The princess has been kidnapped and must be rescued.
A boy and girl from families who are mortal enemies, fall in love.
Character wakes up with amnesia.
Two characters who hate each other, must work together for a common goal.
A character is granted 3 wishes.
Characters dare each other to spend the night in the “haunted” house.
It’s revealed the character is “the Chosen One.”
An inheritance stipulates the heir must do accomplish something that’s counter to their nature within a year or they don’t get the inheritance.
A character has sold his soul to the devil, and now it’s time to pay up.
Au unpleasant character is visited by ghosts from Christmas Past, Present and Future.
Character has prophetic dreams.
One character meets their perfect match, but the perfect match is in love with the wrong person.
The relative from hell moves in for a couple of weeks.
A ghost has some unfinished business.
Character is imbued with superpowers or a destiny when all they want is to be normal.
Aliens want to take over Earth.
Two brothers, one ruthless and one principled, are in competition with each other.
The “monster” who is trying to be good.
Santa Clause can’t deliver the presents this year.
The character has been hidden and his evil twin has taken his place.
Character wakes up (from spell, from cryosleep, etc.) 100 years in the future. (Or past.)
Character must go into the past to stop something from happening.
The ultimate evil has been unleashed.
The Search for the Holy Grail.
The Search for eternal life.
Characters get shrunk to bug size.
Characters need to be shrunk to bug size to accomplish something.
The parent/spouse you thought was dead is actually alive.
The aliens can take on human form and are secretly among us.
Character is yanked into the past with a head full of modern knowledge.
“Angel” must redeem himself on Earth to get back into Heaven.
A period of time keeps repeating until the character gets “it” “right”.
Bodies of two very different people get swapped.
Sucked into a video game.
Modern person sucked into a fantasy world.
Imaginary friend no one else can see isn’t imaginary.
The “prince” and the “pauper” switch places.
The ugly duckling must be turned into a swan before the time is up.
We want our town back!
Long lost love has returned.