I take care of my own..
America desperately needs to reduce its deficit, and decides the best course of action is to sell one of the states to France.
Do you consider it a positive addition?
Even though my mom had full custody.
I will NOT……
He’s my soulmate.
it seems odd to put a slave’s needs over those of a Master.
I want to make them happy.
Why do you keep a diary online?
I haven’t answered either of them yet…
It shouldn’t even be a state.
with one of those damn Comet Cursors…..
But really, if push came to shove…
I take care of those treasured few who give themselves to me in ways no one else can match.
I’ve gotten two letters from Kadin now…
I’m very visually oriented; I like looking at pretty things.
if all the states were worth the same amount, then I’d definitely get rid of Rhode Island….
I have been in pain, stressing…
It makes me…
He belongs to me…..
I find myself thinking of him at the oddest times.
As president, which one do you sell and why?
I need vicodin.
It may be odd….
I fall asleep often…..
They gave up their pride, their freedom, their future…
I keep waking up and….
It’s dinky!.
I need someone to hit me over the head with a padded mallet..
it leaves me aching…
He’s put up with so much of my crap…..
She was waiting to meet someone.
I found a dime in my backback, and that was enough to buy us 30 minutes.
I’m back in my room…
we’d have to Press SPACE to make it go away!
This dorm deal has my mind very busy, and It’s keeping me insane!
we were in such a rush that we forgot to get change for the parking meter!?!!
I got a 95 on the last test which brings my average to a 79.75……
Which is amazing when they sell for close to 200 @ retail.
Today, wasn’t necessarily a BAD day,…..
He’s never ever boring!
they were having the stupid Feast of Sharing.
It was a steal for the money that we paid for it.
Its like…
It’s so insane!
the woman doesn’t drop change!
They were selling them for 49.99.
I hate charity…..
we finally got the stupid tree.
I feel like everything is happening so quickly and it’s all craziness!
It’s where all these mexicans make like they’re poor……
It’s rather good…..
We were rummaging through my mother’s car.
I believe I……
wasted a whole loads….
I don’t know if most of the people who want/love/desire/etc me realize that – if I belong to them…
He knows me in ways no one else does.
I want to be with them.
Trust me on this one…….
I feel like I’m improving too…
while I was all zonked out.
I should go get crackin’ on the shit I have to do.
It was pouring SO hard I couldn’t see.
STICKY, sticky MUD.
I got up and was so super confused.
I had PONDS, three in a row, in my wing.
The second game was the worst.
it’s still delicious, because it’s still cake, and it made a delicious breakfast snack.
It was ridiculous.
It was so weird to be able to sleep in….
The raindrops were like little needles poking in my eyes whenever I opened them.
I’ve been so busy.
Like before…
We had a soccer tournament at U de M last weekend…
XD went to macs to eat dinner.
I think he was just starting to think on his own again…
I’m pretty disappointed!
SO annoying…..
It was almost a hurricane with the wind.
It was shorter than it shuld have been.
The first field we played on…
I have an Agility Trial this weekend in Truro.
In her little Smurfette voice.
Want to delve into my sordid past?
The funniest moment? this day.
I love salmon.
I felt like an Amish party crasher.
People do not sit rigidly at attention.
Mileage on the Marnometer: 503.03 miles.
I had a scarf in case there was a need to cover my hair.
Ten percent there rubber duck.
A tool for our governments.
I have tried to maintain my pride.
Maybe he should take lesson from his girlfriend Oprah…..
No to violence, war, greed and ignorance!
I only feel slightly bad about my unfairness when I pity myself…
Ithe fish proceeded to follow us around, looking hopeful.
I’m not a photocopy of our human ancestors.
1 was distracted by the football
Doctor Phil came out of his doctor jacket and sounded like an old fashioned blockhead.