I was 18.
High on the list of criteria for campgrounds is the consistent availability of non-scary bathrooms, and a minimum of Big Dumb People.
So now we have a date….
We get up early and somehow manage to cobble together a big steaming sausage-and-eggs breakfast cooked on Coleman stoves.
I moved out my mother never bothered to get my new phone number.
not even a little bit.
Neither times have worked out.
I don´t appreciate my parents interfering with my relationship either.
They are the most selfish people on this planet.
folding chairs, air mattresses, functional sleeping bags.
For all the work it is.
the younger kids in the family just completely take for granted.
Stay tuned…..
So the´yve been shopping around for townhouses to rent.
they are not even subtle about it.
there is always the element of surprise when you mix twelve somewhat unstructured people, four dogs, five tents, a big fire, and the great outdoors.
I hope they are happy with their selfish lives.
If I have to do this all on my own then I WILL do it.
I am supposed to be a grown-up now and take care of myself.
pretty funny when you are lying awake freezing to death.
I didn´t speak to her for 8 months, and it didn´t seem to bother her at all.
The glue that bonds families is created in so many different ways.
I am twenty-one, an adult.
Family Campout spot.
their house up for sale last week.
We celebrate two birthdays.
I seriously dislike my parents right now.
Well good riddance!
I don´t expect anyone to feel sorry for me either.
This is the third time they´ve tried to pawn me to some boyfriend.
what’s my damage today?
I let that all go.
I´ve resorted to begging and whining.
I leave I am never looking back.
she is always a trooper.
There is no devil like the Blue Eyed Devil.
A race of slaves who really are genetically inferior
The sky is falling, and you are an old man
No one ever does.
I’m having this weird feeling that I’m blowing things out of porportion..
I’m trying to portray..
Friday he rented some movies.
I was like Oh No!!!
Found out I’m not pregnant..
Most people just think I’m being sarcastic.
It was pretty nice…
it’s their job to be in your business.
I told her I can’t afford the gas…
I wish I could find something closer.
Mare’s in the other room cursing about the football game.
I´ll make sure to turn my back on them the way they did to me.
I know PLENTY of people who are much older then I that are living at home.
I would appreciate a little help from them to help me get my feet off the ground.
They wont be co-signing any loans that would help me out.
Things are already starting to look good.
they have yet to even acknowledge that I…..
Their new house is being built.
I am so mad at them.
those words will come back and bite me…
I realize it takes people more than one try at it.
he fell asleep……
I’d hate to live next door to them if I had kids!
They won, 30-22, 30-22, 28-30, 30-28.
I’m sick or just not ever wanting to go to work..
My whole being feels bleak.
They don’t need to know that I’m being serious.
What the hell..
Those patients….
The Cowboys are winning.
I’ve been crying for 4 days on and off.
the seam on the pillowcase was crooked.
Lots of them,” I assured her.
She squeaked. “Just probably not down here.”
I have done is go to church.
I’m 21, and Pachhi is 30..
The landlord stopped by this morning to tell me that the apartment next door is rented.
they’re beating his Steelers.
I got up and put the tv on and fell asleep with it on.
there’s a thing on the menu that says Don’t Watch This- okay…
I’ve only been bugging him about it for… months!
I didn’t think it would bother me that much.
First pair he tries on he buys….
I want someone out there to help make sense of……
I felt like he had just kicked me in the stomach.
I was too creeped out.
I’ve worked with kids for a lot of years.
walked into a room where the guy was sitting there…..
Stupid money.
It’s the end of the world.
I have $10 to last me til next Friday….
they’re not all crazy.
I love being outsid this time of the year.
when we get people who are confused and really nasty.
I feel as if my body is sleeping.
Last night when we got home I was so tired/bored that……
this is why I don’t watch horror films.
A the second day in a row.
I went to the Gopher volleyball game last night.
Seems kinda dumb to me.
So much for that guarantee to be there.
The things people come up with when they’re bored.
Very, very demanding.
I’m still young, but I have wanted children for a long time.
we’re at the store and guess what he bought me?
I’m not that mean.
Baseballed out- Enough already!
I had kids and one was crying all the time I’d…..
I’m a great advice giver, but the thing is, I can’t give it to myself..
Why put myself through all this??
My mom was bugging me to come down soon.
The Day After Tomorrow- but they didn’t have any…..
don’t have to tell me twice.
it did scare the shit outta me.
He couldn’t reach the call bell- the call bell
I hid the old pair today while he was playing poker….
Stupid people.
Nothing new at work.
I didn’t make him listen to it in the car…
I don’t think I did all that poorly.
Yesterday I made Mare get new shoes.
And he said ‘No’.