• Get stuck in an elevator
  • Meet in a chatroom
  • A is part of the team that rescues B and others from bad guys/organization
  • A buys B as a slave
  • A is a pirate and B is the leprechaun guarding the gold
  • By coincidence, A and B go to the same roof at the same time to contemplate suicide
  • A is B’s court appointed lawyer
  • A is the captain of the ship that rescued B who was stranded on a deserted island.
  • Two strangers arrive at the same hotel late at night and there is only one room available. It’s the only hotel in town so they agree to share. (Bonus if there is only one bed and no couch)
  • Flying alone and sitting next to each other on the plane
  • A is in a rush and spills coffee on B
  • A is asked/forced to show B around the workplace/ school
  • A gets hurt at the amusement park/ restaurant/ movie theater/ zoo/ whatever where B works and B is the one to patch them up.
  • A goes on the Ferris wheel alone even though heights scare them (part of a dare) and freaks out. B, who works there, is the one to comfort them and coax them off the ride.
  • Traffic has been stopped dead for hours and people are getting out of their cars to stretch and complain. A and B’s cars are next to each other and they start chatting.
  • Forced to work together for a school or work project
  • Reaching for the same book at the library/bookstore (bonus if it’s on a really odd topic like how to commit murder or theories about bigfoot or how to speak to dogs or just anything unusual)
  • I thought it was the end. Now I wish it had been.Nothing feels quite as surreal as walking down the barren and silent streets of an abandoned New York City.
    “Everything is gone. Everything we worked so hard for is just rubble and dust…”
    “We don’t have enough supplies to last through the winter. Someone is going to have to go out.”
    “We’re doing the best we can! In case you haven’t noticed, the worlds a bit fucked up at the moment.”
    “I’m sorry. Let me just tell the zombie you aren’t ready yet. I’m sure he’ll understand and wait to attack till you get your shit together.”
    “You can’t just evacuate a massive city like that without a plan and sufficient time. They never had a chance.”
    “This is not the time to be taking selfies! We’re being fucking attacked by the undead!”
    “The governments of the world are at a loss. No one was prepared for this.”
    “We’re on our own from here on out. “
    “We can go into the city tomorrow and see what we can scavenge.”
    “The whole world is falling apart. Literally.”
    “Zone four is completely unreachable now. We have no choice.”
    “Europe’s been quiet for over a month now. I think it’s probably safe to say they’re gone or at the very least, in no shape to be any help.”
    “They didn’t make it out in time….”
    “Our ancestors nearly destroyed the world. I don’t see why we shouldn’t just finish the job.”
    “Things are different now. If we don’t adapt, we WILL die out here.”
    “Those pretty ideals were nice when we weren’t fighting just to survive every day. Now, such ideals will get us killed.”
    “We should check farther upstream. The water might not be as contaminated there.”
    “If I had known the fucking apocalypse was going to happen, I would have paid a lot more attention in science class.”
    “It’s busted…..just like everything else.”
    “You should call your families…..”
    “This may be your last chance to talk to them. Go.”
    What I remember most from that day was the dozens of phones ringing one after the other, the screams and sobs, the frantic prayers to every God I’d ever heard of echoing off the walls, and the knot of dread within my chest. I thought that was the end.
  • This was a struggle since I’m not too familiar with empaths. I’m not sure this will be of any help but this is what I could come up with. If anyone else has anything, feel free to submit!
    “You do realize I know when you’re feeling down, right?”
    “Hello. Empath here. I know when you’re lying, idiot.”
    “Don’t try to pull the same shit with me you just pulled with him! I know better.”
    “The difference between us isn’t our abilities. The difference is I know better than to lie to you, because you’ll see through any lie I tell, but you will still try to lie to me.”
    “Dude. Just say you’re angry. It’s not like I don’t already know.”
    “You are wasting way too much energy trying to hide your feelings from me and by now you should know it’s pointless.”
    “Just admit you aren’t this cold emotionless being you pretend to be. It’s not like I don’t already know.”