“How long have you still got?”
“What are you in here for?”
“Do you have a family, outside?”
“How did I let this happen to myself? How did I end up in here?!”
“I’m out of toothpaste, can I borrow some of yours just this once?”
“How can anyone eat this food?”
“You’re new here, aren’t you?”
“Why is everyone in here so nasty?”
“I have no idea how I’m going to survive in here without going insane.”
“Where are you from?”
“I just got here… One of the guards told me I could ask you to show me around.”
“I didn’t even do anything wrong. I just did what I thought was right.”
“Don’t worry about it, everyone cries themselves to sleep the first night.”
“I’ve been in here for so long.”
“Keeping us like this shouldn’t be allowed. We’re still people.”
“I can’t do this anymore. I can’t be in here anymore!”
“I’m losing myself in here.”
“Whenever I wake up I keep my eyes closed for just a few moments, so I can pretend I’m home, in my own bed.”
“I can’t remember what it feels like to get hugged.”
“What do you miss the most?”
“You get used to the place, eventually…”
“I can’t keep visiting you. It breaks my heart to see you like this.”
“So, how’s prison?”
“Do they watch you while you shower?”
“This is the last time I’m visiting you.”
“Are you managing in here? You look really tired.”
“You look cleaner than I expected.”
“I don’t care what you get up to in there. Just know that I’ll be waiting for you when you get out.”
“Are you allowed to go outside?”
“I don’t recognise you anymore.”
“I won’t ever stop visiting you.”
“You’re so stupid, getting yourself locked up!”
“It’s over. I can’t sit around waiting for you to get out. I have to move on.”