I did not voice this aloud.
Evil, pride, flags and systems are good things.
We climbed into the truck wrapped in towels, and stopped at a lookout point just up the hill from Olowalu to watch the sun set.
They shook their heads and talked like chickens.
He was not an adult man who supported the war and tried to make a living out of it.
I wheedled her for tales of her academic career on the way back to Wailuku.
A soldier is just an ordinary guy.
Let Alice get lost in Wonderland.
Is one man worth saving, if you have to kill, to be able to save him?
I’m glad I’m not God’s chosen special child.
One of them was even working for a company that created attack helicopters.
Your silly ribbons of pride and ignorance.
He used the word evil.
Passion of the moment: the movie called Underworld.
Ravenheart at Diarist.
I’m glad I don’t like to drape myself in a flag.
I have no morality.
It doesn’t need you and your little humanity.
And I’m a tense person.
this was a boy….
Yes to individuality, equality, growth, and responsibility for all!
But the other day, I overheard he say the same babble……
Remember him?
Remember the song?
that they are not necessarily better, than any small thug trying to make a living in America.
Put them on the pin.
It makes us all terrorists.
The joy in the gloom!
It will not end when you are gone.
I don’t have to be a sweet tart, in order to get people to like me.
This doesn’t mean that they deserved to die.
Those corrupt matador systems.
People control the world. People are the “big” people. But outside of the world, are we living dolls for the giants above?
What would you do if you were to be sent into the past, where the people speak a different language?
If you could control something, what would it be?
Life after death. Is it true that a end is only the beginning?”
Are we the crazy people, instead of the people we think are crazy?
The City of Palaquin.
When the pictures and tapes of this boy came out, did he even say anything at all?
I’m glad I am able to understand, that a child in Iraq is as valuable, as a child in America.
life is not unique, humanity is a an infant sucking the milk of the earth.
he probably wouldn’t even fit for laundoctor jobs.
They sucked up to their ridiculous looking flag decorated clothes and the thought of their old peoples rusty dusty war medals.
It is probably the dumbest thing I have ever seen on modern television.
I am glad I don’t see people as evil, or black and white.
Did stick to his opinion to the bitter end.
the awful parts in governments too.
All morons of this world, love to blame the devil when something bad happen.
The owner probably caught any and every sunset they pleased.
Would you?…..
I am glad I have never doubted this.
Happiness is for everyone and I will eat your heart like a sour fruit.
no side was ever good enough, to be fought for with guns.
Just like a man is a man, a killer is a killer.
Like of the moment: enter…..
You should fear me…