Mom and David came down to the Condo for dinner.
On the positive side.
And my world becomes a little better.
It was the first time theyd seen it.
a lot of the things hes got up are things we either chose together or……
He has vanilla and garlic powder in his spice cabinet.
I guarantee that it will be on time.
All of the tension Ive built up.
Too many other things in line to change in my life.
Mom and I went to a bridal fair on Saturday.
Im off to see Vanilla Sky.
I dont doze off in the middle!
Ive now got a standing date with him every morning at 9.
two inches in any direction right?.
Feast of Epiphany.
I actually found it very therapeutic.
This is not good.
Then, the week after that.
I could wear flip flops almost every day.
I cant stand warm, melty chocolate bars.
you can solve your problems without violence.
He cleaned every square inch, threw away boxes of crap.
my neck still hurts.
Making Jack cry like a stressed-out baby just ruined his badass image.
She thought I was spoiled.
I spent a good part of the afternoon in the kitchen.
I marveled at how thin the models are.
I constantly check to see if my baby is still breathing.
The man doesnt own a rubber spatula or a cookie sheet.
I would be looking for a new job
We havent spent a whole lot of solo time lately.
Ouch, ouch, OUCH!….
he owns not one metal baking pan of any kind!
I had to make two different grocery store trips to finish the meal!
Cooking there is hard.
Adopt a Soldier!
We both needed that
Those screenings are so discouraging.
I should look up to you, not look down at you as you cover yourself in the pit of regret.
we got a staff appreciation lunch catered by a local barbecue.
Cut to my mother wringing her hands because we havent spoken on my birthday.
It’s terrible…..
My coworkers and I giggled a bit that the measure…..
because that is the only way I’ll learn.
computer yes, but internet no, for the foreseeable future.
Oops, my phone’s been on vibrate all day.
I think nothing exacerbates tiredness more than feeling helpless.
MI add a ZZZIIINNGGGGG, reaction shots.
I’m in hell……
That should increase my popularity exponentially.
Isn’t it ironic how people will tell you what not to do?
I am pretty sure it looks like I haven’t slept in ages.
I’m off for the next couple days camping in some crazy remote place.
I can escape tonight for dinner.
I think I need another purse like this….
If my computer was a newborn…..
Craft services is out of Diet Coke.
you should be the symbol of high achievement and honor.
That factor was ruined since day one of my birth.
I can’t be the product of perfection.
I’m so unsatisfied with everything.
Every day, it’s the same arguments with my brother.
keep children away from me.
My eyes feel heavy.
But which of them?
I want to make that mistake for myself.
you’re needed in the conference room.
You will probably be boiled in.
You need to learn how to save your money…
I’m pretty worn out, for reasons I can’t quite fathom.
I feel like my life is turning in to this repetitive, ordinary, life.
You need to learn to look before you leap…
What happens next when you inhale that tar?
I hate Orcs, and I have no bones with saying it.
We are getting a cat.
I cannot ignore it anymore.
I usually make around 200 to 210.
It also seems like an eternity has gone by.
Or maybe Boston accent?
We were on and off.
Its almost been a year since……
they caught Saddam Hussein.
You can breathe without mucus too!
there’s still Osama Bin Laden.
they don’t like that I’m a good loser…..
I got back from calculator a minute ago.
Breathing as much as a fireman gets?
They know I’m the bestablished Just kidding.
I’ve got a little riddle for you!
If you are wise you’ll listen to me.
I probably need to shorten some of those to a t-shirt.
I lost my job.
My life has changed so much since then…..
Did you hear about the terrorist they caught in the chili factory?
Before you start to huff and puff!
They won’t admit it but i know it’s true.
If you are smart you’ll chew Nicorette!
One thing’s for sure, you can’t run-too-far…
What do you get when you smoke ciggarettes?
I want to name it Buttons so I can call it Butt…..