start your writing with a description of wet feet
crumpled clothing
a llama
pink post-it notes
three uneaten oranges..
overhearing a conversation of a tourist and a local
a pet curled up in a chair
some moldy cheese
a disgruntled landlord
an antique quilt
a picture of a gorgeous man
an unusual locket
an unusually detailed, oft-repeated doodle
a Rubik’s cube
Your MC gets a headache
frosted strawberry pop tarts
old ugly wallpaper on a grandparent’s bedroom wall
a Halloween bucket full of candy wrappers, with one piece of candy still left at the bottom
A water proof safe, Full of water, left in the middle of the desert
a pair of gangly teenagers with braces, making out
a mannequin
a battered dart board
a homemade birdhouse hanging from a street sign
a one-eyed chicken
a slimy slug trail
Finding a stranger in your bathtub
Getting caught in the rain
A child with a pink ice cream
The couple in the apartment next to you having an argument about a mysterious person called ‘Phil’
the sound of a prom dress being thrown away
A notorious thief finds a baby in a boat on the Thames
An unopened love letter from twenty years ago
A broken doll
A handful of sugared violets
An angel on a park bench
And a duke box
a soggy cardboard box that has sat out in the rain all night
a perfectly round rock with an X drawn across it in crayon
Three people from the same office thrown together under canvas for one night. It’s raining. There’s no booze. There’s only two sleeping bags
one woman who sits next to you on the bus with her ipod turned so loud you can hear Christmas Carols, and it’s still November
A motorcyclist zooming by, wearing a helmet cam and a microphone
two people walking down the street wearing a horse costume
a piece of broken, dusty yellow-orange glass
a camera with everything intact except the film, which is melted
a row of empty seats with one in the middle occupied. Then another person comes along and takes a seat right next to that person, instead of an empty one further down
a book in a foreign language with the covers ripped off, found in a public place
a necklace with the cord snapped, beads bouncing every which way on a tile floor
A lone operator working by herself all night in a deserted building
A homemade lasagna falling as the cook is knocked over by a large Rhodesian Ridgeback (breed of dog)
One very expensive hairless cat (cannot remember the breed) being held for ransom
2 people dressed up for Halloween — one as Santa Claus, the other as the Easter Bunny
A pet dog with a phobia of anything smaller than him!
a chewed up pen in the parking lot (you decide whether it still works or not)
a book in a foreign language with the covers ripped off, found in a public place
a cell phone that fell into a toilet
weapons, elements of battle
The sound of sobbing coming from the attic
someone finding out there is no water coming out of the tap on a given day (while they wanted to take a shower, for example)
Several strands of hair stuck together with sticky tape
Highlighters that have run out, but smell nice
A cracked, glass statue
a candy bar wrapper
a broken timepiece
a teddy bear with (detachable) bunny ears
a puddle of water on the floor
a penguin where it doesn’t belong (say, in a house)
A painting of a snowboarder, with a dinosaur hidden within the background
a goldfish swimming in the toilet
A palm tree oasis in the middle of the desert
an old Underwood typewriter with the ribbon stuck somewhere between black and red
a three legged cat, (you decide how he lost his leg, or if we even know)
a bloody razor blade found in a public restroom
A smell which reminds your MC of their mother’s home cooking
A dusty trilby lying abandoned on the pavement, and no one else around
A frog that squeezes under a gap in the door when it’s raining
A wallet filled with money in an empty car park
a purse – shaped necklace that can open and close
a lighted train rushing by at twilight
a pizza delivery guy delivering a pre-paid pizza to the wrong address
a pair of mismatched flip flops
a set of four spoons, all bent out of shape
a maroon moose that sings Christmas carols. (can be a stuffed moose, if you like)
the landscape of Cocoa Puffs…go nuts
the moon as a consolation prize
a broken doll
A doll missing one of its limbs
The dog barks at midnight
A shoe impression was left in the tomato
A platinum ring found in the bottom of a bargain bin in a music store
three rusty lug-nuts
an old gas lamppost
a throbbing headache
a thrift store shopping spree
a dollar bill with writing on it
pumpkin pie
An ornate clock on a wall
the futility of sweeping potato chips off the side of a mountain
A paperclip lost in the septic tank
a half-finished crossword left on the train, that must be returned
a cold, clear mountain stream
a Chinese pagoda
a shovel stuck into a mound of dirt
a mislabeled lollipop–it’s a flavor you don’t like or weren’t expecting
a plastic green dinosaur whose head is a staple remover
A pangolin
A moderately rainy day
A flamethrower
Miniature Robots
three old batteries and a change purse
an unexpected strip of duct tape
a strangely addictive song
a purple permanent marker
a barrel of monkeys
a field full of talking flowers
Three glow-in-the-dark Troll dolls
Whenever I think of Paris, I think of..
Fur-dyed poodles! (either pink or blue or green… I’ll leave that up to you)
a forgotten sock
watching TV from a safe position behind the sofa
a Mysterious Stranger (abbreviated sometimes to AMS)
a strange cloud formation
the sound of a baby crying, or laughing
a facial expression completely at odds with what a character is saying
an extreme temperature change, you decide how or why
a dead body, killed with that shovel (the traveling shovel of death)
a case of identify theft
the feeling you get when you are in the house on your own, and you could almost swear that there is someone behind you, and it gives you a weird burst of speed, and you run into the next room, slamming the door
1,000 baby turtles gone missing
An egg that cracks open and nothing is inside
A horse named Albert with OCD
A girl named Doug
A one hundred on a test that you paid the teacher to get
The smell of the keyboard
Ten chickens that have no idea that they are chickens
ginger beer
a fight/action scene at a zoo
the last leaf on a tree
Dwarf tossing
a rescued turtle
a British phone booth found anywhere except the UK
three gold star stickers
a mallard duck
A cape
a pitcher of eggnog
a pair of mismatched curtains
an experience that fills the MC with both joy and fear
a dozen cigarette ends floating in a wine glass
a man wearing fingerless gloves
a dead shark
a house with peppermint-themed interior decor
a villain who loves pie
a broken computer on a doorstep
a trophy tarnished with age
a ceiling full of mold
a cry for forgiveness
twenty ancient unopened jars of apricot jam
a blue stuffed elephant named Trunky
your MC suddenly finds him/herself in possession of a prized racehorse
A very wet dog on the couch
A cozy fire on the hearth
a Dixieland jazz band
A funeral where everybody’s laughing and cheering about how the deceased will not be missed
A black kitten named Matt
a broken wine glass
a repair bill
a half empty Coca-Cola
an old grandfather clock set to the wrong time
the making of a salad
a very old bloodhound
hot peppermint tea with little mini biscotti from a boxful bought at Shoprite
two blue ballet shoes and a claddagh ring (which have a relation to one another, a tied significance)
a pair of fairy wings
a stove timer that always adds five minutes onto the time inputted
an unjust accusation
the scent of freshly baked bread
the taste of a lie
a red haired girl with one blue and one green eye
an ingrown toenail
squirrels in the attic
A flower pot getting thrown off a roof
a dog kennel that washes up on shore
a TV show involving robots
a river without any fish
a baby with colic
the number 7
a roaring fire
a burning bush
a dead rose in a vase
a frozen pond with the ice broken in the center
An impromptu dancing lesson
A parakeet that can only say, “Schpedoinkle!”
A single glove found lying on the sidewalk
A car catching on fire
a white tank top
ceramic dwarves
blue highlighted hair
a nightgown in a washing machine
a cat sitting on feet
the ending of a video game
multi-hue eyed girl!
an illicit affair
A horse named Albert
A purple spotted toad
A grandmother who thinks that she is a fish
needing badly to go to the bathroom in the middle of a meeting
a plastic carnation painted green with nail polish
A red wedding dress
Afternoon nap when it’s raining outside
A purse filled with brown leaves
Tangles headphone cables
The salt cap falling off while salting a dish, and all the salt falling in
A train ride
Getting pizza for the mixed herb packets
Playing cards all night
another character’s perspective
voices in the attic
“I can’t sit still.”
an over-enthusiastic nude photographer
a pair of papier mâché clawed hands
a midnight snowfall
a selection of brightly coloured boxes in an empty room/house
a light-up, plug-in, green gnome
a well-preserved dinosaur skeleton
a missing iguana
gypsy dancing bears
your character’s reaction to running over something on the road
someone wearing mismatched socks
a niggling memory that you can ALMOST remember, but not quite
“Of course I’m fine. I’m more than fine. Who wouldn’t be with someone like you landing on me??”
a messed up judicial system causing an arrest and detainment in jail
fine, realistic costume jewelry
a rickety, creaking white gate that gives someone away
a spy who catches a bad cold at just the wrong time
A hair ribbon flying with the wind
a nearly-empty jar of peanut butter
No two snowflakes are alike
the lifetime of a $5 bill
A toad under a rock
a fake potted plant
a vast array of staples
an umbrella left in the park on a sunny day
a strange light in the sky
a sudden burst of laughter
a knife with a dull, nicked blade
Mug shot, toe tag and broken bridge
blowing up an air mattress with a hair dryer
a car stuck in mud
A cat lying in the sunlight
Odd eyes
An unpainted dollhouse
The last book in a series
A dusty globe of Saturn
The sound of thinking
a consistent beeping noise
a nightmare about a horse
an earthquake
celebration of a feast
performing a ritual
MC must taste chocolate, cacao, or similar substance
a music box that won’t open
glass figurines
a plastic lizard
purple nail polish